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This is the one you want! Innokin's New Proton! Check it out!

This one you have got to have it!Innokin Proton is a 235-watt high-performance box mod with a first-of-its-kind joystick-style selector and 1.45” TFT color screen display which supports 6 colors.

Unlike anything you’ve seen from Innokin, every component, texture, and material of Proton underwent a complete design overhaul to bring you not only the high quality you expect from Innokin but the innovation factor that stems from its namesake as well.

Innokin Proton Kit:
Change begins from within, some of the most prominent feature of Proton include a brand new 235W chipset, a large and ergonomic side fire panel, and a first-of-its-kind joystick-style selector. Simply move the button left or right with your thumb to adjust your wattage.

Additionally, the 1.45” color screen display (TFT) allows you to choose among 6 colors for your preference, and the onboard memory bank functions allow further customization of your vaping experience.

The kit comes complete with the new SCION II, featuring a sliding top-fill cap and a brand new coil option, the Mesh+ coil. The Innokin Mesh+ Coil is composed of a KAL panel with holes. This brand new structure is more stable and durable. Thanks to the outstanding structure, its resistance is constant, which can bring you stable great flavor. With higher wattage, it delivers stronger throat hit.The one you want!

In short, the Proton is all about customization and user experience. It’s quality made affordable. Innokin Proton. Fundamentally Different.

Kit Includes
1x Proton MOD
1x Scion II tank(0.36ohm installed)
1x Mesh+ coil 0.15ohm
1x Spare Glass Tube(5ml)
1x Extra Drip Tip
1x USB Charging Cable
1x Spare O-rings Set
1x Vape Band
1x User Packet(QR Code, Quick Start Guide, Warranty Card, Warning Booklet, Battery Warning Card, Stickers)



The CoolFire IV TC100 and iSub V - Vortex Sub-Ohm Tank from Innokin Technology!

Cool Fire IV TC100Innokin has done it again, like only Innokin can with the new Cool Fire IV TC100 and the new iSub - V - Sub - Ohm tanks. Powered by the Ultra-fast advanced AETHON chipset with 100 Watts of pure power with ClearWave noise cancellation technology changes Vaping once again.

Great balance of size, battery life, power, features, and more with that same great Innokin quality. Built in 3300mAh battery for long life, fast 2amp charging, curved to fit the hand perfectly. You are going to want three of them!

I loved the Cool Fire IV+, but the new TC 100 is the perfect device for me. With it's Variable Temperature Control System to vape anything you want. It brings a whole new standard to vaping.

It's new chipset is impressive because of it's ramp up speed while in Temp mode.

CT TC100Features:
* Complete range of T.C. Modes (SS, Ni200, Ti).
* Total T.C. Dry Hit Prevention & Quick Calibration.
* UltraFast response: .2 seconds from Click to Vapor!
* VDC power output with ClearWave noise cancellation.
* Precise Coil Resistance Reading (.00000).
* Uniform coil heating eliminates hotspots.
* 25 - 100W Temperature Control RampUp preBoost.
* High quality stainless steel 510 threading.
* Spring loaded gold plated connector pin.
* 2AMP microUSB Quick Charge.
* Integrated charging safety protections.
* Ultra-low standby power consumption.

TC 100 ChipsetLet's face it, sub ohm vaping and temp control devices have taken vaping to a whole new level and is now the standard for vaping. Especially for advanced users. We love having a small powerful device that is temp control technology. But there is a couple of issues that need to be addressed. The ramp up speed to get to the temp you want, and longer lasting power.

Innokin has solved both of them with the Cool Fire IV TC100 product! To top it off, it is a nice looking product, it still has a small footprint, that fits the hand nicely, has a 3300 mAh battery that you can charge and vape at the same time, and has a super fast response time in temp control mode, along with being packed with features, 2 amp quick charge and Innokin quality and price.

iSub - Vortex TanksWith the release of the new Cool Fire IV TC 100 Device, Innokin has also release a matching sub ohm tank called the iSub - V Sub-Ohm Tanks. V for Vortex tank. Top fill iSub tank that will match the color of the TC 100's, and vapes like only Innokin's iSub tanks can.

iSub Coil Guide


CoolFire IV TC100 and iSub V Tanks

This is a 3 ml tank that can use any of the iSub coils. Check out the coil guide to the left. Top fill with adjustable air flow, great flavor, tons of vapor production, high quality, anti flood design, and they look incredible too!

A great combination with the iSub Vortex Sub Ohm Tanks and the Cool Fire IV TC 100!

