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YetiAltSmoke has a 14 day money back guarantee and a 6 month warranty on some of their devices, so you have some protection. AltSmoke is the home of the Yeti, Ego, Alpha, Omega, The BB, and the Silver Bullet.

The Yeti starter kit comes with 2 batteries, 2 Atomizers, box of cartridges, Battery Charger, Cord, and manual for 45 buck. Pretty good package for the price. The 510 Yeti is excellent quality and one of the more popular e-cigs, especially if you are just starting out. The Yeti vapor production and throat hit will take you by surprise and you will know instantly just why they are so popular. ego kit

Their Joye Ego starter kit is one of the best deals out there. 2 Ego Batteries, 2 Atomizers, 2Ego Cones, 5 cartridges, 1 Wall adapter, 1 charger, 1 carrying pouch, 1 button protector, and manual. Price $49.95! Tough to beat this kit especially when you consider the quality of the Joye Ego. Their Ego -T Kit comes with the same and with the on / off switch and sells for $64.99, also very competitive.

Silver BulletsAltSmoke sets itself apart with The Alpha, Omega, BB, and Silver Bullet PV's. The Silver Bullet has become one of the most popular PV's out there. It boasts: Switch: 200,000 clicks electrical / one million mechanical battery. Uses a protected 18650 2400 mAh battery. You can run it at 3.7 or 6 volts. It is constructed from 6061 aircraft aluminum and as you can see, it is extremely good looking PV. It is threaded for a 510, won't fire in your pocket, and comes with a 6 month warranty for mechanical failure. You can slap a tank on it and it looks very cool. The reviews on The Silver Bullet are pretty good. The same with the Alpha, Omega, and BB. But the Silver Bullet seems to be the most popular. People love their Silver Bullet. gives you free shipping for all domestic orders over $85.00 dollars and you can track your package. They also have a rewards program, and referral program. You can return the merchandise for any reason within 14 days from the date it was shipped to you. They don't accept returns for cartridges, bottle liquid, drip tips, and used atomizers for sanitary reasons. Be sure to keep all packaging, receipts, etc.

AltSmoke EliquidAltSmoke sells High Caliber USA made Eliquid, and USA made AltLiquid Premium with almost 100 different kinds of juice. Their juice prices are very good. Just as an example you can get 15 ML of AltLiquid tobacco for $6.95. Zero to 24 Mgs with a child proof cap. Nice! They also have a lot of 50/50 juices too. 50% PG, and 50% VG. The reviews of AltSmoke juice is varied as most juice reviews are. It's just a matter of your own taste. But by reading enough reviews of a certain kind of e-juice, you can get a sense of it. AltSmoke sells 5ML bottles too of some of their flavors. It's usually the best way to try a little to see if you like it. I wish every juice supplier would put together a sample pack of 2 ML bottles of every kind of juice they sell. There are a lot of sampler packs out there, but not large sampler packs at a low price. AltSmoke does have a list of their 10 most popular juices and that helps.


They carry a full line of accessories and they have a learning section with videos. Usually featuring Doctor Vapor who is one of our favorites. The Site is laid out nice with some great features. It is easy to navigate with lots of photos, and is a great place to shop.

AltSmoke is in the top 10 for a reason. They carry a great variety of starter kits at competitive prices. You are sure to find a kit you'll like. They have everything for the beginner to the advanced. From the Yeti to the Silver Bullet. Their quality it excellent. In fact, they demand it. They stand behind their products with a warranty, and 14 day guarantee. Their customer service is excellent with a ton of reviews that say just that. They have a great site, a learning section, rewards program, affiliate program, and contact information with address, phone, email, ticket support, and hours. They post a privacy policy, terms & conditions, Refund, Delivery, tracking, customer service, and will be opening a walk in store soon. They are safe, secure and you can subscribe to their newsletter.

AltSmoke has a ton of reviews online with some of the highest customer satisfaction percent's we have seen. This is why they are our in our Top 10 and will remain so, until someone knocks them off. They have some great competition for sure, but AltSmoke seems to stay ahead of the competition for now. Click here to visit AltSmoke and see what you think.

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