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This is a sponsored review by, the home of over 400 flavors and counting plus the Create Your Own Wizards. That's 400 Flavors of E-Liquid, and while I haven't tried that many, I have tried a number of their flavors, used the Create Your Own Wizard, and fell in love with ECBlend when I tried my first steeped E-Liquid from their now famous Dragon Series.

Dragon's BloodI hope to try every flavor from ECBlend's Dragon Series. It is that good! When you vape a flavor called Dragon's Blood for the very first time and you have the patience to let it steep, then take the first couple of vapes, you know instantly you are in Vapor Heaven.

Dragon's Blood is described as beyond creamy with a rich dragon fruit taste. It has a special mix of flavors that you just have to try. The whole Dragon series is something special. I also loved Dragon's Cafe, and Dragon's Tear.

Dragon's Cafe is a blended espresso and 3 vanillas, it is very creamy and smooth. I added an extra shot of sweetness to mine. Dragon's Tear is a strawberry blast of flavor straight to your taste buds!

That's new juice is so good and so popular already that it is simply called, "That Juice". That Juice is so flavorful and unique, and even smells wonderful. It was created by ECBlend's Recipe Manager, and vapers are buying it up as fast as they can make it.

Everything ECBlend makes is fresh, custom, and made to order. Made in the USA. Their quality is excellent. Their site is safe and secure with all policies being posted. You can submit a ticket through their help desk and use their knowledge base to find all kinds of information. Everything from steeping, how to steep, how to speed things up, to quality control and order status.

I have learned that if suggests an E-Liquid be steeped. It is best to let it steep. It really does bring out the flavor, and helps it to blend, mix, and taste great. I know it is hard when you order a new juice to let it steep for one to two weeks, sometimes even longer, but it is worth the wait. You can always order a small bottle to vape right away and a large bottle to steep.

WorkingECBlend is always working hard, improving, growing, discovering, supporting the ecig community and the industry including and The Vapor Trail Magazine. It is a sign of a good company with great people, quality products, competitive prices, excellent customer service, and an outstanding reputation.

E-Liquid ShakerWith 400 flavors of E-Liquid, you can understand that. They also carry in their Part's Department, some ecig devices like eGo products, ecig accessories, and their own E-Liquid Shaker that operates at 5000 shakes per minutes and really blends better than by hand and helps to cut down on the steeping time. I have to think anything that cuts down on some steeping time so you can get to your juice faster and blends it perfectly is worth having. has these "Create Your Own Wizards" that allows you to mix your own blend. You can take four of your own personal favorite flavors and make up your own blend. You can add sweetner too. Some great Customer Creations have been made popular this way and you can always try one. You might want to start with a small bottle, say a 5 ml to try first and make sure you like.

You can add extra flavor or extra sweetner, even menthol, or a cool hit, or sour it, if you want to add to any juice at You can choose from zero mgs to 36 mgs of nicotine strength, and options for what percentage you prefer of PG and VG, all the way up to 100% VG. Choose from a 5 ml bottle size to a 250 ml bottle on most. ECBlend allows you to have it your way. Just remember, it is ejuice and can't be returned. Not all flavors taste great together. It is usually a good idea to start with a small sample size and make sure it is for you first, then go large and save even more money.

Frosted Glass BottlesECBlend Premium E-Liquid in Frosted Glass bottles includes straight glass bulb dropper and child-resistant cap. The droppers are used for dispensing small quantities of E-Liquid. Perfect for those who prefer dripping compared to using traditional clearomizers or tanks.Select from 1 to 6 bottles.

ECBlend has made yet another improvement to their best-selling line of Premium Blend E-Liquid products. They now offer their Premium Blend E-Liquid in 20ml Frosted Glass bottles.
Why is glass so great? The major benefit of glass is that it helps to shield e-liquid from potentially damaging light, heat, and moisture. Another plus to using glass over plastic is that glass is the “greenest” storage option for e-liquids yet. Apart from helping to maximize the flavor of these amazing good e-liquids, the frosted glass bottles are reusable and recyclable. It’s easy to see why most health conscience shoppers prefer glass over any other container.

Steeping TipsWhen you get your order from ECBlend, it comes to you double wrapped and sealed, which is great when you want to use the hot water method to hurry the steeping process. (see their tips on steeping).

You will find lots of great articles in their "About and FAQ Menu". Access to tons of information on E-Liquid, E-Cigs, and Vaping. Find information on quality control, nicotine strength, What's really in an analog cigarette, and even, info on your Taste Buds.

You can stay up to date with the lastest news and information in their "Product Updates" menu. New products, new flavors, what's coming up, new customer creations, changes made, Natural and Organic Releases and more.

Overall, we are very impressed with ECBlend, their E-Liquid it excellent quality, outstanding choices, and most important, "Fantastic Taste!" Their customer service and prices will keep you coming back which tells you a lot. The company overall is one you want to support because it not only benefits you, it benefits the ecig community and industry.

ECBlend have been Aemsa Certified (American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association).  This means they have complied with all safety, controls, accuracy, cleanliness and has had their facilities, process, and materials inspected.  ECBlend holds itself to the highest standards in voluntary compliance. Click here to see their certification, and how ECBlend feels about this process

You don't have to take our word for it, click their banner, visit, take a look around, place an order, and see what you think. We think you will agree with our review. Be sure to tell them sent you. We don't make anything, we just appreciate it.

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