Your Quest For The Best E-Cig Ends Here!

ePipeMods.comePipeMods doesn't need much of an introduction. Their epipes sell out as fast as they can make them, with more waiting.  That's because they are hand-crafted, custom epipes and excellent quality. Unique, safe, and a great vape!

They are also more than just epipes, they also sell mods, pipe sauce, that you have to try, ecig, epipe accessories, and the famous Vape-Safe Mod Protection fuse, that you can use in most mods to keep you and your mod safe.

I was finally able to get my hands on one of Matt's creationsTabarzin called Tabarzin- Straight Shankless- Chechen epipe. The work is fantastic, quality from top to bottom, great switch, sealed 510 connection, everything is replaceable, fuse protection, replaceable, uses an AW 1830 battery, and vapes great! (See our Video Below)

The nice thing about ePipeMods pipes is that they are very unique, you are most likely getting a one of a kind epipe, or real close to it, they won't be very many out there like the one you buy.  You can catch them on the ECF to find out when they are doing a run, and then head to the site to get yours. They are always improving too. Now they are at V2.5 and using the VapeSafe in their epipes.

While you are there, check out everything ePipeMods has to offer, and let them know we sent you. We don't make anything, but we appreciate it.

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