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Down - Dragon Series

ECBlendejuiceIf you haven't tried at least one of ECBlend's Dragon Series juices, then you are really missing out. So far I have tried five of them and loved every single one. Their Dragon's Blood, Dragon's Cafe, Dragon's Tear, Dragon's Crown, and Dragon's Roar were excellent. I want to try them all, and I am betting every single one is great. Especially when steeped. ECBlend's mix of flavors will put you in vapor heaven, and we aren't kidding. Don't take our word for it, try a bottle out of their 400 flavors and see if we aren't blowing smoke.     (Rating - 9.7)   All flavors!

Click Here to purchase a 15 ML for $5.94 - zero - 36 mgs                     Juice only

Down ArrowStormysVaporCellar - Northern Lights Tobacco

SVC Northern LightsAvailable in EJuiceStormysVaporCellar is where there is a perfect Tobacco blend with just the right amount of sweetness. It is our favorite tobacco juice and is currently number one. This has an excellent throat hit and produces an insane amount of vapor, yet it is still smooth, a touch sweet, a tiny bit nutty, with a great taste on both the inhale and the exhale. Vape in a Boge 2.00 ohm, Cartomizer, Dual Coil, CE4, 5, Cleros, and tanks. It is PG/VG blend and comes in 8, 16, and 24 Mgs.  This ejuice is made in a lab and is very high quality and one you just have to try.                  (Rating - 9.7) #1

Click Here to Buy  a 30 ML Bottle for $16.99                                                Juice Only

Up / DownAceejuice - Cherry Cheesecake
Cherry Cheesecake

ejuiceAceejuice's Cherry Cheesecake is one of those, "Got to have it!" juices. Not to mention, their Raspberry Mojito, Fruit Punch, and a few others that you should check out. Their juice is great quality, and flavorful, producing lots of vapor, a great throat hit, and flavor on both the inhale and the exhale. It seems like I was getting cherry on the way in, and cheesecake on the way out. How they did that I have not idea, but it is fantastic! You can grab their cheescake sampler pack and be one happy camper!                  (Rating - 9.2)

Click Here to Buy  (5) 6ml sample bottles for $13.00                                                Juice Only

Up Down ArrowEmpireMods Baccaccino

BaccaccinoejuiceThis is a warm almost mocha buttery type of tobacco juice. A fifty / fifty blend of PG / VG and something you just have to try. It is a complex and delicious Mocha Hazelnut Cappuccino infused with a twist of tobacco to create the perfect morning Vape. This is a RawrVapor recipe exclusive to EmpireMods. Available in 6, 12, 18, and 24 Mgs. It has this smooth, creamy type of taste with a great throat hit, and lot of vapor.     (Rating - 8.8)


Click Here to purchase a 10 ML bottle for $6.50
                                         Juice Only 

Up Down ArrowV2Cigs Coffee

CoffeeCartomizerIf you love the taste of a good cup of coffee with milk and sugar, but not too much sugar, you will definitely enjoy V2cigs coffee flavor. A rich Columbian Blend, with a hint of cream and sugar. Coffee cartridges are sold in 4 strengths: Full 18mg, Med 12mg, Light 6mg, and Zero 0mg. This cartomizer will give you a great throat hit, along with great vapor production. Coffee is my favorite out of V2cig flavors.  V2 cartomizers are PG and they post their ingredients on their website.     (Rating - 8.4)


Click Here to purchase V2's Coffee. A pack of cartridges are $12.95, with lots of options.                       Carts Only

Up Down ArrowSmokTek RY4's RY4 E-Liquid is an RY4 blend that will have your scrambling to stock up on more. This RY4 tobacco blend is a little bit different. It seems to have just the right amount of sweetness and that certain taste you get with RY4 tobacco juice. It is a great vape with an awesome throat hit. Vape warm or a little cooler.  Comes in 8 Mgs, 18 Mgs, and 26 Mgs. Available in 5, 15, and 30 ML. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed.   (Rating - 8.9)


Click Here to purchase for $3.49 for 5 ML Bottle                                                        Juice Only

