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Check out FreeMax's Mesh Tanks!

If you haven't had a chance yet to try out FreeMaX's Mesh Tanks. They are worth considering and checking out. Quality is excellent. I went over every detail with the tanks and the quality was exceptional.

Excellent construction, top fill, easy to just open the top and fill. (Some tanks are not that easy to just open the top and fill without the body moving, or the bottom piece leaking.) With the FreeMaX tanks, I had no issues.

The package came with the Tank, that is 3 ML, a new mesh coil already in place with matching color on the Gold color. It had a Gold Mesh Coil with it and a Gold replacment mesh coil, an extra Pyrex Glass, a set of O-Rings, and the user manual, which really is just on the back. You can go to to find out more details. The mesh coils were 0.15 ohms (40 - 90W) It has an 810 Drip Tip, Bottom dual adjustable air flow, and standard 510 base. The Drip Tip is very short, but you can put a 510 drip tip right inside the 810 if you want something longer.Colors

If you are looking for colors, they have all the colors of the rainbow and I must say, they look pretty sharp.

Size is (24mm X 46.5mm L or in inches it is - 0.95" X 1.83" L.) I think the tanks look great on a lot of devices. You could probably match any color you want to your device or go with the standard Black or the very sharp - Black Carbon Fiber. You can see by looking at them, the drip tip is very short. It vapes just fine that way, but you can just pop in a 510 drip tip and extend it to your individual liking.












With mesh coils, they are made to last longer, giver better flavor, be cleaner, smoother, and give you more control as to how the individual likes to vape. I found all of that to be true.

The flavor of my normal ejuice that I have been vaping for over 7 years now, I found to be just a touch sweeter. I like a cooler vape than most, but I still want a lot of vapor. I was able to adjust it to get exactly that. A cooler vape with a ton of vapor. There also seems to be less smell. While depending on your ejuice, the smell evaporates quickly, no matter what, or it should. But with the mesh coil, I found very little smell at all.

I have to say, that I was surprised by the mesh coil. I didn't think I would like it or I would be able to vape my way. But I was wrong, not only do I like the mesh coil, I love the mesh coil. The vape is smoother. Not harsh even when I turn it up. I made sure to soak the coil and let it sit. I then let the coil sit in a full tank for at least 15 minutes before I started vaping it. I wanted to make sure the coil was saturated. I did not get any burning, dry hits, and I did not experience any leaks at all. Not a one. Even when filling the tanks several times. I did not have any leaks at all. Once saturated, the absorbtion and flavor was outstanding and I found FreeMaX's mesh tanks to be excellent. I would say, I am now going to vaping more mesh coils from now on.

As you can see, FreeMaX is completely compliant and certified.

Overall, you should check out FreeMaX Mesh tanks for yourself. They are worth trying out to see what you think. The cost of the tanks from what I have found are competitive with other good tanks, if not lower. Same with the coils. The cost is competitive with other good coils or lower in cost. Either way, it is worth checking out. You can go to and get more information and there are more and more companies stocking the FreeMaX products too. This is an excellent company with some great products with outstanding quality.

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