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Innokin.comInnokin is a manufacturer that is very innovative. Their technology has set a standard for style, safety, usability, and the cutting edge.

We also reviewed the new iTaste VV, manufactured by Innokin.

The iTaste VV is a variable voltage Battery that is around the size of an 900 mAh eGo, with a Pen Clip cap, on/off, advanced magnet technology, very nice and unique design, and multiple connections, thanks to it's magnet design, you can change your connection to a 510, 808, 901, RN4081, Noble, NJoy, and NPro with ease. The atomizer screws into an interchangeable and magnetic connection, that works great!  Led read out, safety features, 10 second cut off, puff counter, replaceable tank atomizer like the eGo-C, the atty screws into the tank holder. 

ITaste VV by Innokin







3.3 to 5 volts in .01 increments, plus the iTaste VV can detect the resistance of the different cartomizers and recommend a proper voltage range accordingly. (see our video review of the iTaste VV).  It comes in Black, Chameleon, and White, and is a square ecig design that is very slick. The ease of use, and the many features will make the iTaste VV a very sought after device. Combined with the Tidy cartomizers, a clero cartomizer that is easy to fill, and easy to clean, the iTaste VV will be a huge hit.  By being able to change the connection, you can vape pretty much what you want, and yes, it does vape 1.5 dual coil cartomizers, and Boge carts. 

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We also reviewed Innokin's AIO PCC with it's many features, some we have not seen on a portable charging case before, like the ability too charge other ecigs, and devices like the ipod, ipad, LG, Samsung, Motorola, and more. The AIO PCC would make a great gift. We reviewed the 510 and 808 kits. Not only do you getInnokin's AIO PCC very good flavor, vapor and decent throat hit, you get style, portability, and durability. With it's 1020 mAh battery, it will charge your battery several times before you need to recharge the PCC. But being able to charge other devices with the other adapter that comes with it, it just might come in handy during an emergency. The AIO PCC comes in many colors and in many styles. (See our Video Review of the AIO PCC Below)

Innokin Manufacturing makes the LEA, Leo Pro, AIO PCC Ecig, Pen Tank Ecig, Noble E,510, eGo, and disposables,  and a host of ecig accessories. Like the Tidy Clearomizer. If you are a supplier, and would like to sell Innokin products, just go to and see everything they have to offer and speak to their very knowledgable reps.  And tell them sent you, we don't make anything, we just appreciate it. 

Innokin ProductsInnokin keeps on improving with new updates to the iTaste VV's with the new Dual Coil Cartomizers Kit, the Express Kit, the New Clearomizer Kit and the new eGo-C Kit, aong with the final version of the Tidy Clearomizer. We reviewed all of these. (Check our our video review of the new ones, and the updates Below)Innokin eGo-C 

All with USB Passthroughs, and with the iTaste VV DC Kit, and the Express Kit, you can now vape all of your eGo accessories. The final version of the Tidy Clearomizer is very good.

Great taste, a much better throat hit, and it is better built, better quality, and just a little shorter, so now your pen clip cap can be put on with the a full Tidy clearomizer still on. The cap closes with the cart on.

If you are a vaper reading this and watching our video reviews, you will find Innokin products at, sold by, and several other places, where you will find the products at a very competitive price, along with a great selection.


iTaste MVPInnokin Mfg keeps going with their iTaste MVP and U Can ejuic container too. The MVP VV is a 2600 mAh battery that lasted me almost 4 days! Variable Voltage - 3 to 5 volts in .1 increments, the ability to charge other devices, on and off button for charging other devices like the iPhone, and also a 5 click on and off so it is pocket friendly too. Comes in Black, Blue and Silver with a 510 / eGo connection so you can use any 510 atty or cartomizer and any eGoITaste MVP VV accessory, plus it comes with a very nice eGo sleeve, so you can use tanks too.  Sold at

Combined with their eGo clearomizer cartomizer with it's interchangeable coil head and the U Can, an ejuice container and you are set.

The ejuice container called U Can holds 10 mls of ejuice and will keep you juice fresh and clean. With a steel needle tip and a controllable pressure button to control how much ejuice you want coming out. If you want a drop at a time or a small stream, you can control it by the pressure you push on the bottom.

