Your Quest For The Best E-Cig Ends Here! is a busy place due to the very large amount of products they carry. ePuffer® is a Global company and world leader in the electronic cigarette manufacturing industry with Headquarters in North America, United Kingdom and China. They design,manufacture and distribute electronic cigarettes, electronic cigars, electronic pipes, e-liquid, cartridges and accessories. Through the large variety of products that they develop, They have become an integral part of how people enjoy their smoke free lives.

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ePuffer Congratulates to our Winners! They are: Kelly P. - WV - Grand Prize, | Wayne B. - NJ - 2nd Place, |Ben P.- KY - 3rd Place |Glenda S. - WA. - 4th Place, | and Connie H. - Ohio - 5th Place.

Or Click and Watch the Video Below and see some great ePuffer Products and the New Robusto from ePuffer!

ePuffer's New Robusto E-CigarePuffer's new Disposable E-Cigar just came out after a lot of hard work and many months of adapting, testing and developing the model to offer the ultimate cigar smoking experience.

It is called Robusto, and is equal to approximately 1200 puffs, which is the equivalent of around 10 cigars. It is the first one to have a real cork mouthpiece and the Robusto is so Robusto close in looks to a real cigar, that you would have to examine it up close to know it is a E-Cigar. But ePuffer not only got this one right in looks, but in taste as well.

Robusto comes Pre-charged and ready to use with it's Patent-Pending Engineered Cork soft-tip mouthpiece. It has no flame, no tobacco and no harmful carcinogenic ingredients. The LED ash tip of the cigar lights up as you inhale.

Size: Ø = 19.9mm, Length: 5.2 inches / 132mm. Weight: 35g, Ring gauge: 50

The flavor is a Premium Cuban Cigar taste and that is exactly what you get. I have always thought ePuffer's tobacco, epipe, and e-cigar flavors were very good, but the Robusto flavor is right on. You get the taste of smoking a high quality, luxury, matured, Premium Cuban Cigar. Yet, you are vaping! Not only that it is completely affordable. With the look, feel, taste, and cork mouthpiece, you feel like you are vaping the real thing! Click right here and experience ePuffer's Robusto. You will be glad you did. I have always liked ePuffer's E-Cigars, E-Pipes, Starter Kits, and their products. There quality is excellent. The Robusto is so close to the real thing, but doesn't have any of the harmful ingredients. To me, it is a must try!


We recently experienced one of ePuffer's new 605 epipe starter kits and was very impressed. (See our Video Review of the 605 electronic pipe starter kit Below) The new ePuffer epipe is the world's first electronic pipe based on their award - winning EAZE 605 kitMAGNUM cartomizer technology.  They also now have blank carts in for the 605 epipe too.

With the 605 epipe starter kit, you get the 3rd generation ePuffer 605 epipe, 3 tobacco flavored atomized cartridges, the usb charger, and adapter, and extra mouth piece, and the manual. We loved the tobacco flavor that was in the cartridges, it was very good. We  also loved the 605 epipe. With the 605 epipecartomizer technology, it eliminates some of the issues that you have with some of the other epipes. The 605 is a great looking pipe. We had the walnut, and they also carry a marble look too. The battery is a 900 mAH that lasts for quite awhile. For a moderate vaper, it will last you all day and night. I started with a full charge at 2:15 PM and when I put it backall that you get in the kit  on the charger, it was 10:30 PM and it was still going. That was with me vaping on it the entire time, give or take an hour. So a moderate vaper could start in the morning with a full charge and put it back on the charger at bedtime. The 605 epipe is the pipe you have to have, even if you are not a pipe smoker. You will enjoy it that much.

We also reviewed the new 2012 models of the Phantom T1 and Colibri Nano. (see our video reviews Below) Both models have features that you have to see. The Phantom T1 is a unique eGo style ecig that is comparable with all eGo style accessories and had an LDC window with display information. The Colibri Nano is  very small, thin, and stylish stick ecig that is the smallest ecig we have seen so far.

We also reviewed the Cohita Disposable Electronic Cigar, The Sense Disposable Ecig, and the new 2012 model of the Phantom HD kit.  (See our review of's 3 products Below)

CohitaThe Cohita Disposable E-Cigar is a 1500 puff e-cigar that looks and tastes like a real cigar. It also performs like one too. It is the equal to 20 cigars and it is very good. I used it in our live video chat with our fantasy football league and everyone was smoking real cigars and trash talking. I was vaping the Cohita and instantly got a lot of questions about it. It was a hit. It comes in 1.2 mg, 0.6mgs, and zero. It also has a very impressive 5 year shelf life.

The Sense Disposable E-Cig is a really nice 500 puff ecig. It has a manual button and cool blueSense led ring going around the top and at the end. It has their Eazy|Flow technology so you get great dual air intake airflow, smooth draw and lots of vapor. It come charged and ready to vape with several options. It is a very good disposable to give out to friend and family that smoke and are thinking about making the switch to the ecig, or for anyone really that wants to give it a try. The Sense disposable ecig will make them an ecig user and it is one of the best disposables I have tried.

Phantom HD

The 2012 Phantom HD kit is a step forward from its popular predecessor thePhantom'e led's PHANTOM T1, which has been selling strongly since its launch at the start of 2012. The Phantom HD is impressive. Great flavor, fantastic vapor, and a great throat hit. It has two 750 mAh batteries and two atomizer with changeable coil heads and 5 second generation tanks, plus the charger, adapter, pouch, and manual in a very nice gift box. There are nice batteries, better than the eGo, as far as I'm concerned. Just impressive performance and flavor. With the changable coil heads, it is also cost effective. It Phantom HD has a blue led readout that tell you the charge, on/off, puff count and a nice blue ledswitch. We did not experience any dry burning taste, just pure flavor and impressive vapor. The Phanton HD kit has to be a consideration and it worth checking out.

EPuffer Snaps
Entering into 2013 is ePuffer's new Snaps. This Patent-Pending Magnetic Activation and Screwless Design that uses innovative SNAPS™ technology by ePuffer takes Electronic Cigarettes to a whole new level, offering a cleaner way to smoke in seconds.Snaps

You don't get much quicker and easier than this, and you still get great flavor, great vapor, and a nice throat hit. In fact the vapor production took me by surprise once again. All you do is open the cart and it magnetically snaps into the battery. It does this easily, quickly, and stays in place. You can try to fling the cart across the room and you can't do it, yet you can take it off an on the cart with ease. It truly does snap into place on the battery.

2 High Capacity Lithium Rechargeable Battery ( Ø= 9mm, length: 75mm )
5 Premium Tobacco Flavor Sample Cartridges -
Delivers Up-to 400 Puffs Each ( ~ 30 cigarettes )
Universal AC2USB Adapter 110/240V
USB Charger
Instruction Manual

•New SNAPS Magnetic Activation and Screwless Design
•High Rate Discharge - 220mAh

•Extended Lifespan, 400 charge cycles- REV-3 SNAPS ATOMIZED CARTRIDGE
•New SNAPS Magnetic Screwless Design
•Increased cartridge capacity by 20% - 1 cartridge equals approximately 400 puffs.
•Direct air-intake for smoother draw and silent operaton
•Fresh atomizer in each cartridge - Available in three nicotine densities: 1.2mg, 0.6mg and 0mg

Look for our Video Review Below on this page and at our YouTube Gallery. carries a ton of starter kits, mods, ecig accessories, e-liquids, and more at very competitive prices. ePuffer's research and development, technology, and experience means quality you can count on. In fact they guarantee it. Check out and see all that they can offer you.



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