Up Down ArrowMadVapes Hawaiian Delight

MV Hawaiin's Hawaiian Delight is a great mix of coconut and pineapple.  Order it in zero, 6 Mgs, 11 Mgs, 16 Mgs, 18 Mgs, 24 Mgs, and 36 Mgs. Order in  5 ML, 10 ML, 30 ML, and 50 ML. How's that for having it your way? This TopVapor blend has a little extra kick of other fruit to it. Like Piña Colada with a little extra fruit. If you don't like the fruit type juices, this may not be for you, but if you do, you will love this. One guy bought a 5 ML bottle and almost vaped himself into a coma, vaped the whole thing, then ordered 50 ML right away.     (Rating - 8.2)


Click Here to purchase a 5 ML bottle for $1.79   (more options available)                         Juice Only

up / down arrowGoodejuice House Brewed Juice

House BrewedejuiceWe could probably put all of Goodejuice House Brewed flavors in the Juice Bar if the other are like the three we tried. The GJ4 tobacco is so very, very close to an analog cigarette. Just a touch of sweetness with that analog taste blend of tobacco. Vita Bella is a little sweet with the perfect blend of tobacco. I don't know what it is, I just know it is excellent. Natural Perique is Naturally Extracted 100% Perique Tobacco from St. James Parish, Louisiana and is a great tobacco blend that you have to try. They come in 6, 12, 18, 24, and 32 mgs.
We rate GJ4 (Rating - 9.2) For Vita Bella (Rating - 9.3) for Perique (Rating - 9.0)

Click Here to purchase a 3 ml bottle for $2.99                                                  
Juice Only

up / down arrowGoodejuice US Lab Made Juice - Full Throttle
Full ThrottlejuiceGoodejuice guarantees their new Lab Made ejuice to be the finest, purest, eliquid on the planet. And we can tell you,it is most definitely high quality with nothing but the best ingredients made in a FDA approved lab under a chemists supervision, with very high standards all the way around. We liked all of them, but this Full Throttle was as close to an analog as we have tasted. The High Octane was like an unfiltered analog, and the Full Throttle is like a filtered analog. You have to check these out for sure. We rate Full Throttle at (Rating - 9.4)


Click Here to purchase a 30 ml bottle for $17.99                                                   Juice Only

Up Down ArrowV4Life Banana Breeze

Bannana BreezecartomizerejuiceVapor4Life's new flavor Banana Breeze is a great flavor that you have to try. Just say Banana Breeze, and you want some. We vaped this in a V4L cartomizer and it was awesome! The great taste of Banana and orange pineapple type of taste with a kind of cool breeze fresh taste. It is an outstanding taste sensation that you will want more of. I know we do. V4Life's options are always great. PG, VG, Blend, Carts, E-Juice, zero to 36, Nobacco, Wow, and Premium is the norm. (Rating - 9.0)

Click Here to purchase a box of carts for $9.95               
Other options available. Juice and Carts

Up Down ArrowTheVaporPro Cool Menthol

TheVaporPro Cool MentholejuiceTheVaporPro's Cool Menthol is a USA Smoke Juice that produces tons of vapor with an outstanding Throat Hit. It is available in Zero, 8 Mgs, 11 Mgs, 18Mgs, 24 Mgs, and 36 Mgs. You can order it in a custom blend of 60 / 40 or a VG base of ultra light, light, medium, high, and x-high. TheVaporPro's liquid has to pass their strict quality controls to provide you with the best vaping experience. This is a very cool menthol with an excellent freshness taste. They also have menthol crystals and menthol kickers to take it up a notch or two. (Rating - 8.6)


Click Here to purchase a 30 ML bottle for $14.95                                          Juice Only

Up Down ArrowVapor Boost and Throat Hit Plus

Vapor Boost and Throat Hit PlusWe have tried them both of these with several different kinds of ejuice. We tried them with and without and separately. They both do what they say they will do. Vapor Boost is VG and comes in a 1 ounce bottle and can be added to increase vapor production. Add a few drops to any bottle of PG based liquid to increase the vapor. Can also be used in bases for your own custom made liquid. Throat Hit Plus increases throat hit and also softens any acidic/sour perception. Add 1ml to 4ml into a 30ml bottle of e-liquid and shake the bottle to mix. Throat Hit is a proprietary mix made from the same USP/ Kosher ingredients contained in their USA Smoke Juice and does not contain any PG.     (Rating - 8.0 on both)

Click Here to purchase a 6 ML Bottle of Throat Hit Plus for $2.69 and check out Vapor Boost while you are there.

