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Flavorse-juice flavor ratingsThese are what we rate some of the flavors we have tried, based on seven of us doing the taste test of the same e-juice, or cartomzier. It is our opinion. Taste is subject to the individual. This is just to give you some info on our taste tests. Some food for thought. Or juice for brain .. good..... (Rated by a panel of seven vapers)

Abbreviations: (Mgs = Milligrams) | (Ratings = 1 - 10 / 10 being highest, 1 being lowest + Vapor Production taken into consideration) | (S =Smooth, H = Harsh) | (TH = Throat Hit / 1-10 - 1=lowest / 10 = highest) | (After-Taste = Yes, No, Little, Tiny) | = Comments

Store Flavor Mgs Rating S H PG VG TH After Taste Comments
V4Life Wow Vapor Juice & Carts 555 11 8 S PG 7 No Little nutty, sweet, great taste
V4Life Wow Vapor Juice & Carts Dunhall 11 6 S PG 6 little smooth, light tobacco taste
ECBlendFlavors Dragon Series 18 9.7 S both 9.2 none Excellent Flavor, Massive Vapor, Awesome Blends!
V4Life Wow Vapor Juice & Carts Kant 11 7 S PG 7 little generic, little bit of tobacco taste
V4Life Wow Vapor Juice & Carts RY4 11 8 S PG 8 No little sweet, cigar, fruit type taste / good
V4Life Wow Vapor Juice & Carts Carmel 11 8.7 H PG 6 tiny Turkish taste. Very good, bold tobacco
V4Life Wow Vapor Juice & Carts Cowboy 18 9.4 S PG 8 No One of our favorites by far, great taste, little sweet, tobacco, nice TH. Close 2nd to our fav.
SmokTek  RY4 24 8.9 S PG 8.4 No excellent RY4. Just right on sweetness.
SmokTek Coffee 24 8.9 S PG 8.1 No great coffee taste, like sweet dark roast coffee with a little chocolate.
V4Life Wow Vapor Juice/Carts Wowbacco 18 8 S PG 7 No smooth, nutty, almond, very good
V4Life Wow Vapor Juice & Carts Wowboy 18 8 S PG 7.5 tiny nice, mild cigar type taste.
V4Life Premium Nobacco & Carts Coffee 11 8 S PG 8 tiny pleasant coffee taste, smooth, great
V4Life Premium Nobacco & Carts Espresso 11 6.5 H PG 7 little just like espresso with no sugar
V4Life Premium Nobacco & Carts Cin. Roll 11 7 H PG 7 little definite cinnamon and dough
 HappyeSmoker  St. Jame Reserve Blend 12 9.0 S Blend 8.8 No Great tobacco blend, slightly woody, nutty type, great in an epipe too.
 HappyeSmoker Bourban Street Vanilla 12 8.8 S Blend 8.6 tiny Don't know what is in it, just that I like it. Great taste that you have to try.
V4Life Premium Nobacco & Carts C. Mocha 18 6.5 S PG 6 little strong mocha, no sugar, interesting
V4Life Premium Nobacco & Carts Waffle 18 8 S PG 8 NO great waffle tastes, very smooth.
V4Life Premium Nobacco & Carts Kamel 18 8.7 S PG 7 tiny different Carmel taste, not too sweet
V4Life Wow Vapor VG Cowboy 18 9.3 S VG 7.8 NO excellent! same great cowboy taste
V4Life Wow Vapor VG Coffee 11 7.5 S VG 8 tiny Like dark roast. very good.
