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DirectVapor's Kanger CupTIWe recently tried a couple of DirectVapor's products. The new Kanger CupTi and Boyd's Bounty ejuice. Let's start with the Kanger CupTi. Kangertech's new and DirectVapor's Kanger CupTI and ejuiceimproved All in One Device that is 75 Watts, Temp Control with four modes, and a 5 ML enclosed tank, takes a 18650 battery, and you can still charge it with a usb charger.

The starter kit comes with the device, a 0.5 ohm sus316L coil, a Ni coil that is 1.5 ohms, a spare drip tip that is small mouth, and a wide mouth drip tip, the usb cable, manual and even some black wraps with my black CupTI.

Kanger did a great job on this product, as I experienced no leaks at all. None. The 5 ml enclosed tank held the ejuice just fine. I filled it to the max line on the device. You should not overfill the product because as soon as you put the coil with the extended part to the mouthpiece, you juice will overflow if you go past the max line.

DirectVapor's Kanger CupTII used the 316L 0.5 ohm coil which screws on to the bottom of the tube. I made sure I primed the coil, I then filled the tank with Boyd's Bounty ejuice to the max line. Gave it a 5 click to DirectVapor's Kangertech CupTIturn it on. It recognized the coil was new. I picked yes with the + button located at the top of device, set the watts to 47 and vaped. Impressive to say the least. I was really taken back on the performance of the coil, for one. I got a massive throat hit and a ton of vapor. The more I used it, the better it performed. I continued to raise the watts and I got spectacular flavor out of the ejuice.

Click it three times to roll through the menus for NI, TI, SS, NC, and Watts. Hold both the + and - to change the direction of the screen. You can lock it so it won't accidently fire. DirectVapor's Kanger CupTI is suprisingly easy to use, change coils, fill, and make adjustments. Just flip the tab on the bottom and the battery compartment opens. Put in your 18650 Battery and you are ready to vape. The usb charging port is on the bottom of the device. The drip tip comes with a wide mouth drip tip and a small, narrow drip tip for whatever you prefer to vape with, or you can use your own. Which is nice.

Kanger CupTiOverall the quality of DirectVapor's Kanger CupTI is excellent, like most Kangertech products, but with it's all in one, 5ml tank, 18650 battery, leak free, easy to use and the massive vapor you get with the CupTI, I would say it's is going to be a hit!

Look at the size of the Kangertech CupTI. That is the product in my hand to the left. Small size, big performance. About the only issue I had, was I wanted the drip tip to be a little taller, so I used my own.

Check it out at, free shipping, no clone, price match, and more. What's not to like?

While you are there, you might want to check out their e-liquid selection as well. They ejuice from DirectVapor.comcarry the top brands, ALL the top brands including Vaporfi's E-Liquid. I filled the Kanger CupTi with Boyd's Bounty. Nice looking glass bottle with a nice dripper. This is a tobacco flavor that is kind of woody with a little bit of leafy edge. It had 3 mgs of nicotine, was excellent quality and in the Kangertech CupTI, the flavor was exceptional. You got to love this bottle though. The vapor production with the ejuice was excellent. So I put some in my Hercules tank on my eleaf 40 watt TC box mod, also available at DirectVapor, and again, I got great flavor, a fantastic throat hit, and massive vapor production.

Check out for their massive selection. 1500 SKU's in Stock! That is amazing. If you can't find it at DirectVapor, then you won't find it period. Plus with the price match, free shipping, no clones, warranties, and guarantee's, you can be sure you are getting the best, at the best price. No other online company store does so much for you.

DirectVapor.comWe think you will agree with us about everything we have put into our honest review of and we encourage you to prove us wrong by visiting them right now and for you to see for yourself everything DirectVapor offers. We have over 20,000 subscribers. Vapers that subscribe to us through our social networks and newsletter. We listen to them because they don't pull any punches when it comes to who they like, who they buy from, who has earned their trust, who has the best prices, who they can count on for their vaping needs, and they clearly think is a company they trust. That they buy from, and is the company that can save them some money.

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