Up / Down ArrowVapage Choc & Coffee Carts & 555Juice

Vapage cartsJuiceWe have to put Vapage Chocolate, and Coffee Cartomizers in the juice bar. Both are excellent. The coffee is not quite as sweet, but just a touch. It is a full bodied coffee flavor that you will love. The chocolate is a very nice smooth choclate that is fantastic. And we have to tell you about's 555. It is best we have tried so far. It is a great tobacco blend with that nutty type taste and you have to try it. If you like 555, then give Vapage's 555 juice a try, you won't be dissappointed.  Flavors in both juice and cartomizers and a full range of options too. For the Coffee    (Rating - 8.9)  For the Chocolate  (Rating - 8.8)  for the 555 (Rating - 9.0

Click Here to purchase a 30 ml bottle for $12.99                                          Juice and Carts

up / down arrowQuickNic's Grandpa's Night Cap

Granpa's Night CapejuiceIf you are an ePipe vaper, or even if you just love a great tobacco flavor. Check out QuickNic's flavor called Grandpa's Night Cap. I have been vaping this in my ePipe and I love it. I just ordered two more bottles. It is a great vape, really nice tobacco flavor with a hint of sweetness. It does have that old time tobacco feel to it, but it just tastes great. I am vaping it at 50 / 50 PG -VG and it is awesome!  (Rating - 9.4)

Click Here to purchase a 30 ML Bottle for $14.99
                             Juice Only

Up Down ArrowTrueVapor Special Blend

TrueVapor Special BlendejuiceTrueVapor's Special Blend is without a doubt unique. It is a very smooth pipe blend of tobacco that is kind of woody, nutty, and sweet. Not too sweet, and is not a strong pipe tobacco taste. It is more analog cigarette type taste than pipe taste, we think. It comes in a 30 ML very nice dropper bottle. It is available in 12 Mgs, and 18 Mgs.  Also 30 ML, 15 ML, and 8 ML. Check out's PG Special Blend. We think you will like it.    (Rating - 9.0)


Click Here to purchase a 30 ML Bottle for $18.99
                              Juice Only

up / down arrowHappyeSmoker's St. James Reserve Tobacco Blend

St. James ReservejuiceThe St. James Reserve Tobacco Blend at HappyeSmoker is a great vape. It is kind of a woody, nutty, tobacco blend, and it is great to vape in an epipe. It has just a great taste that you have to check out. We also liked their Bourban Street Vanilla. Don't know what is in it, but the taste was awesome. HappyeSmoker says their ejuice is American made 100% natural and organic. We got great flavor, vapor and throat hit. Available from zero to 24 mgs, and 10 ml and 30 ml bottles.  Check it out and see  (Rating - 9.0)

Click Here to purchase a 30 ML Bottle for $14.00
                              Juice Only

Up Down ArrowV4L Wow Cowboy

Wow CowboyejuicecartSmooth, Tobacco flavor, with slight nutty undertones, just the right amount of sweetness, great throat hit, vape warm. EJuice is available in 6, 12, 18, and 24 Mgs. VG or PG, or mix it 50 / 50. Also in Cool Carts, Wow Vapor Cartomizers, and Premium Carts. This is a great vape, and our 2nd favorite ejuice and cartomizer. We vape it in FluXomizers, CE2's, Carts, and DualCoil Cartomizers.     (Rating - 9.3)


Click Here to purchase for $14.95 30 ml bottle.
                                            Juice and Carts

up / downCleverVape - Peanut Budda
Peanut Budda

ejuiceCleverVape's Peanut Budda was a very pleasant surprise. First the bottle is a very nice glass dripper bottle, the juice is excellent quality, you get mounds of vapor, and a great throat hit, but most of all, you get an amazing taste sensation! They got this one right on, and it is smooth on top of it. Peanut Budda is a must have flavor to add to your juice flavors. CleverVape also has a ton of other great flavors to check out too. You won't be dissappointed.      (Rating - 9.1)

Click Here to Buy a 15 ml bottle for $8.99                                                Juice Only

