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GotVapes prides themselves on three things:
1) Quality Products
2) Responsive service
3) Exceptional Value

GotVape Led Vision DeluxThey hit the nail on the head on all three, and to top that off, GotVapes is very innovative. They are always working with their manufactures to develop new products and improve current products. That, to us is a sign of a great company. GotVapes is operated by a Chris and Dan, a couple of very experienced e-cig users that believes in selling the best at a price that doesn't gouge their customers. Their prices are very competitive and some of the lowest you will find. They sell a variety of kits and with their prices, you are sure to find one that you like. They also have a ton of accessories, very cool apparel, and gift certificates.  (see our review of GotVapes 360 Stingray)

GotVapes FluXomizerTo us, their claim to fame is their FluXomizers. We feel they are better than CE2's. Built better, better quality, and less fiddling. Juice tastes great in the FluXomizers and there is nothing like it. (See the video review of the FluXomizer and Sapphire Atomizer Hybrids.) Their ejuice is sold by vapers that know what they like, because their ejuice called Lasso is my favorite juice. (see juice bar). They keep bringing in more flavors, and more vaping accessories to go with their juice.


You'll also find exclusive products that no one else sells but GotVapes. Their shipping is already low and fast, but for purchases above $67.00 dollars, it's free. We placed an order on Sunday night at 10pm, and we had it in our hands on Wednesday at noon.  GotVapes never stands still, they are always developing new products at great quality. Now they reward you for purchases too, the more you buy, the larger the discount and they count all of your purchases, once you reach a certain amount, you get a larger percentage off automatically. You will keep getting larger and larger discounts, and it all counts right from your first purchase. (See the video review of GotVapes New Polished Stainless Steel Variable Voltage VMax Mod)

GVTVGotVapes is involved in the E-Cig community and they have their own GVTV to let you see some of their products before you buy. You can watch some video reviews of their products and you can do that here too.

Their website is kind of busy looking. They have a ton of products and info to jam on every page. We review a lot of GotVapes products, because they are always on the cutting edge. The review list, keeps growing.

See Video Review of GV's Deluxe LED's

See the video review of some of GotVapes new products

See the video on GotVapes ViVi Nova Tank System and
The Phoenix Bottom Coil Cartomizers

See our review of GotVapes 360 Stingray

See the video review of the FluXomizer and Sapphire
Atomizer Hybrids

See the video review of GotVapes New Polished
Stainless Steel Variable Voltage VMax Mod

See the video review of GotVapes Stallion 510 Hybrid
Cartomizer, and Version 2.5 of The Mini ViVi Nova Tank

By clicking here, you can see every product they have.

2014 FluXimizer

It's is back and better than ever. The new 2014 version of the Fluxomizer! If you are a fan of the the fluxomizers like I am, then the new version is a must have. GotVapes made quite a few improvements:

•Tested for best wick length & thickness to optimize wicking while minimizing over-wicking & leakage

•Matching transparent mouthpiece seals open sides, no condom seal that could possibly cause wick constriction

•Easy fill down the sides, no syringe needed

•Available in LR (2.0ohm) & NR (2.4ohm)

•Available in Various colors in both ohm choices!

•1.7ml fill capacity in a slim size that looks great on any 510 with specially designed eGo cones made just for the new FLüXomizer coming in a few weeks.

•Top Coil Fixed wick with solid construction, virtually leak-proof!

•Affordably priced 5 packs in attractive GotVapes packaging. All FLüXomizer orders will be sent in durable bubble wrap to prevent breakage or cracking during shipping.

I tried these with at 3.3 ohms to 4.5 ohms. There are 2.00 ohms and seem to top out at 4.3 ohms. They do have a 2.4 ohm ones too. I did not get a burnt taste. One of the things I always liked about the fluxomizers was the flavor and vapor, and that has not changed, you still get great taste and vapor with an excellent throat hit. There is really no fiddling with these like other versions. Just fill and vape. You can change the drip tip that comes with each one depending on the drip tip. I found several that worked, but the ones that come with the fluxomizers are great.

Personally, I would pick up a pack or two of these, as they are worth giving them a try. We think you will like them as much as we do. GotVapes continues to add great products and products that you won't find anywhere else, except at GotVapes.

Also if you haven't been to GotVapes in awhile, you might want to visit. They have added a ton of new products, and some that you will only find at

Xfir E-Flare VVI recently tried the Vision Xfir E-Flare VV Self Feeding Mod. I have tried quite a few ejuice feeding mods, and only found one or two that I really liked and that I thought worked well. You can now add this one. This holds 10 mls of ejuice and feeds a replaceable coil and wick with ohm choices, and vapes great!

No leaks, no burning taste, great flavor, and great vapor production with a very good throat hit. This feeding mod does what it is supposed to do. You do have to tip it as the juice goes down, but you do that naturally anyway.

You get the mod, and two 10 ml juice containers, one clear, the other, this great looking black and clear like you see in the photo to the left. The rest of the device is chrome with a black drip tip and underneath is the screw in replaceable coilXfir e-Flare VV Mod head and wick. You also get an extra 1.8 ohm coil head. You can use both 18650 batteries and 18350 battery. You get a small adapter so you can use a small 18350 battery. I am not sure why you would use a smaller 18350 battery in the device when it doesn't change the size of the mod, and I did not use the adapter at all. Stick with the 18650 battery for all day and night vaping. The whole point of the device is to be able to vape all day and night without changing the battery or filling up with ejuice, and this mod allows you to do just that. See Review below.

There are no special E-Flare heads to use in this unit and even though the E-Flare comes with dual coil Nova heads we see no reason why you cannot use the single coil Nova heads on this unit. You can also use the CE4 or our Stardust coil heads but you must remove the steel pip atop your CE4 coil head!

You can change the voltage from 3.3 volts to 4.8 volts just by turning the knob at the top which is also your fire button. You can see the mark to know what voltage you are at, but it is very small and hard to see. It is acually pretty comfortable and easy to use and is a great looking mod. You can fill the 10 ml ejuice feeder container with about 9 mls of ejuice. I was able to fill it all the way and not have an issue, but you should leave a little room so you don't spill any juice when you are attaching it to the device. You just push it in and screw on the bottom cap, tip a few times to get some ejuice to the wick and coil and vape. Again, so far, I have not had a single leak issue.

I would also go with 2.00 ohms to 2.20 ohms for best flavor and taste. Overall the Flare works great, and does what it is supposed to do, feed the ejuice, and keep you vaping without having to refill for quite awhile. If you are looking for a feeder mod that does not leak, does not burn depending on the ohms you are using, and works great. Check out this one at Put in a 18650 battery and you are out the door without worrying about running out of juice or battery.

Vape ZoneBe sure to check out Adam's Live Vape Zone at: - He will be reviewing, using, and vaping the Vision Xfir E-Flare VV Self Feeding Mod and the Fluxomizer for

While you are there, check out all of the great new products at GotVapes, and some that you won't find anywhere else, except Tell them sent you, we don't make anything, but we appreciate it.

You can also click here and get a 5% Discount just by subscribing to their newsletter.

Adam's Review of the Vision Xfir E-Flare VV Self Feeding Mod - From Live Vape TV


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