Your Quest For The Best E-Cig Ends Here! is the home of some great JoyeTech products, and at prices that make their products a pretty good value. With plenty of starter kits, mods, ejuice, and ecig accessories, you are sure to find something you like. Plus Free Shipping on any order over 50 bucks!

For example you can pick up a JoyeTech 510 Starter kit that includes:

- 2pcs 510 Atomizers
- 2pcs 510 220 mAh Automatic (3.3Volt) or
150mah Manual (3.3Volt) batteries
- 5pcs 510 Pre-Filled Cartridges (USA Mix 16mg)
- 1pc USB charger
- 1pc AC-USB adapter
- 1pcs manual

All for $39.99!  Plus go to our Discount Page and get a discount on top of it. Now that's a good value.

They also carry DSE - 801, and 901 starter kits, DIY supplies, including Lorann flavors, High Caliber and Dekang ejuice, Disposables, pass through, and of course cartomizers, atomizers, and lots of ecig accessories. The Revolution V2

What's in the KitThey also sell The Revolution V2 Kit. We reviewed their Revolution V2 Kit, and we have to say, it is a great vape! (See our video review of the Revolution V2 Below).

The Revolution V2 Kit comes with the RV2, a box of 5 Boge Cartomizers, a 10 ml bottle, two blunt needles, an AC power adapter, a usb charger, a hand strap, and a user manual.  The price, $54.99! The Revolution V2 is a 3.7 device with a 1400 mAh battery that will last you all day and night. It does for us. You can take it to work, and you won't have to worry about needing ejuice, or battery power. the 10 ml bottle of ejuice will keep your Boge cartomizer full. We didn't experience any leaking with the bottom feeder, RV2. It works flawlessly. Plus their is an extra compartment to put an extra cartomizer in, to carry with you. The Revolution V2 pretty much takes most any 510 atomizer or cartomizer. We tried several different cartomizers and attys, and didn't have any issues.

The RV2 KitThe only thing, is you have to be a little careful with is getting the 10 ml bottle out. Going in is no problem, coming out, that's a little harder, but we're not sure what Boge could do about that. It also sports a Anion Led on it, that cleans the air, dust, smoke, and gas around it. We're not too sure how that works, but it is kind of cool to have.

It has battery indicator led's, and an On and Off switch, so it is pocket friendly. Perfect size too. With 2300 draws, you won't have to worry about your battery running out until you put on the charger at bedtime.

At's price, it is kit worth looking into. We have enjoyed using it, and we think you will too. Stop by and see all they have to offer. These guys work hard, and provide top notch service and quality products. And, don't forget to grab the Discount Code, and see what YOU like.

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