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Great Job! We Have Over 5,000
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This is a petition that was started by MadVapes and they are supporting it, and so do we. Please read below.

We petition the Obama Administration to:

Recognize electronic cigarettes as an effective alternative to smoking and support job creation in this new industry.

Electronic cigarettes have just begun to capture the attention of the American public, 24% of whom are regular cigarette smokers. This new technology has shown promise in reducing the adverse health effects associated with smoking, while delivering an experience that can satisfy the cravings which make quitting so difficult. It's no secret that smoking accounts for nearly $100 billion dollars in healthcare costs annually- not to mention the productivity lost when smokers fall ill or pass away due to smoking related diseases. The administration's support for this emerging technology would pave the way for reducing the societal costs of smoking, while creating jobs in a new sector which has grown significantly in the past two years. Support job creation and deficit reduction by signing now!

That is the entire petition. The FDA, the American Lung Association, the American Heart Association, and the American Cancer Society are just a few of the rich and powerful organizations that, having failed to ban e-cigarettes altogether (so far), intend to make vaping as expensive, unpleasant, and inconvenient as possible. Some of the things they are trying to do to regulate us is have:
NO flavors except tobacco and menthol.
NO online sales.
NO choice of nicotine strength.
NO vaping indoors.
NO vaping outdoors on dozens of hospital, government, and college grounds across the country.
NO hiring people who use nicotine in any form, including e-cigarettes, the gum, and the patch.

All of this and more is in the works and some of it has already come to pass. We've won some critical battles against these powerful organizations, armed with nothing but our passion and the truth. They greatly underestimated our resolve.

This site was specifically designed to give citizens a means to petition our government.

If we can't get to 5,000 signatures by October 27th, we'll have to start all over again, and it will be five times more difficult since the threshold for official response goes up to 25,000 for petitions filed after October 3rd. Stand up and demand that our government address this issue.

Please, take a moment to sign the petition. This is your chance to stand up and have your voice heard by our government. Pass this along to everyone you know that would be interested in signing.
Follow these instructions...
1. Click on the website link.
2. Sign Up.
3. Get your confirmation email w/link to click on.
4. When you get to the website you can click on "Open Petitions".
5. In the gray bar under that Filter by Issue and click on "Innovation".
6. The Electronic Cigarette Petition is in the top 3 Petitions to choose from. Click on: "Find Out More"
7. It goes to the Petition. Click on 'Sign this Petition'

Then spread the word! Use what ever means you have to Spread the Word to everyone! Please help us and let others sign to help YOU!

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