Your Quest For The Best E-Cig Ends Here! is home to The Bam, The Lambo V2, Gripper VV's, Legolas 14500, Acrylic Tube Mods, VMax, The Mantis, eGo and Volt kits, plus tons of ecig accessories, and High Caliber, Windy City Vapor, and Zikwid eliquid. They also carry accessories like Voltage meters, Cartomizer and Atomizer ohm meters, ton of Mod batteries, including
AW, UltraFire, TrustFire, Tenergy, IMR, and more.

Their customer Reward system and feedback is highly positive by their customers. CigTechs prices are very competitive with great specials, and their Deal of The Day is worth checking out every day.

CigTechs 510 Volt MeterWe recently reviewed their black 18650 Gripper VV Mod and the Bam Mod and also put their 510 Voltage Meter to the test. All of them came through with flying colors.

Their 510 Voltage meter is round, which we liked versus the square one, and it performed like a voltage meter should.

CigTechs Black 18650 Gripper Variable Voltage Mod was nicer that we expected. With the plus and minus buttons to go up or down in your CigTechs Gripper VVvoltage. 3 to 6 volts in .1 increments, a 5 click On and Off, and the ability to show volts and atty or cartomizer ohms, the Gripper VV performed very well. It is a nice looking mod, and just the right size.

Even though it is molded plastic, it has this rubberized texture and finger grips and it fits very nice in your hand. The led is very nice and readable, and it is easy to use. With a 18650 battery, you will vape all day and night and not have to worry about your battery power. It lasts 12 hours and longer, no problem. It has a 4 amp maximum output and a sealed 510 connection. Our 3ml tank looked great on the Gripper VV. It also has battery protection and vaping 1.5 dual coil cartomizers is just fine. At under $50 Bucks, the Gripper VV might be something to consider.

CigTechs Bam PV ModWhat was really impressive was the correctly named Bam Mod. This device is the biggest Mod we have seen so far. The construction is amazing and you can put the largest tank you have on this and it will still ask. "Is it on?"  Combined with the Kick Drop In Module and a 26500 battery, and you will be vaping for several days before you have to charge up. Even with the size of the Bam, it still fit very nice in your hand. It fact it is down right comfortable.

The Bam has two inner sleeves that you can use or not use. With them you can still use the 18650 Battery, or the 18490 / 18500 Battery with the Kick Drop In Module. Turning the The Bam PV Mod into a Variable Watts Monster!

The top sealed 510 connection has a slight slope to the middle and as you can see tanks fit great on the Bam. It has a very nice polished chrome big button on it that is very clicky and fires every time. You can vape what ever you want on the Bam, atomizers, cartomizers, tanks, use adapters, the Bam handles them all, and still asks for more.  (See our Video review of CigTechs Bam, and The Gripper VV - a 2 part review below)

Stop into and have a look around. We think you will be pleasantly surprised, at not only the selection, price, quality, but CigTechs innovation and commitment to the ecig community. Their customer service is excellent and they take care of their customers. You don't have to take our word for it, visit them yourself and prove us wrong.



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