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EmpireModsEmpireMods DripShields"EmpireMods strives to be a great company, building a comprehensive product line, offer a compelling, focused assortment of PV MOD's, as well as new categories targeted to the lifestyles of many that share the same feeling about alternatives to smoking!"  That is there About us write up. Says a lot about EmpireMods and how hard they work for your business. Keith at EmpireMods is a great guy who goes all out for his customers. EmpireMods customer service is excellent, not to mention their products and prices. EmpireMods

They are working hard to bring in more stock of their famous Mod and Drip Shields. But did you know they carry the iKenVape atomizers? They do and at a price you CAN actually afford. If you haven't tried iKenVape products you are missing out. EmpireMods carries LR iKenVape Atomizers and LR iKenVape Cartomizers. They vape like you wouldn't believe and they are very sharp looking products.

EmpireMods iKenVape Attys & CartosThey also carry RAWR eliquid, adapters, drip tips (See Videos Below), high drain batteries, MAP products, the Empire eGo starter kits, and some Delrin Drip Shields that work great. They have some new products that are coming soon that we can't wait to try. Prices are very good. They are very competitive with outstanding quality.

EmpireMods carries MAP productsQuality is where EmpireMods separates themselves. Every Item they carry, you can be sure it is very high quality. Period.  We have tried almost every product and we can tell you, if you want a 306 LR Atomizer that works great, lasts long, performs amazing, that you don't have to worry about. Buy it at You wouldn't think they would be much of a difference, but there is.  Don't take our word for it, visit them for yourself and see if we aren't right on.

They went to VaperCon and came back with some new items, more stock, and you can be sure what they bring in will be the same standard that they always sell.  (Check out the video of their very cool drip shields Below) They did same with VapeStock 2012! EmpireMods now sells The Vape Safe - It is a fuse that protects you and your mod, works in most mods, and even in mods that stack batteries. EmpireMods has brought in a ton of new products for you to check out. Seems like their is more new products up every day, including the new LR 901 Bridgeless Atomizer.

The EmpireWe reviewed the Empire Mod, and we can tell you, it is a work of art. (See our Video Review of The Empire Below) Plus you can add the Kick drop in module and turn into a variable watts device. Quality from top to bottom, the telescopic Empire Mod takes just about any battery, from a 16340 to an 18650, or put the 18490 in with the Kick. With a native 901 connection, put on the new LR 901 bridgeless atty, and you are in vape heaven. The threads are so smooth on the Empire, and it is a outstanding Mod. The photos do not do it justice, it is a great looking mod. The Empire is tough to get, but when you get the chance, grab one, it will be worth the wait.

We vaped all kinds of carts and attys on the Empire, with adapters, and the Empire handled them all. It is a great work horse mod. At only 42 grams, (1.48 ounces), the Empire PV Mod with it's many features is a sure fire purchase. We loved it and we think you will too.

Vamo Version 3If you haven't been to in awhile, you should stop by, they have added a ton of great new products, all at prices, you CAN afford. We recently took a look at the new Vamo Version 3 at This is still the same Vamo that you know and love, but they have given it a new look with a updated battery spring, Metal buttons and a raised 510 sealed center connection. Still is variable voltage, variable watts, you can use a 18650 battery or go small and use a 18350 battery. The display readout is very easy to read and easy to use. It has a nice removable top cap and has the 510 / ego connection. You can pretty much use whatever you want on it. I tried all kinds of cartomizers, atomizers, tanks, eGo devices, kanger devices, vivi nova devices, and the Vamo handled all of them and gave me a great vape. Now this could just be me, but the one thing I liked about the new Vamo Version 3 is I don't get that rattlesnake type of vape, that fluttering that you get when you are vaping a variable watts, variable voltage device. I didn't get that at all. It was a very nice smooth vape, and I love it.

The Vamo V3 Variable Voltage/Wattage PV is also features a built in voltage and ohm meter that will tell you what the level of the battery you have inside it is as well as ohms drawn from the atomizer. Simply press and hold the small "left" button three seconds and the digital display will tell you the current voltage of your battery. Press and hold the small "right" button for three seconds to display the ohms. Plus the On / Off feature, safety features, 3 to 6 volts, 3 to 15 watts, ability to read your ohms, battery output, easy plus and minus buttones, and more. Check out the Vamo Version 3 at

EmpireMods carries RAWR EjuiceCheck out when you get the chance or just click on the banner and visit now. And don't forget to tell them we sent you.  It is always appreciated.   Click here to get a discount on your order.




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