Up Down ArrowGreenSmoke Variety Pack

Variety PackGreenSmoke CartsIf you haven't tried GreenSmoke Flavors yet, you are missing out. GreenSmoke Flavors take you by surprise on every inhale. They are loaded with flavor, and we do mean loaded. Their cartomizers last for a pack and a half, instead of just a pack. They put so much juice in their carts, you get a little if you inhale too strong. They have a strong throat hit and produce some great vapor. You can get an E9 to 510 adapter to try GreenSmoke's carts on a 510 battery. GreenSmoke users know what we are talking about when we say the flavors are awesome!  (Rating - 9.3)

Click Here to purchase GreenSmoke Variety Pack for $16.99
                                         Carts Only

Up Down ArrowDWFVapor Root Beer

Root BeerejuiceDWFvapor's Root Beer US E-Liquid comes in Zero, 4 Mgs, 8 Mgs, 18 Mgs, 24 Mgs, and 36 Mgs, and in 30 ML, or 10 ML Bottle. They like to give you a choice and have it your way. This is the great taste of Root Beer float and is like those old style root beer barrel candies that you can't find anymore. This is very refreshing to vape. It is like you are spoiling yourself without the calories, and you can have it whenever you want!  We only go this in 4 Mgs, so we don't vape ourselves into a coma.  Yes, it's that good.  VG/ PG Mix / 30% Vg      (Rating - 8.9)

Click Here to purchase a 10 ML Bottle for $6.00
                                Juice Only

Up Down ArrowDWFVapor  Broad Street Tobacco

DWFvapor Broad Street TobaccoejuiceBroad Street Tobacco US E-liquid from is a house mix. It is a full bodied tobacco taste sensation that is out of this world. Bold, yet smooth, strong, yet subtle, with just the right amount of sweetness. When we first vaped this, we couldn't put it down. It has this sweet spice, but not too sweet. I don't know what the spice it, we just know it's good, whatever it is. It is unique and something you have to try for yourself. There are several video reviews on this e-liquid, and they are all positive. Comes in Zero, 4, 8, 18, 24, and 36 Mgs, and you can get it in a 10 ML bottle to try it and go all out on a 30 ML bottle. Take our word, you will want a 30 ML.     (Rating - 9.1)

Click Here to purchase a 10 ML Bottle for $6.00                                              Juice Only

Up Down ArrowVapor4Life Wow Vapor Kamel Cartomizers

KamelcartsejuiceVapor4Life's Wow Kamel Premium Cartomizers produce a ton of vapor with an excellent throat hit. This is a turkish blend of tobacco. EJuice is available in 6, 12, 18, and 24 Mgs. VG or PG, or mix it 50 / 50. Also in Cool Carts, Wow Vapor Cartomizers, and Premium Carts. This has that great turkish taste to it that is not as strong, but a very nice blend. These carts produce more vapor that most and if you haven't tried V4L carts, you should, because you will definitely like them.     (Rating - 8.7)

Click Here to purchase pack of premium cartomizers for $10.50
                              Juice and Carts

Up Down Arrowe-SmokeyTreat Zikwid Honey Blonde Tobacco

eSmokeyTreatsejuicee-SmokeyTreats Zikwid Honey Blonde Tobacco is a great little honey of tobacco. It is a great vape by itself or to add to any mix for just a little of that great sweetness. We use this more for a mix in a lot of different mixes, it only takes a few drops to give it great flavor. This is also a great vape clean too, especially if you want something sweet. It will satisfy that craving. eSmokeyTreats has this in Zero, 6, 11, 18, 24, and 36 Mgs. It is available in 5, 10, and 30 ML and is PG.  eSmokeyTreats has many other options and VaperChoice VG too.     (Rating - 8.9)

Click Here to Purchase a 30 ML Bottle for $14.99
                                     Juice Only

Up Down ArrowSmokTek Coffee's Coffee is a great vape anytime, not just in the morning. This is an excellent coffee taste, like a dark roast with a little chocolate, and a little cream and sugar.  We tried the 8 Mgs Coffee E-liquid by Hangsen and loved the flavor. I vaped all 5 MLs in two days. It was great. Available in 5 ML, 15 ML. and 30 ML, and in 8Mgs, 18 Mgs, and 26 Mgs. I was dripping this on an iKenVape 1.8 ohm 510 atty, and got great vapor and a fantastic throat hit. You should pick up a 30 ML or two. If you love coffee, you'll love this.     (Rating - 9.1)

