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ChinaBuye.comIf you are looking to pay less, still get a great product, plus free shipping, and a discount of top of that, then take a look at sells mods, starter kits, ecig sticks, eGo devices, ejuice, and ecig accessories, all at unbelievable prices. They not only sell ecig products, they sell all kinds of different products. Computers, electronics, fashion, security, jewerly, gadgets, and more.

Their selection of ecig products will keep you at their site for awhile. If you can't find a certain ecig product, then take a look at They more than likely have it, and at a price you won't believe. has great programs for retailers including a drop shipping program, plus rewards, dicounts, and VIP programs too. Their customer service is excellent, and they guarantee customer satisfaction.

We tried their XL-618 electronic epipe. This was an epipe kit that we had been looking for. We wanted an epipe that used batteries, instead of a usb charger, and cartomizer replaceable tank. The tank that come with the epipe is a cartomizer tank, fill the cart, fill the tank and vape.

The Package
1* Electronic cigarette pipe
2* 900mAh batteries
1* Replacement inhaler
1* Replacement cartomizer tank
1* Charger adapter (Two round-pin plug)
1* User manual


For $53.39, that is an excellent price for this epipe and kit. The epipe perfomed just like we had hoped. We got fantastic vapor, a great throat hit, and great flavor from our tobacco ejuice. The epipe is easy to use, easy to take care of, has the traditional look of a regular pipe, and we loved it. The item number is 37938, if you want to take a look. It is called the DSE - 618 E-Pipe. You can buy the replacement cartomizers at Aquavaporcig.

It is a great looking epipe, and with it's 510 connection, you can use all of kinds of products with the epipe. But the tank that comes with it works great, and looks great too. Very shiny, with gold colored ends, the tank will take a regular Boge cartomizer or a dual coil cartomizer. At the end of tank, it has a tiny pin sticking up to hook on to the cartomizer, so it does not slip, does not move around. I don't know why others have not thought of this because it works great and does not interfere with the vape. You get two cartomizers that goes with the tank and it has the flanged end that fits on to the pin. Because of the 510 connection that is almost flat at the end, you can put on an eGo adapter and vape all of your eGo accessories, or you can just put a 2.00 ohm Boge Cartomizer, add a drip shield and any drip tip and vape, and it still looks good. It is hard to find a 510 Automatic epipe with the end like this one, so you can pretty much vape whatever you want. Since it is automatic, you have to becareful not to overfill what you use with the epipe, so that you don't get ejuice down in the battery chamber and ruin it, but as long as you know this, it isn't an issue. gives you access to manufacturer products and prices with many shipping options and free shipping options and a 30 day money back guarantee. They guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. You also get an instant discount on your first order.

For us, carries tons and we do mean tons of ecig products, but they also carry and sell all kinds of products that you should check out. Take a look and decide for yourself. We think you will love

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