You can use any of your own Sub Ohm tanks and products on the Cool Fire IV TC 100. I tried them with the Herkales tanks, Kanger tanks, and Crown tanks and they all performed excellent on the TC100. If you have two of these new TC100 products and your favorite iSub tank, you are set! Thank you, Innokin! You can find out more at and you buy them at any vendor that sell Innokin products like Vendors like: SmokTek & VaporBeast and don't forget to grab the discount code.



Innokin was proud to announce the launch of their first Temperature Control device, the all new Innokin CORTEX! They followed it up with the release of the Cool Fire IV TC100.

The technology behind the CORTEX has been under research & development with industry partners for over 15 months and is now ready to give you an unforgettable vaping experience.

The CORTEX integrates new Innokin temperature technology and is powered by the IKARNO S1 chip. The CORTEX has four key advantages:

1) Ultra-low Static Power Consumption

The CORTEX has an unrivaled average quiescent dissipation of 50nA. Theoretically this means the device can remain on standby for up to 65,000,000 hours / 7500 years. With such an ultra-low dissipation, the engineering teams worked together to even further improve long term energy conservation, and improve the quality of the device.

Cortex2) Precision Temperature Control: ±10 ℃
Innokin has been researching and developing this Temperature Control extensively with the goal of offering a vaporizer and chipset that is extremely affordable, while also delivering top of the line accuracy and output precision.

Incredibly, the new IKARNO S1 chip is accurate to ±10℃ in real temperature testing and future versions are expected to reduce the range even further to ±2 ℃!

3) High Efficiency: 99%.
The CORTEX is designed for high efficiency. The efficiency of the Innokin CORTEX is above 90% in operation and the maximum conversion rate registered was 99% at peak. Cortex

This means there is a very low reactive loss which reduces the surface temperature of the device and thus conserves energy.

4) Direct Current – Steady Power Output
DC vs. pulse are 2 different methods of temperature control which deliver very different vaping experiences. Pulse output is discontinuous and less accurate as the temperature of the coil fluctuates throughout vaping.
Direct Current delivers very accurate output along with smoother, controlled, changes in coil temperature for the very best vaping experience.

CortexExperience the next level of advanced power & precise direct current output for real Temperature control and vape like never before with the new Innokin CORTEX and IKARNO S1. Available soon at your favorite Authorized Innokin Vendor. Vendors like: SmokTek & VaporBeast

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The Video is on the Endura T22 Kit, The New Storm Edition for StarWars Fans of the CoolFire IV+ - This will be a collector's product to keep. Plus Innokin's new iSub Tanks, the Apex 5, and the iSub S, and the new coils, plus the main attraction on the new Temp Control Product called the Cortex TC. - All covered in the video.


Innokin's RBA Kit

One of the things that advanced Vapers wanted with Innokin's iSub Tanks
was a rebuildable coil. Innokin is the type of company that listens. The
release of Innokin's new RBA Rebuildable Atomizer / Coil Kit give advanced Vapers a way to build their own coils for Innokin's iSub Tanks, and Apex Tanks.

The cost to build your own coils is much lower than buying coils, and the RBA Kit gives Avanced Vapers a way to build a coil the way they want. I say it is for Advanced Vapers because everything had to be built correctly, and safety is the top priority. If you are going to be building your own kit, I suggest you research them as much as possible before building your first coil. There are some great learning ideas online.RBA Kit

The Kit contains everything you need to build your own colis with Innokin quality. See more about Innokin's coil below.

Here is what is in the RBA Kit

1 x iSub RBA BaseRBA Kit
1 x Coil Spit-Proof Cap
1 x Pack of Organic Cotton
1 x Set of O-rings and Screws
1 x Ceramic Rod
1 x Screwdriver
2 x Prebuilt Micro Coils




Innokin's Endura T18

This is Innokin's New Endura T18 - A complete Vaping System, and for those that are new to ecigs or thinking about making the switch. The Endura T18 would be a perfect choice for you. I wish these were around when I started vaping.

Endura TankThe Endura T18 is a complete kit. It comes in a magnetic flip top case with the Endura device with a matching color tank, USB charger, extra o-rings, Manual, coil in the Endura tank and an extra coil that are 1.5 ohm coils, plus a very cool looking stand for the Endura T18, and they even put in a couple of cool Innokin Logo Stickers.

Endura T18 Vaping SystemThe Endura T18 is a great looking device, small, but with a 1000 mAh battery. Optimized power output of 14 watts with the 1.5 Ohm coils and it delivers excellent vapor and flavor!

