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GreenSmokeI got to tell you that GreenSmoke blew us away. We were just not prepared for how good GreenSmoke actually is. The flavor stood out big time, not to mention the vapor production, and throat hit. But the biggest thing was the flavor. We loved every single GreenSmoke Flavor. Every one! We couldn't believe just how good they were. No only that, GreenSmoke carts equal a pack and half compared toGreenSmoke Flavors most carts that equal a pack. You can look at a GreenSmoke cart and see the quality in their carts. The cart connection is a high quality gold connector. They are triple sealed for freshness, and the new FlavorMax Cartomizers are filled to brim. See Video Review. I love their Mocha Mist. GreenSmoke users are known for their loyalty to GreenSmoke, and now we know why. Their batteries are E9 batteries, but we put an E9 to 510 adapter on and vaped GreenSmoke cartridges on a 510 mod, and they are great. Awesome taste, vapor, and throat hit. 

GreenSmoke kitWe think GreenSmoke is a little more expensive, but well worth the price. We would like to see them lower the price a little. But you do have to consider you are getting a pack and half versus a pack on the carts, and of course GreenSmoke quality, which is top notch. They have Short, Standard, and USB Pass-through batteries. We tested their standard and it lasts as long as a Joye 510 and charged just a little faster. See Video Review

They have a free shipping option for orders over $25 bucks and a great loyalty program. GreenSmoke is well know for their great customer service and you can believe it. They treat their customers like family and go out of their way to make sure you are taken care of. They also invest heavily in the E-Cig community, give to charity, and invest in research and development. They even sponsor TJ Bell in NASCAR. GreenSmoke Flavor Cartomizers

Pro Starter KitGreenSmoke keeps raising the bar and updating their products and improving them. We did a GreenSmoke Revisited Video Review of their Pro Starter Kit and some of their updates, below too, and liked some of their new updates and changes, including some great new battery looks.

If you are just starting out, or thinking about switching to an ecig, you can't go wrong with GreenSmoke. Their FlavorMax cartomizers are number one as far as we are concerned, and we have them ranked #2 overall right now in our Top 5 E-Cig Sticks. We were that impressed with GreenSmoke. You can buy their USB PT and a variety pack of carts and give them a try or one of their "everything you need starter kits" and see if you don't agree. Plus click here to get a discount on top of that.

Green Smoke Launches Trade-In Program - It's FREE!  No COST to you, not even SHIPPING!

If you’re an e-cig smokers in the United States who does not yet use Green Smoke®, simply exchange a battery-charger combination of any competitor-brand for a Green Smoke® Essentials Kit. The entire program is FREE, including shipping.

Here’s all your customers need to do:
1. Click our link to above or below or on the banner below to register as a Green Smoke® customer.
2. Call our Customer Service at 1-877-473-3676 and tell the Rep you want to TRADE-UP! You’ll be asked to do just 2 things:
1. Prove you own a competitor-brand e-cigarette by sending Green Smoke® ONE of the following:
• A picture of yourself with the competitors e-cigarette battery and charger and its package
• A copy of the invoice from the competitor for your purchase of their e-cig
• The tracking information for your mailing of the competitors battery and charger back to Green Smoke®.
2. Send us the competitor-brand battery and charger, once the above is confirmed.

GreenSmoke Trade In Program

First GreenSmoke Review                                                                  GreenSmoke Revisited Review




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