Your Quest For The Best E-Cig Ends Here! is the home of the 306DCA. If you love to drip, or want to start dripping. This is a must have accessory. We reviewed the 306DCA and we can't say enough good things about it. Combined with the MAP 306 atomizer, it takes vaping to a whole new level.
(See our video)

The 306DCA is a two piece system with an upper piece and a lower sealed drip cup. The solid brass floating center pin in the lower drip cup allows for draw adjustment by increasing or decreasing the center intake gap. All 306DCAs are hand machined on a vintage American made Brown & Sharpe screw machine, in their shop in Southern California. now has a DCA expansion pack which is twoExpansion Pack upper pieces. A small and a large. The standard 306DCA is considered a medium. The expansion pack allows you to use the DCA with a variety of different 306 atomizers.

Drip TipsGoodSenseVapor has two stainless steel drip tips that were made for the 306DCA. Their drip tips are also hand machined. They use high quality stainless steel and aluminum to make their tips. Their DCA drip tip comes in standard size and in a shorty size. Plus a DCA cone style drip tip that is very cool.

They have a Black Anodized, machine, and polished finish. Plus, polished, Black, and Gold expansion packs that look incredible. They also sell the DCA cleaning kit to keep your DCA looking great. DCA Starter Kit

Their DCA starter kit includes a 900 mAh eGo with 5 click on / off, the 306DCA, the cone drip tip, the stainless steel drip tip, a mini usb charging cable, and 2 (Most Angry Industries) 306 1.5 ohm, Low Resistance Atomizers. You won't believe the very competitive price.

GoodSense Vapor was born from the desire to make vaping a better experience for all passionate vapers. It is their mission to break the mold and push limits, by constantly and consistently striving to improve their product line, while maintaining the highest quality standards.
GoodSense Vapor designs, engineers, and manufactures all of their products in Southern California. Their shop has been producing precision machined components for over 50 years, but it is their passion for vaping that inspired them to develop their own line of PV components. (This is right from's web site) It shows their committment, the quality of their work, and how dedicated they are to their customers.  (See our video)

Black and GoldCut AwayBlackPolished

GoodSenseVapor has some videos showing the process and how they make the 306DCA on the vintage Brown & Sharpe screw machine which is very cool. Plus how to clean it and change the center pin. You can order a center pin kit with your 306DCA. Every 306DCA is inspected and tested. We loved it and we think you will too.

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