You can fill the tank from the top, and it is a 2.5 ml tank that matches the device perfectly. You can also take apart every piece of the tank for cleaning. Just fill from the top with your favorite ejuice and you are ready to vape. The tank is stainless steel and Pyrex Glass. It had Japanese organic cotton wicking material and delivers maximum flavors from your favorite eliquids.

The Endura T18 is a one button device, easy to use, and it has Innokin quality that you can depend on. Three Click On and Off, 510 connection and Innokin Authentication.

Using the EnduraI was able to put another smaller tank on it an it vaped great, but the Endura T18 Tank is just too perfect for the device, and taste of your ejuice is excellent. You also can change the drip tip if you want, but everything matches with this kit.

This will be a very affordable product, and beginners will love this complete vaping kit. You can start with this right away and go from smoking analog cigarettes to vaping with the Endura T18 Kit from Innokin. Advanced integrated safety protections guard against overheating and over discharge and greatly improve charging safety and overall reliability.

The bottom of the device is great, as it has a flip around bottom cover where the charging port is. You just slide it open and charge the device. It is a nice feature. The Vape Stand allows the Endura T18 to be stored at an angle. It is cool little plastic stand that does the job.

Like other Innokin Devices, it has three click On / Off and the Three Color modes of Green, Yellow, and Red. It is also the same great quality you expect from Innokin and another very innovative product, not only for new users and beginners, but experienced vapers will also love this complete kit that is a great "Our and About" Kit. Available at your favorite Authorized Innokin Vendor and from Vendors like: SmokTek & VaporBeast

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The New Innokin CoolFire IV Plus +

The New CoolFireIV Plus + KitOut right now is the new CoolFireIVPlus & iSub APEX/iSubG Kits. You can get it with a new iSub - G Tank or a New ApexColor Matching Sub-Ohm Tank in the kits. Which ever one you choose, you will love the new CoolFireIV Plus!

70Watts of precise output that can fire down to 0.1 Ohm and a long lasting real3300mAh battery, the CoolFireIVPlus is designed to be the top of the line compact all day vape.

Make no mistake about it, with it's 3300mAH battery, 70 Watts of power, and it's new small, compact size, combined with a matching sub ohm tank. This IS your all day and night vape, without a doubt! Curved like the first version to fit nicely in your hand, which it does, this is must have device.

CoolFire IV PlusThe Cool Fire IV + Storm EditionThe CoolFireIVPlus is the first Innokin vaporizer to feature 2amp Quick-Charge when using the included high quality microUSB cable and a certified 2amp power source (sold separately). So, you can charge it fast. You can still vape while it is charging too. It has all the same great Innokin features that you know and love. This is a very small device that is packed with power, features, looks, quality, and will last for days! The new Storm Edition with the White and Black is a huge hit!

It has an awesome bright LED reader and the charging port it located right below that, so you don't have to lay it down to charge it. The fire button is the perfect kind of fire button you want and located right where it needs to be.

The kits also include a high quality charging cable, a replacement iSub coil, and the iSub Apex also has a Derlin drip-tip and a Glass Drip tip!

Innokin coilsInnokin Sub Ohm TanksPaired up with a matching sub ohm tank of an new Apex color matching tank, or a new iSub - G sub ohm tank, and The Innokin iSub Temperature Control Compatible coils, and iSub BVC Clapton coils are now available for order!

Innokin's Ni200 coils is a nice choice for a steady and consistent vaping experience with less dry hits (in TC mode only). If you want awesome flavor at higher wattages, the new Clapton BVC coils are the way to go. Innokin's new (316L) Stainless Steel coils work great in TC and wattage modes, resulting in the ultimate flavor and incredible vapor production. The CoolFireIV Plus Vape

Another great option for Temperature control fanatics are Innokin's new Titanium coils which many feel result in some of the purest flavor of any materials currently used in the industry, and less dry hits!

You can see our video reviews of Innokin products by clicking right here.

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The New Innokin Cell C50 Plus for the Disrupter

The Innokin Curve C50 Plus CellYou have already seen and heard about the Innokin Disrupter. (See our review and video on it here) But Innokin has added the Curve Cell to it that is a 3300mAh Cell for all day, all night, for three days vaping and more! Not only are they a thing of beauty that fit the hand perfectly, they will give you the battery power that lasts and lasts!

The D50 is the 2000mAh cell that slides on to the Disrupter in all the color combinations you want. They also have the curved D50 cell with the US Flag on the side and part of the proceeds go to CASAA is a very important American Vaping Advocacy Group that's dedicated to promoting vaping information, research and most important, is protecting Vapers' rights. You can visit them at to find out more. It is free, and you can make a difference.