V4Life Wow Vapor VG Vanilla 11 6.5 S VG 7 tiny smooth, vanilla and tobacco
V4Life Wow Vapor VG Wowboy 18 7.5 S VG 7 NO smooth, nutty, tobacco taste, great
V2cigs Red Cartridges 18 8.4 S PG 7.5 NO V2's best we think. Good Tobacco taste
V2cigs Menthol Cartridges 18 8.2 S PG 7.5 NO Nice menthol blend, we enjoyed this
V2cigs Coffee Cartridges 12 8.4 S PG 7 NO great coffee taste with a hint of sugar and cream
V2cigs Sahara Cartridges 18 7.5 S PG 7 tiny Turkish blend, nice TH
V2cigs Custom Cartridges ____ ______ _ ___ __ ____ Describe the taste and they will make it.
e-SmokeyTreats USA Blend e-liquid 11 8.7 S PG 8 No great tobacco taste, very bold, great TH
e-SmokeyTreats Pin a colada e-liquid 18 6.8 S PG 7 little some of us liked, some of us didn't
e-SmokeyTreats Tobacco e-liquid 24 8.8 S PG 8 No very good, little bit of sweetness
e-SmokeyTreats Strawberry e-liquid 18 8 S PG 7.5 tiny just like strawberries. Try this one
e-SmokeyTreats Clove e-liquid 6 7.9 H PG 8 some If you like clove tobacco, you'll love this
VaporKings VK Waffle e-liquid 11 8.7 S PG 8 No awesome waffle with little bit of syrup taste. This is best waffle we have found.
TrueVapor Camel e-juice 18 8 H PG 8 tiny very Turkish taste. If you like Camels...
TrueVapor Special Blend e-juice 24 9 S PG 8.7 No Bold Tobacco taste, little nutty, little sweet, little cigar, a great blend!
HellaVapor  Funky Monkey 12 9.5 S 80/20 9.0 No Chocolate, banana with all the flavor you love
HellaVapor  Raspberry Wintagreen 12 9.5 S 80/20 9.3 No great rasbperry, and a coolness that refreshes!
HellaVapor  Icy Lemon Drops 12 9.6 S 80/20 9.5 No Just like the name, dynamite! You got to try this!
HellaVapor JC's Apple Wintagreen 12 9.6 S 80/20 9.4 No Like apple pie with a refreshing exhale, awesome
HellaVapor  Berry Berry Cool 12 9.6 S 80/20 9.5 No loved this. So good, you'll vape the whole bottle!
HellaVapor  Divine Cheesecake 12 9.5 S 80/20 9.2 No Divine is right on! Great desert juice! My #1
HellaVapor  Ry-406 12 9.6 S 80/20 9.5 No maraschino cherries, and Banana make this great!
HellaVapor Montana Thin Mints 12 9.6 S 80/20 9.4 No Nothing like Chocolate and mint, hmmm.....
HellaVapor  Crispy Treats 12 9.6 S 80/20 9.5 No loved this. Just like the real thing!
HellaVapor  Big Sky Blend 12 9.5 S 80/20 9.2 No tobacco blend you have to try!
Good Prophets Winstin e-juice 18 9 S VG 8.8 No They got this one right. Great tobacco!
Good Prophets Root beer e-juice 11 7.9 S VG 8 NO You have got to try this for fun. We would have never thought of vaping root beer, but it's good. 100% VG
Vapage Coffee Cartomizers 18 8.9 S PG 8 No Great coffee blend - slight sugar - full roast- Great!
Vapage Chocolate Cartomizers 18 8.8 S PG 8 No smooth chocolate, sweet, rich, Nice!
Vapage 555 Eliquid 18 9.0 S PG 8.5 slight Best 555 we have tried. Tobacco blend, Awesome!
The Vapor Pro Ry4 USA Smoke Juice 18 8 S 60/40 8 NO That sweet tobacco taste. Great Blend and TH
The Vapor Pro MLB2 USA Smoke Juice 18 8.4 S 60/40 8 tiny Smooth, Smooth, tiny bit of sweetness. Very Good
The Vapor Pro Vapor Boost _____ 8.5 _ VG 8+ No This actually does boost the vapor. We tried with and without and there is a difference. Just add a few drops and get a little more vapor.