Click Here to purchase a 30 ML Bottle for $10.49
                             Juice Only

Up Down ArrowVikingVapor Banana Cream

Banana CreamBanana CreamYep, Just as good as it sounds. Banana Cream from Man this is good stuff! It tastes just like Banana Cream pie, or like that Banana Cream Candy. It is awesome! You can vape this at night for a late night snack. At Viking Vapor you get choices, lot of choices, PG, VG, blends, Double Flavor, throat hit, 30, 15, 7.5 ML, Zero to 36 Mgs. Custom, Cart Helpers. You name it, you can have it.     (Rating - 8.5)


Click Here to purchase 7.5 ML for $2.99 - You are reading correctly.
                      Juice Only

Up Down ArrowTotally Wicked Blended Tobacco

Blended TobaccocartsejuiceThis was Totally Wicked 18 Mgs, High Blended Tobacco, and we would have to say, it is Totally Wicked! A great blend that is smooth, slightly sweet, a pinch of cigar, and excellent tobacco taste. It produces a massive amount of vapor, and great throat hit. Available in high, low, and medium and a variety of MLs. If you haven't tried TW Red Label E-Liquid, you should check them out. They have a very high standard of QC and a massive collection.      (Rating - 8.9)

Click Here to purchase a 5ML variety pack x 5 Bottles for $26.99
                                          Juice and Carts

Up Down ArrowSmokeless Image Classic Grape

GrapecartsSmokeless Image kept their classic, and what a classic. Their grape will blow you away. I would have not thought of vaping grape, but I am glad they did. This grape flavor is a sweet grape taste. Kind of like grape koolaid, only better. It is certainly refreshing and hits the spot. Great cart full to the brim with flavor, mounds of vapor, and a very refreshing throat hit. Try this one to appreciate.       (Rating - 8.6)

Click Here to purchase a pack of 5 carts for $8.95
                                           Carts Only

Up / Down ArroweSmokeyTreats Double Chocolate

Double lets you have things your way with all of the different options that they have for e-liquid.  In this case, double chocolate. It is awesome! This is more of a sweet chocolate, not a dark chocolate. The flavor is unbelievable. Just pure sweet chocolate. If you need a chocolate fix, this will do the job, and you can vape it when ever you want. eSmokeyTreats blend is a perfect mix of chocolate and if you don't try it, you will be missing out.  It's available in all of eSmokeyTreats usually options (which is a lot).         (Rating - 9.2)

Click Here to purchase a 30 ML Bottle for $17.99
                                             Juice Only

Up / Down ArrowSmokTek Marlboro

MarlboroejuiceSmokTek's Marlboro tastes just like an analog cigarette. As soon as you take the first vape, you realize you are "In Flavor Country", and we're not kidding. It is very, very close to that Mobro flavor. It even has the analog tastes on the exhale. You know the one. Either way it is very good. Makes you want to put your hat on and take a ride on a horse. (kidding), although that is a lot of fun. But it does make you want to kick yourself for not buying more.  Available in      5 ML, 15 ML. and 30 ML, and in 8Mgs, 18 Mgs, and 26 Mgs.      (Rating - 9.2)

Click Here to purchase a 30 ML Bottle for $10.49
                             Juice Only

up / down arrowCOV Cloud Pure Juice-Carmel

CarmelejuiceClouds of has Cloud Pure Juice and Cloud Pure Naturals Organic VapeJuice. What we tried is Carmel Cloud Pure Juice that is 100 % VG. I haven't had much luck with the Carmel ejuices. But, this one is a hit! It has a great carmel flavor that really comes out in the vape. Great sweet carmel taste with a hint of chocolate that is a treat to vape. Vape warm in a LR Atty on a 3.7 device. Man what taste, what vapor! Definitely worth checking into. Available in 8, 16, and 24 Mgs in 100% VG. (Rating - 8.9)

Click Here to Purchase a 12 ML Bottle for $7.99                                                         
Juice Only

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