Your Quest For The Best E-Cig Ends Here!, The iKenVape Store is the place you should visit or visit more often. If you haven't tried an IKV atomizer, you are missing out, big time. iKV attys and cartomizers are some of the best out there. Their newIKV 801 Fusion Cartomizer io6 1.5 ohm LR Atomizer is a drippers dream atty. There 801 FusionCartomizer will blow you away with tons of vapor, an awesome throat hit, and flavor you just can't find in a cartomizer. With their stealth and cannon devices you can fog your room, and possibly your house.

You can also take a look at their caliber line, their IKon, eGo - T  LCD, and their batteries and chargers. They carry 510, 801, 901, 306, 808, io6, and more in atomizers, cartomizers, ecig accessories, drip tips, and more. All at prices that will surprise you. The iKenVape Store is very competitive when it comes to their prices.

We have vaped quite a few of their products and you can see a video on the io6 atty and some of their prices by Clicking Here.  iKenVape has spend tons of hours researching, developing, and fine tuning their products. They go above and beyond for their customers and that is certainly true when you discover just how many vapers rave about iKenVape.

You can also read their Vaping Facts page, see video reviews, and pick up your very own iKenVape T- Shirt. Visit The iKenVape Store and discover what you want at

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