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Goodejuice.comThere is so much to see at Goodejuice that you might as well plan on staying for awhile. The problem is you will want it all, and you will be able to afford it. Goodejuice prices are so good, you will think something is got to be wrong. But there isn't! Goodejuice's prices are very competitive and Goodejuice continues to bring in all the great new products.

Goodejuice sells the DSE601 HV epipe, and the DSE601, and the ecigar too at a very competitive price. $69 bucks, ($59 bucks for the DSE 601 epipe).  $39.99 for the DSE701 ecigar starter kit.

We also had the privilege of trying some of their Goodejuice House Brewed E-Juice. We vaped their GJ4 Tobacco, Natural Perique Tobacco, and Vita Bella Tobacco eJuice. I don't know what is in Vita Bella, but it is fantastic!  Their GJ4 Tobacco ejuice, you have to try, especially if you are looking for that one juice that tastes just like an analog cigarette. GJ4 is it. Their natural Perique is Naturally Extracted 100% Perique Tobacco from St. James Parish, Louisiana, and a perfect blend that is like no other. (See The Juice Bar)  I vaped almost all of the Vita Bella within two days, that's how good it is. The flavor is so unique. It is just a little bit sweet with a great tobacco blend. I don't know what the sweetness is, but man is it good! Goodejuice as you would expect from their name, carries a ton of ejuice of in every variety. But their House Brewed is getting around to rave reviews.


Plus - USA Lab Made eLiquid- New At - You have to read about this juice below. Right from their site.

GoodeJuice USA Lab Made eLiquidGoodejuice Lab Made eliquid has set the standard for the best performing and highest quality ejuice ever offered. Many electronic cigarette users demand 100% USA made ejuice with excellent throat hit and the most realistic cigarette-like vapor production possible. The wait is finally over. Now Goodejuice presents to you, their valued customer and fellow e cigarette users, some of the purest, most satisfying ejuice to ever grace the scene.

Many of us who choose to use e cigarettes are often faced with having to purchase sub-par eliquid that is sometimes produced in unsanitary work environments and made with inferior ingredients. Keeping in mind the safety and satisfaction of our customers as a top priority, a first class, top notch eliquid line made entirely in the United States became a necessity for us. With the assistance of a world class chemist, Goodejuice vision of producing a quality, 100% US Lab Made eliquid line became a reality.  ( We reviewed this juice too, see our review below)

Goodejuice's new line of 100% American Made Lab grade ejuice is produced using the highest quality United States Pharmacopeia (USP) grade nicotine, propylene glycol, and glycerine available. Goodejuice eliquid is made under the close supervision of trained chemists in an FDA approved lab with care and sanitation being held to the highest of standards.

All of the flavorings used in our Lab Made ejuice are approved by the Flavor and Extracts Manufacturers Association (FEMA) and are classified as GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) ingredients. This means that our ingredients have been thoroughly tested using certain standards and criteria that has been deemed safe for use by humans. No longer do you have to worry about cheap ingredients and unsafe, under performing eliquid.

Goodejuice new 100% American Made Lab Grade eliquid is sure to satisfy those hard to itch cravings that comes with quitting smoking. The throat hit, even at low nicotine levels, is impeccable and the vapor production is very cigarette-like. When the only thing you demand is nothing but pure satisfaction and excellent performing eliquid, look no further than Goodejuice's 100% USA Lab Made ejuice. It's guaranteed to be the finest, purest eliquid on the planet.

Their new High Octane, and Full Throttle is as close to an analog as you can get, and their menthols are fantastic!

LineYoungs Chew at Goodejuice also carries a new product that is a No tobacco chew. A herb blend and spices with no tobacco, so if you chew, or know someone who does, check these out. We had it tested by a person who chews and he liked both the flavors he tried, and couldn't tell if they had tobacco or not.

The Galileo ModGoodejuice also carries quite a few starter kits, you are sure to find one that you want. They now sell the Galileo, a hand crafted telescoping mod from Italy. (See our video review below of the Galileo with The Juice Injection System) This is a one of a kind mod that is so good, it made it's way to our Top 10 PV Mod Awards List. The Galileo is a telescopic mod with interchangeable adapters, and can handle almost any battery except the 10440. Combined with the Ju.Is (juice Injection system), it makes the mod a one of kind. You can change your atty without even opening the tank. You can put on your favorite atty like the 901, or 306, or 510 with a full tank of your favorite juice and vape away without having to drip. You have to check this mod out, if nothing else check out the video review. V-Max VV

And now, you can check out the V-Max Variable Voltage Mod at, and guess what? The price is $99 bucks! on sale at (See our review of the V-Max VV Mod below)

Goodejuice carries the iStick products, the Kanger sub ohm tanks, the new Aspire Alantis v2 Sub Ohm Tank, and tons of new products that are just coming out.

They also carry a ton of ecig accessories, epipes and cigars, cleromizers, tanks, shields, DIY flavor extracts, cases, charges, lanyards, PCC's, atomizers, cartomizers, batteries, drip tips, disposables, and more. Now you see what I mean about spending some time there. But it will be time well spent. They also have a blog and many, many great articles on electronic cigarettes.

But, you don't have to take our word for it. Click their banner and visit Goodejuice and see what we mean.


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