The new Curve C50 Plus is a larger 3300mAh cell that slides right on to the Disrupter and you still can make 21 color combinations with it. The Disrupter is the first device to utilize Innokin’s revolutionary InnokinCell Vaping Power System LiPo replaceable battery technology and the new C50 Plus Cell will give you the battery that will last and you don't have to worry about for a few days and more.


2016 Looks like another great year of innovation from Innokin, an ourstanding company that continues to lead ecig technology. Their quality is second to none, their prices remain very competitive, their generosity to the ecig community and their support of every arm of the ecig industry is amazing, and their products help smokers make the switch every day. You can bet the new Cortex will follow in the same great tradition and will be an outstanding Device, and I can't wait to see just what Innokin does in 2016!

Available at your favorite Authorized Innokin Vendor and from Vendors like: SmokTek & VaporBeast

Video is a Quick Look at Innokin's New Endura T18 Kit, Cool Fire IV Plus, Curve C50 Plus, & upcoming 2016 TC Device!


Endura T22Innokin's new Endura T22 is a great compliment to their Endura T18. While it is great for beginners, advanced users will love it for it's simplicity and use on the go. The T22 tank which has a 4 ml capacity along with with great flavor, and vapor production, also packs a punch optimized at 14 watts with a 1.5 ohm coil.

The Endura T22 has a 2000 mAh battery to go with it's very small size. No settings to worry about, just prime, fill, three click on and vape! Micro USB charging and the kit has everything you need. The Endura T22 is small, great looking, easy to use, yet you get amazing vapor and taste. Made with Innokin quality, and features, the Endura T22 will be a hit with beginners and vapers wanting to step up from the eGo devices.



ISub - STo go with the new Cortex Temp Control Device, Innokin has also added a couple of new Sub Ohm Tanks. Like the Apex iSub S Tank, and two Ni200 iSub coils. The iSub - S tank is larger with a 4.5 ml capacity and a great design. Easy and quick top fill, and open and point air flow, it is the perfect tank for Innokin products. Your choice of coils now with T.C coils for Temp Control, Titanium and Stainless Steel coils and The Clapton BVC coils to go with the Clapton Horizontal coils. Great looking tanks with larger capacity, and coils to fit whatever you like to vape is great! iSub 5 Tank

The Black Apex iSub 5 Tank is a 5 ml Sub - Ohm tank, and all iSubtanks can use any of the coils that you love to vape with. Prime your first coil, and after that with the top fill iSub tanks, they are easy to fill. They are also easy to clean, and great quality.

Innokin   CoilsYou can even rebuild your own coils now too with the iSub RBA. Innokin has make these all with great Innokin quality and given vapers the choices to vape your way. So no matter what tank you choose, you can use any of the iSub coils in any of Innokin iSub tanks.

It's your choice, iSub - Sub Ohm Tanks, and coils built the way you want to vape!

Here is an overview of Innokin's coils below

* iSub Temp Control Coils
iSub Ni200 Coil
100% Organic Cotton Wicking.
100% Nickel Coil.
Only for use with temperature control vaporizers.
Innokin iSub, iSubG, iSub Apex, and iSub-S compatible.
No Spill Coil Swap System.

* iSub Titanium Coil
100% Organic Cotton Wicking.
Only for use with temperature control vaporizers.
Innokin iSub, iSubG, iSub Apex, and iSub-S compatible.
No Spill Coil Swap System.

* iSub Stainless Steel Coil
100% Organic Cotton Wicking.
316L Stainless Steel wire.
Works great in both Temperature control and non-Temperature control devices.
Innokin iSub, iSubG, iSub Apex, and iSub-S compatible.
No Spill Coil Swap System.

* iSub Clapton Horizontal Coil
Greater surface area resulting in increased vapor production!
100% Organic Cotton Wicking.
Innokin iSub, iSubG, iSub Apex, iSub-S compatible.
No Spill Coil Swap System.

* iSub Clapton BVC Coil
Greater surface area resulting in increased vapor production!
100% Organic Cotton Wicking.
Innokin iSub, iSubG, iSub Apex, iSub-S compatible.
No Spill Coil Swap System.


The Video is on the Endura T22 Kit, The New Storm Edition for StarWars Fans of the CoolFire IV+ - This will be a collector's product to keep. Plus Innokin's new iSub Tanks, the Apex 5, and the iSub S, and the new coils, plus the main attraction on the new Temp Control Product called the Cortex TC. - All covered in the video.


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