U CanThe cap has a place so you can attach a lanyard or a wrist lanyard, and the way the top cap is designed, you can shake your ejuice in the container, but you still won't get any juice in the cap. So when you take the top off, it is clean.

The U Can is extremely tough and durable and I have enjoyed using both the iTaste MVP VV and the U Can. You will too, they are going to be a hit. Check out Innokin Manufacturing's iTaste MVP, and U Can ejuice container. I think you will be a happy camper.


SVD and iClear30Innokin does it again with their new SVD PV Mod and the iClear 30 Dual Coil Clearomizer with replaceable coils. The new iTaste SVD is a thing of beauty, not to mention high qualityThe iTaste SVD and construction. Variable Voltage, Variable Watts, Built in Safety features, and Telescopic support. That's right, it is a telescopic PV with the ability to handle most batteries of any size. In fact they give you two battery tubes that are both adjustable. Go small with a 18350battery or go large with the 1850 battery. This is a device that you have to check out. I will be doing a full review soon, but in the meantime, check out the 30 second commercial video of the iTaste SVD below. They are not reviews, but just a little something to wet your appetite. Plus the videos are in 3D too (Below). Or you can just buy itat

the iClear 30Innokin also added the new iClear Replaceable Dual Coil Clearomizer tank and sits on top of the SVD and performs very well. No leaks, no burning taste, massive vapor output, a great throat hit and fantastic taste. What more can I say. Check it out at anyplace that carries Innokin's products, like

Innokin's iTaste 134, and MVP 2.0Make way for the Innokin iTaste 134, and the iTaste MVP VV Version 2.0 from iTaste 134 Innokin Manufacturing. Let's start with the iTaste 134 PV Mod seen on the right. This is another high quality device from Innokin. It is a variable watts device, not variable volts. It is easy to use, by just turning the very nice thumb wheel, to the desired watts that you want, make sure it clicks in, and then vape. Simple as that.

Not too much beats this device in simplicity, ease of use, design, quality, connection, safety, and ability to use most all accessories. The iTaste 134 is the Gatlin Gun of the PV Mods, and is one you want to own and add to your collection. It is heavy duty, with a 510 / eGo connection and a removable top cap. It has great air flow and a very nice draw.

It does NOT have that rattlesnake, fluttering vape that you get with some other variable watts devices. It take an 18650 battery for all day and night vaping, and when you set it down, it is down. Because it has a solid bottom piece, it's heavy, and it is built iTaste 134to last. I have been using it and I love it.

It comes with an iClear 30 Tank, and a very nice case. Not just any case either, as you can see in the left hand side photo. This is a great case.

Add a tank of ejuice and you are set. You get a great vape, an excellent throat hit, and all the vapor you want, depending on what you put it on it, of course. To me, it is a must have PV Mod. (Check out our review of both the iTaste 134, and the new version of the MVP VV - Version 2.0 - Below) (*****Get the iTaste 134 at MadVapes******)

iTaste MVP VV Version 2.0

Next up is the new Innokin iTaste MVP VV version 2.0. Innokin Manufacturing took their all ready great MVP VV Box Mod and made it even better. (Photo on the right). It is now variable watts and variable volts and it still has a smooth draw. It does NOT have that fluttering vape to it. It sports a new button, new 510 / eGo connection, a textured top, bottom, and case that does not leave finger prints, and still has that great 2600 mAh battery for all day and night vaping, and then some.

You now use the P button and U bottom instead of the plus and minus button like on version one. Press the P button to use variable watts, and the U button to use variable volts. Everything just round robins in the settings. Press both to get the ohms of what you are vaping, and the battery power. Plus it still has the puff counter.

It almost seems slimmer than version one, but it is the same size. It still fits in the hand nicely, still vapes great, and it still is a great mod. I always thought the MVP was one of the better box mods out there, especially with it's 2600 mAh battery, and with the improvements Innokin has made, it puts the MVP VV near the top of the box mods out there. All the features that you would want, long life, great Innokin quality, and a nice looking device. Innokin continues to lead. (Check out my video review of both the MVP Version 2.0, and the iTaste 134 - Below)

iTaste VTRNow you add another great Innokin mod to the list, plus an incredible iClear 30 S tank / clearomizer. Innokin comes out with the iTaste VTR PV Mod. This PV Mod fits the hand nicely with the fire button on the side. It is variable watts, and variable volts and has a great smooth vape. It does not have that fluttering vape. You can press the top button and choose watts or volts and use the dial button on top to set it at what you want using .1 increments in volts, or .5 increments in watts. Plus you can still get the ohms of what you are vaping. It is quick, very easy to use and an outstanding led readout display.

