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Awards for The Top 5 Best Ecigs

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These here are great, reliable, safe, secure, and just what you might be looking for. You can trust their products, sites, people, and customer service. We have ordered from these sites, and used their products. Got a question? Ask any time. Plus Click Here to see our Awards for The Top 10 PV Mods

Number One

1st Place Tie

Excellent shipping with SmokTek, not to mention their prices. We placed an order late Sunday night, and got it Wednesday at 1pm, and I ordered a VV custom box mod! Fast, really fast. ( See Full Review and Video) We have to say, SmokTek prices are some of the best online, and their products are excellent quality. We were quite surprised at Rob's prices, and even more surprised at how great the customer service is, the products are, and the selection. SmokTek keeps growing and adding products all of the time, and at price that you CAN afford. His Daily Deals are excellent and his mods kick ***! Great site, great store, #1 for a reason. Over 26,000 Verified 5 Star ratings and climbing. That alone is worth a look. Check it out. (Click here to get a discount)

Number One

1st Place Tie

Keep It Beast!


VaporBeast moved into the Top spot with their massive selection, amazing prices, and FREE shipping! They continue to grow, and add some great quality products every day.

Even though you get Free shipping, their prices are still very competitive with everyone else's. Their service and support is top notch, and you will love We certainly do! Their selection is massive, and we do mean massive! If VaporBeast doesn't have it, you won't find it. (Click here to see their full page review)And Don't forget their discount code. You can grab it here with their full page review.

Number Two
V2's Ultimate Kit is one of the best kits you can get to take the e-cig plunge. You get everything you need and then some to make the switch completely. (See Full Review) V2's shorty will blow you away,   and that was before they went to 4.2v! (See The Video) If your looking to make the switch, you can't go wrong with V2 Excellent customer service. Quick Shipping too. One of the best for a reason. Their site is easy to navigate, and has a ton to check out. V2 continues to grow, add new products, and stay on top. If you are new and looking to make the switch, this is one to start with. (Click here to get a discount)

Number Three

Luigi at spoils his customers with the great service, fast shipping, and extra goodies from time to time. (See Full Review and Video)'s selection is growing every day. Seems like more and more new products are showing up on the site. All at the same great quality and low price that you expect from Goodejuice. So, be sure to check out at least every week. You don't have to take our word for it, visit and see for yourself, just how great it is.(Click here to get a discount)

Number Four

4th Place Tie


GreenSmoke cart flavors are number one, we were blown away by their taste, throat hit, and vapor production. GreenSmoke is also a top of the line company. Quality from top to bottom. They treat you like family and go out of their way to give you excellent customer service. (See Full Review) GreenSmoke is an E9 battery and easy two piece design! (See The Video) Their carts are spectacular and we're not kidding. They are very high quality with tons and we mean tons of flavor. You can choose GreenSmoke and feel confident you are making a great choice. (Click here to get a discount) continues to impress, grow, and gain in popularity due to their great quality, customer service, massive selection, (over 400 flavors and counting), attention to detail and allowing vapers to have their eliquid their way with Create your own Wizards. Tons of great information for vapers on their site. They are safe and secure, sell and use only quality, and if you haven't given them a try for your eliquid, you are missing out. Check out ECBlend and see for your. (See Full Review)
Number Five

   5th Place Tie
AltSmoke AltSmoke is the home of the Yeti, The Alpha, Omega, The BB, The Silver Bullet, and The eGo. Their quality and reputation proceeds itself.(See Full Review and Video) Their 510 Yeti starter kits are some of the more popular kits on the market, and their prices are hard to beat. They carry 50/ 50 High Caliber USA made liquid that is great. Everything they do, you can bet you will get your money's worth. They work on building a relationship with their customers, people expect excellence and get it. People love The Yeti, but The Silver Bullet will blow you away! (Click here to get a discount)
Another one with Fast Shipping is MadVapes. We placed an order late Thursday night and we had the order in our hands by Saturday at 2pm. How they do that, we don't know. MadVapes also has an incredible selection and an awesome selection for modders. If you need a part for your DIY project, MadVapes more than likely has exactly what you need and at a price, that will have you clicking on "send to cart!" (See Full Review and Video) MadVapes will keep you coming back, sorry to say. This is supposed to save you money right? You just can't help yourself when you are shopping MadVapes. They are tied for first for a lot of reasons, check them out an you will see why. They also have a great rewards program that WILL save you money. You can save your points to get a gift certificate, or use them when you want to give yourself a discount, instantly. Speaking of:(Click here to get a discount)
Number Six
Vapor4Life is home to the Vapor King E-Cigarette. (See Full Review and Video) Plus a signature line of juice that you will love. Premium Nobacco and Wow Vapor E-Juice. My 2nd favorite from them is the Wow - Cowboy both PG and VG. I mix it 50/50. I haven't found anything that beats it yet, and I have tried a ton. You have to try it, and see what you think. But so far, I can't find anything to replace it as my 2nd favorite juice. They have a very cool Slim Charger that we like too. V4L upgraded their site, and keep bringing in more great products, and just keep getting better. (Click here to get a discount)
Number Seven
ePuffer ePuffer has to be one of the sites you check out for sure when you are looking at prices and product. They carry a ton of products and eliquid and ePuffer is very popular. Their prices are very competitive and you always get a great value at Their Phantom HD kit and ePipes are amazing. (See Full Review and Video)
Number Eight
We are huge fans of GotVapes for a reason. They never stop, Chris and Dan are never satisfied, they are always improving products, bringing new products in, improving those, working hand and hand with the manufactures to make better products. They listen to their customers, reviewers, beta testers, and forums and act on what they are hearing. Home of the FluXomizer, ViVi Nova Tank, the Phoenix, great starter kits, Visions, ejuice, tons of ecig accessories, mods, and at the lowest price they can make. Be sure to check out GotVapes, in our Top 10 for a reason. ( See Full Review and Video)
Number Nine
TW is an excellent site with an awesome selection from great top of the line Temp control devices to excellent eliquid. They have been around for quite awhile and have a great reputation. Their price are very competitive and their customer service is excellent. TW has quality control policies in place that makes sure they are doing their best and giving their customers the best they have. They back what they sell. Check them out and get 20% off. Just Use the code: STOP20


Number 10
If you are into making your own ejuice, you can't get much better than for flavors, juice, DIY supplies, ejuice, PG, and VG that is great quality, and everything you need  to make your own or try theirs. Tons of flavors and a full line up of kits and ecig accessories. Great service, fast shipping, and low prices


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