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Power Watts
Voltage Volts
Current Amps
Resistance Ohms
ohm, joule

You can use this simple online calculator. Just enter any two values (like: ohms and volts) and it will calculate the other two (The watts and amps) for you.

Watt Second - a unit of electrical energy equal to the
work done when a current of one (1) ampere passes
through a resistance of one (1) ohm for one second.
1 Joule = 1 watt second

Or you can use the chart below


Nickel (ni coils) and Titanium (ti coils) wires will heat up way to fast and get very hot, to hot, under normal wattage mode. This can lead to inhaling fumes from the wires that you wouldn't want to inhale. These type of temps can release toxic fumes while vaping if you are not using them correctly. Do a search on nickel melting and nickel poisoning.

Only use the Ni 200 coils and the Ti coils with Temp Control Devices. Use Stainless steel coils for wattage modes and vaping.

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HV, LR, Ohms, Watts, Volts, Amps.. The Sweet Spot... All are good questions to ask.
Here is some of the answers.

To try to figure out the HV (High Voltage) and LR (Low Resistance) Vaping, you need to understand Ohms Law, which isn't too hard.

To get our ideal vape, we need to balance battery voltage with atomizer resistance. And of course we want to do this without burning out the atomizer. If the voltage is too low and, or the atomizer resistance is too high, then the watts are low, and you get a not so good vape. On the other hand, if the voltage is too high and, or the atomizer resistance is too low, then the amps are high and you can burn out the atty.

With PV's, we refer to atty resistance and battery voltage as a set number, like 2.3 ohms and 3.7 Volts. But, really atomizer resistance should be viewed as +/- 0.1 ohms, like a “2.3” ohm atty is more like 2.2-2.4 ohms

Power in watts is the intensity of the vape.

Current in amps is what can burn out your atomizers.

Watts and Amps are from atomizer resistance which we measured in ohms and battery voltage which we measure in volts.

The formula is:
Watts = Volts X Volts / Ohms
Amps = Volts / Ohms


With Sub - Ohm Vaping, some things have changed, but the formula is still the same. Ohms Law is Ohms Law.

However batteries have become more important now. Stick to quality batteries that are rated at 30A continuous discharge rate for Sub - Ohm Devices.

Do not go cheap with your batteries when it comes to Sub - Ohm Vaping. Be safe, go with what is proven, what is quality, and a quality charger. Don't leave your charger unattended ever, or on while you are sleeping. Be smart, be safe, not sorry.

Good luck
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