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You can contact any of us anytime by emailing or using any of our contact us pages. We try to always respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

We value your business, and visits to our sites and always appreciate when you help us with "word of mouth" to spread the word about us. Anytime, you become a Fan in Facebook, Like Us, Follow us in Twitter, Click on the Google #1 button, subscribe to our YouTube Gallery, newsletter, use our forum, search for us, or visit our advertisers, you help us climb higher in the search engines which helps more folks find us, and we can't thank you enough for your loyalty to and TheStop network. It's a tough job for the little guy to compete online with the huge companies, and we could never do it without the great people that support us.

We are about 3 things,
We want this still (even at 8 years old) very young ecig industry to grow, flourish, and stick around forever. I don't know about you, but I am a Vaper for Life, and I want the ecig industry to survive.

We want to help as many people as possible to switch from smoking to vaping.  And

To give the best ecig information we can, honest, positive, and educated, to help vapers make their own decisions, to help vapers save money, to point them in the right direction, to save vapers time, and help vapers to find what is right for each individual. 

This is TheEcigStop in a nutshell.  If we can make a few bucks to cover our costs, great. But, we are about the three things above, Period!

I have been smoking analog cigarettes for over 40 years. When I switched to the PV, (E-Cig), I stopped and have not looked back and I couldn't wait to tell people what finally helped me. I tried everything. This is why site is here. It is our "shout it from the roof tops!", "We switched! and So can you and we will help you the whole way!"

Our mission remains: To share the information as we get it, so that everyone can benefit and be able to break free of the potentially deadly habit of smoking.

We can not be bought by any company to sway our opinions, research, and evaluations. Our award for the best e-cig is based on many factors, along with our own personal opinion and taste after 40+ years of smoking. This site was built because we reached a major milestone in our life -- Quitting Analog Cigarettes!

The E-cig is a smoking alternative.

We are not making any health claims. We only present the facts, you decide for yourself. We only want to help, like the e-cig has helped us. And if we make a buck or two along the way, that's great, but we make it from everybody, not just one brand, so we have no reason to push a particular brand or give our award for the best e-cig other than what we think, based on our research, opinion, criteria, and our personal taste and experience, and pass that information on to you.

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