Your Quest For The Best E-Cig Ends Here! was the home to a variety of ChaseCigs Starter Kits. They offer a 45 day Money Back Guarantee, a lifetime warranty, and an option even for flavorless. Their batteries are 4.3 volt lithium-ion battery that is an 808D1. Designed using the latest in lithium-ion technology to provide you with more power, more life, and maximum vapor. CHASE Batteries only power on when you inhale and power off automatically. CHASE Cigs® Batteries duplicate the look and feel of traditional cigarettes. Easy to use. Available in stainless steel, black, and white.

Comes in standard and shorty size and four different starter kit sizes. Prices range from $59.95 to $149.95 with discounts on top of that.

ChaseCigs also carries lots of different accessories, from adapters to cases, and five flavors including, Grit, Arabian, Artic Menthol, Vanilla, A Sample Pack, and even Flavorless. I wasn"t sure about the Flavorless, (because, what's the point), but I really liked it!

We reviewed their starter kit and some ther flavors. (See Video review Below) Which is how I know that I liked the Flavorless. We also liked the Grit, Menthol, and Vanilla. They have Full, (18mgs) Medium, (12 mgs) Low, (mgs) and Zero. ChaseCigs

ChaseCigs quality is very good, and their price for a 5 pack of carts is $12.95 which is very competitive. Plus get a discount code here.

ChaseCigs was growing fast with a lot of satisfied customers. But not fast enough. That's why V2 has taken over, and since V2 Cigs is ranked number one, I guess that is your answer.

See what you think, Check out and see if you don't agree with the many users of their product. And don't forget the discount code.

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