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Good ProphetsJust by looking at their site, you can tell GoodProphets carries a ton of e-cig stuff! I mean just look at the menu headings. GP will give you a great view into the world of vaping all right. GP carries 808's, 510's, eGo's, 401's, 901's, PT's, 650's and they have kits for every single one at price that will amaze you. Good Prophets prices certainly amazed us. You can get a complete 510 kit for under fifty bucks! How about the RUYAN disposable e-cigar for twenty two!

Good Prophets sells everything from cartomizers to modding gear and everything in between. You can get a pack of 4 Tactile Push Switches for .69 cents. Their modding gear prices will shock you, they are so low, and they are always bringing in new stuff.

You can also get 30 ml of juice for eleven bucks. Good Prophets carries one of my favorite e-juices called Winsten. Yep, just like them. A great tobacco taste with an incredible throat hit that reminds me of an analog. How about 480 ML of 100% VG e-liquid for $99.99. You read right. 480 ML! for less than C note. By a penny, but still!

We also reviewed the Joy eGo-C Twist at GoodProphets (See our video review) It is a 650 mAh eGo-C that is a variable voltage battery. You twist the bottom to change from 3.2 volts to 4.8 volts in 0.2 increments. It is a little taller than the 650 eGo-T, and works great!. It is nice to have a VV eGo to very easily set your voltage to get that special juice just a little warmer, or to get a little better throat hit, and more vapor.  And, you can not beat the price at GoodProphets for it either. If you have eGo's, eGo accessories, the Joy eGo-C Twist is a must have to add to your collection.

Check them out, have a look around, check out their GP TV, and see what you think. We don't think you will be disappointed. You will however, feel lighter from all the money you will spend, but in the long run, you'll save. Click Here for a Discount code. The Highest % off GoodProphets have ever given out! Their prices are already some of the lowest online.

Big Sale at GP going on now!

Plus check out their huge sale going on now!


Good Prophets

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