The Vapor Pro Throat Hit Plus _____ 7.5 _ USPK +++ No Add 1 to 4 ml per 30 ml bottle of juice to boost the the hit. This too makes a difference. We tried it with several different kinds of juice, with and without, and it give the juice a little extra kick.
MadVapes Dekang Tobacco Custom China 24 8.5 S Blend 8 NO sweet, better after it steeps. Very good
MadVapes Carmel Apple Top Vapor USA e-liquid 18 7.3 S Blend 7 No slight Carmel to apple ratio, but great
MadVapes French Vanilla Tobacco USA e-liquid 18 7 S Blend 7 some Very, very smooth vanilla tobacco
MadVapes DK-Tab - Dekang - China e-liquid 24 8.1 H Blend 8 NO You are not going to beat MadVapes prices. 50ml 11 bucks! Find a taste you like and buy it! Very good Dekang.
NotCigs Kentucky Dry 18 7.6 S PG 8 little Definitely Kentucky Dry. No mistaking it.
Goodejuice Natural Perique 18 9.0 S 50/50 8 slight Naturally Extracted 100% Perique Tobacco from St. James Parish, Louisiana and is a great tobacco blend that you have to try.
Goodejuice Vita Bella 18 9.3 S 50/50 8 No Vita Bella is a little sweet with the perfect blend of tobacco. I don't know what it is, I just know it is excellent. I vaped the whole bottle in 2 days.
Goodejuice GJ4 18 9.2 S 50/50 8.5 No GJ4 tobacco is so very, very close to an analog cigarette. Just a touch of sweetness with that analog taste blend of tobacco.
VaperLife VG Tobacco Red 16 8.6 S 60/40 8 NO Excellent Red Tobacco - No after taste, just pure flavor on this one.
VaperLife Menthol 16 8.9 S 60/40 8 NO Another excellent menthol tobacco. If you like Menthol you have to try this one. It's great! The 60 /40 blend is very smooth, with a little kick!
VaperLife Strawberry 16 8.2 S 60/40 7.7 tiny full flavor of strawberries. Good stuff for a treat!
e-SmokeyTreats Zikwid Honey Blonde Tobacco 18 8.4 S PG 8 tiny bit This is great. Little honey tobacco. We mix this 1/4 with Tobacco and it is awesome!
VikingVapor Rich Tobacco 24 8.8 S Mix 8.4 NO standard mix is excellent, just the right mix of flavor, vapor, and throat hit. Great tobacco taste with just a touch of sweetness. Good Stuff!
VikingVapor Banana Cream 18 8.5 S Mix 8 tiny Yep, it's banana cream alright. Nice flavor, good desert flavor to vape in the evening.
EmpireMods Rawr's Sweet Pipe 18 8.2 S 50/50 8 tiny Sweet pipe tobacco taste. Really good stuff!
EmpireMods Baccaccino 6 8.8 S 50/50 8 tiny Almost buttery. Warm mocha taste, smooth, Excellent. I like this a lot, and so will you. I am ticked off at EmpireMods for putting this sample in my order. I am hooked on Baccaccino now and will have to order way more!
DWFvapor  Root Beer 4 8.9 S 70/30 8  No Awesome! great root beer taste. Had to be careful so we didn't vape ourselves into a coma. It's that good. You got to get some of this for sure!
DWFvapor  Broad Street Tobacco US 18 8.9 S 70/30 9 No Broad Street Tobacco US E-liquid is a house mix. It is a full bodied tobacco taste sensation that is out of this world. Bold, yet smooth, strong, yet subtle, with just the right amount of sweetness. When we first vaped this, we couldn't put it down.
StormysVaporCellar Northern Lights 24 9.7 S PG/VG 9 No Perfect Tobacco blend with just a touch of sweetness, excellent throat hit and produces an insane amount of vapor. Tiny nutty, fantastic blend! My personal fav!


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