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BreatheFreshEcigsRight from their about us page, it tells us a lot about this company. Breathe Fresh electronic cigarettes was founded by an avid group of technology enthusiasts who were intrigued by this new device called the e-cigarette. Their electronic cigarettes were born out of a desire to provide the best quality e cigs on the market while making it affordable for the average smoker. The way they see things at Breathe Fresh is very simple, We all have enough stress in our daily lives to deal with and for those of us that turn to a traditional cigarette for some relief would really enjoy this new way to get our fix. At Breathe Fresh e cigarettes, we hope to one day replace every traditional cigarette with an electronic cigarette, and they intend to do this one Breathe Fresh e-cig at a time!

We recently reviewed on of Starter Kits and some of their cartomizers, and we were impressed. They have a great looking products, that not only gives you plenty of vapor, and flavor, but a very good throat hit. We were surprised by the throat hit we got from their 808D1 battery. (See our review of's Starter Kit and carts below)What's in the Kit

BreatheFreshEcigs Starter Kit had two batteries, a blister pack of 5 tobacco carts, one single cart, a power adapter, a usb charger, the instruction manual, and a nice gift box. As you can see on the right, this is how the kit came.'s quality is very good, with good connections, durability, great cartomizers, and long lasting 808 batteries. They look, feel, and perform like a regular analog cigarette.

BreatheFreshEcigs BatteriesIf you are new, or thinking about making the switch from the analog cigarette to the amazing electronic cigarette, you might want to check out They might fit the bill just fine, and put you on the path to better health. Their prices are very competitive, with great quality, cart flavors, and very good vapor production, taste, and throat hit. Some of their carts

They carry some great flavors, like tobacco, coffee, cherry, vanilla, menthol, apple and more. They also carry them in High, Medium, Low, and Zero Mgs. We tried their coffee, tobacco, cherry, and menthol, and like every flavor, their coffee and menthol were especially good. We think you will find a favorite or two or three that you will love. is always improving, and adding great products. They always look at how they can improve their product and the ecig experience. They have many starter kits, ecig products, carts and accessories. 

Check out, and you can also go to our Discount Page and grab a nice discount to use too!

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