Your Quest For The Best E-Cig Ends Here! is the home to some great products including the IMotion Products which are ecig pv mods that are ahead of their time. We tried out the IMotion 3 V+, and the IMotion Mini and we have to say we were impressed.

The IMotion3V+ is not only a great looking PV Mod, but a high quality functioning mod that puts out tons of vapor, and a fantastic throat hit. And on top of that, you can use it as a very nice flash light. IMotion3V+ Flashlight

With a lot of the Variable Voltage, Variable Watts PV Mods, you get this kind of rattlesnake, fluttering type of vape, because of the electronics, but you don't get very much of that with the IMotion3V+. I can put on a tank with a 2 ohm Boge cartomizers on the IMotion3V+, and I hardly get the fluttering type of vape at all. With their IM Tanks, and other type of tanks, you don't get any of the fluttering, like you do with other VV, VW mods.


The solid construction of the IMotionV3+ PV Mod and quality of this mod is impressive. As soon as you hold it, you instantly know you are holding a quality PV. IMotion3V+ Using a 18650 battery for all day and night vaping, variable voltage, variable watts, a really nice digital screen, eGo / 510 threading, and a connection with the center pin so that it fires everytime, all of the settings that you can want, easy operation, this PV IM tankmod is one to add to your collection.

Using the rebuildable IM Tank, you get a great vape, great taste, and tons of vapor.

The IM Tanks IMotion3V+are actually fairly easy to deal with and hold plenty of your favorite ejuice. They can take the power and do not have any of the burning taste. Juice tastes great in the tanks, and they are a vapor machine.

The are called the IM Tank and The IM Bomb.

We also tried out CigStar's IMotion Mini, These eGo type of batteries are Variable Voltage by turning the metal knob at the bottom of the battery. The bottom is a little bigger than others we IMotion Minihave tried. Using CigStar's rebuildable CE5 Cleromizers, on the mini is the just the ticket to great vapor, a really good throat hit, and great taste.

Variable Voltage, 3 to 5IMotion Mini volts, with a nice little digital screen, that is very readable, 900 mAh, that makes for a great size, not too big, not too small. The IMotion Mini, is worth taking a long look at and consider buying one or two. Their kits for all of CigStar's products are very nice, and come in these great gift boxes, that are actually built pretty tough, for a gift box. The IMotion Mini, like the IMotion3V+ is quality from top to bottom. Their connections are built to fire everytime, and they are built to last. We were very impressed with CigStarboth the IMotionV3+, the IMotion Mini, the IM Tanks, and their kits. also carries other great products too, like the Avatar's, other starter kits, eGo devices, ecig accessories, disposables, rebuildables, and more.

You can tell right away when you have a CigStar product, because their quality is very good. Take a look for yourself and see what you think. We think you will like what you see. Visit and let them know sent you, we don't make anything, just goodwill, and we appreciate it.

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