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Your Quest For The Best E-Cig Ends Here!

Welcome to TheEcigStop.com - Your Quest for the Best ECig just ended! What you will get here is an honest opinion by smokers that have turned from analogs to e-cigarettes. We have stopped smoking regular cigarettes completely and only smoke e-cigs now. We have tried a ton of e-cigs and we have joined a ton of programs. It doesn't matter what brand is being sold; you will only get our honest opinions and evaluations.

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Our opinion is...., well..... Our Opinion. Not everyone will agree with it, but it will be an honest opinion, not based on how much money we can make like a lot of sites who could care less about you. You are just trying to make an informed and educated decision. We researched as much as we could before buying and we learned a lot of things the hard way. We then spent countless hours researching and testing products. It is our hope that we can help you, and that millions more will make the switch. Even if we reach only one person, it will still be worth it! Enjoy the site, and contact us anytime.    The Staff & Mgmt of TSN - The STOP Network



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    The Benefits of Switching to the E-Cig ( Electronic Cigarette )

  • These are some of the benefits we have experienced since we switched. If you can add to this list, post it in the forum and we will add it on.



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    TheEcigStop - When all you want is Vapor ..... Face it, anyone that has been smoking analog cigarettes for a while and has tried to quit, knows there are over 4,000 chemicals in analogs. That is Fact.

    With e-cigs, it is water vapor. No smell, No residue, No fire. You can vape with nicotine or without. Nicotine in large doses is not good for you, but it won't hurt you in the small amounts that are in e-cigs. It is mainly a stimulant like coffee.

    A lot of people that have switched and kicked the analogs, have started with 24 to 18 Mgs of nicotine and them went down to 11, 12 Mgs. , then to 6 Mgs. Then to zero. But they love their e-cig so much, they just vape with zero.

    We would have never stopped smoking if it wasn't for e-cigarettes. Believe us, we tried it all. Lots of people have a hard time quitting the physiological aspects of smoking analogs, not just the physical. The e-cig takes care of that for you and makes the physical part fairly easy.

    We are not making any health claims. The fact is, there are over 4000 chemicals in analogs. Considerably less in e-cigs; roughly three!

    Check out all of the site and see for yourself.

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    If you are new to E-Cigarettes, and vaping, here is just some of the basic common lingo you will run into in the world of electronic cigarettes.

    Analog:This is what some vapor people are calling traditional cigarettes. The idea being electronic cigarettes are digital, and regular smokes, like Camels are analog.


    Cart:Cartridge. The mouthpiece which contains the liquid used to create vapor.

    Cartomizer:A disposable, combined, atomizer and cartridge.

    Cigar:Just what you would expect, an electronic cigar.

    DIY:Do it yourself.

    Dripping, Drip, Dipping, Dip:Putting e-juice directly on the atomizer, or cartomizer.

    Electronic cigarettes come in two different operational modes:manual and automatic.

    E-juice / e-liquid:The liquid which produces the vapor in an electronic cigarette, and the flavor.

    Juice:The liquid which produces the vapor in an electronic cigarette, and the flavor.

    LR or LR Atty:A low resistance atomizer which allows more power to the heating coil.

    Mod: Short for modification. This is a custom design or a redesign of some aspect of the electronic cigarette.

    Mods:This is a vast category. Most mods are basically a different battery holder for a standard group of atomizers. Some look like boxes, screwdrivers, flashlights and all kinds of things.

    PCC:Personal Charging Case.

    Pen Style:This is where we started to get away from emulating the cigarette look. Pen styles are just that, they look more like a ballpoint pen and some are quite long.

    PG:Propylene Glycol

    PT:Pass-though. An alternate way of powering an electronic cigarette. No battery, plugs into powered USB.

    PTB Mod:Pyramid Tea Bag Modification. This uses tea bags as filler in a cartridge.

    PV or Personal Vaporizer:The electronic cigarette

    Ruyan:The company who first developed the electronic cigarette

    Super Mini:These are about the same size as a traditional king size cigarette.

    Super:Supers are also made to look like regular cigarettes but are longer than the "mini".

    TH or Throat Hit:The sensation on the back of the throat.

    Topping or Topping Off:Refilling or topping off a cartridge with e-juice.

    VG:Vegetable Glycerin

    Vape or Vaping:This is commonly used in place of the word "smoking".

    There is more, but this will at least help you to understand some of the language.

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