Your Quest For The Best E-Cig Ends Here!

Clouds of VaporCOV is home to the Stainless Steel GG Telescopic Storm. We have to say it is pretty pricey. But to be honest, we haven't tried it yet either. It is however a thing of beauty. It is all Stainless Steel except the end caps. The center tube is also steel. The GG" with logo and serial number is etched on the other side. The GG TS comes ready to use 801, 510 and 901/808 atomizers/cartomizers. Adjustable to many battery sizes, the GG Telescopic Storm is the worlds most flexible e-Cigarette system. One user review said it was the Rolls Royce of ECigs. It certainly looks like it is. The reviews on the GG are very good. At that price you would expect it to be Epic and after reading the reviews, that is exactly what it is. Plus, you can get a discount of 10% off your GG just use the code "bigbuyer".

DC Map TankCOV is always on the cutting edge of technology and carries a lot of new accessories. The also carry the Map Tank, and the DC (Dual Coil) tank. I have a DC tank and I can tell you they are awesome! It holds 4 mls of juice with a full cartomizer and it looks great on my Buzz Pro. If you love the Dual Coil Cartomizers, you will love the DC tank. I have not had any issues with leaking at all. I think the CE2's and CE3's are great, so I really want to check out the Map Tank. We paid $27.00 dollars for ours and we think that is pretty reasonable, as most of COV's prices usually are. They stay very competitive and Bruce is always setting up specials that are excellent. You have to check out COV for sure. They carry everything and then some.

WaffleTheir juice is CloudPure Naturals Organic Vapejuice. Mmmm.... Sounds good just typing it. I can tell you their 16mg Organic Certified VG CPN Waffle will keep you coming back for more. It is a great vape! Their COV Tobacco that is Cloud Pure Juice is as good as it gets. Very smooth and with a great throat hit. The 24mg will definitely satisfy your tobacco craving. Unfortunately you will want more. But at Clouds of Vapor you can afford to, because 30 ml is only $15 bucks! Check out Clouds of Vapor, but be prepared to spend some time there. Their site is laid out really well, and their is a lot to look at and buy, and tell them TheEcigStop sent you. We don't make anything, but, we appreciate the name drop.

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