It takes an 18650 battery that has a nice latch on the bottom to take the battery out or put a new one in. 510 connection with an extra drop in 510 / eGo connection with a detachable sleeve so you can use tanks, or eGo accessories or whatever you want to use with the iTaste VTR. Same Green, Yellow, Red led on the fire button for battery status, all of the built in safety features, and an awesome design. It comes in the same great case that the iTaste 134 comes in with the extra drop in 510 / eGo connection piece, the VTR mod, manual, and a new iClear 30 S tank / clearomizer with replaceable coil. This is another great mod from Innokin and is a must have to add to your collection. It vapes great and is the same great Innokin quality! (see the video below on the iTaste VTR and iClear 30 S)

Quick Details:
Size: Battery Capacity:
Operating Voltage:3.0V-6.0V Charing Time: iTaste VTR
Colors: Release Date:2013-09-25

Brief Features:iTaste VTR is solid variable wattage and voltage vaping device with detailed finish. It features a rotational wheel and a protective skeleton to hold the tank inside. The voltage and wattage can be adjusted with the rotational wheel; the screen displays voltage or wattage and offers intuitive control over settings leading to more accurate performance.

The iTaste VTR fits perfectly with iTaste leather carry pouch!

Variable Voltage: 3.0 – 6.0 volts
Variable Wattage: 3.0 – 15.0 W
Short Circuit Protection;
RMS (root mean square);
Reverse Battery Protection Circuit;
Resistive Load Detection (Ohms meter);
ON/OFF battery switch;
LED Battery Power Display;
Low Voltage Warning;
Overtime Vaping Warning (10 second switch cutoff);
Battery safety protection (Vent holes);
High compatibility 510/eGo connector:
Built-in 3 digit display (Ohms meter, Volts /Watts, Atomizer voltage output)
Replaceable Battery: iTaste VTR supports 18650 batteries (unprotected)

iClear 30 SOut with the iTaste VTR is the new iClear 30 S Tank / Cleromizer with replaceable inner atomizer. The is the best I have ever tried. You get fantastic taste, vapor, and throat hit. The iClear 30 S that come with the iTaste VTR was 2.00 ohms, and I could vape it on the iTaste VTR at 6 volts and I did not get a burn taste. All I got was massive vapor, a massive throat hit, and outstanding flavor. I could also vape it at 3.7 volts and get the same. It was best about 4.3 volts for me.

You can unscrew the top and fill easily, the replaceable coil is locked in and won't move around or come out. It has a knuckle head drip tip on it that you can take on and off or use your own drip tip, if you so desire.

iClear 30 S It has the measurement marking on the side for 3 mls of juice, but it hold 4 mls easily, you can take it apart and clean it, no problem, but the best thing about the iClear 30 S is the performance, taste, throat hit, and outstanding vapor that you get. It also fits perfectly on the iTaste VTR, and you can use it on any 510 / eGo device that you want.

Personally, this is the best iClear to me, with the replaceable inner atty, the size, style and look, and the outstanding performance, it is must try, but be forewarned, you are going to love it! (see the video below on the iTaste VTR and iClear 30 S)


Cool Fire 2

iClear 30BCool Fire 1


The three photos above, on the left hand side is the Cool Fire 2, in the middle is the iClear 30 B, and on the right is the Cool Fire 1. Innokin is at is again with their new Cool Fire mods, and their new iClear's. I am in love with the Cool Fire 1. It is a perfect out and about mod. It is a small 8.5 watt device with a 510 connection that is easy to use, vapes great, you can pretty much put whatever you want on it and it looks great on top of it. It has built in Innokin safety features, and Innokin quality, and it is nice little mod.

The Cool Fire 2 is a variable watts device that looks like a hand gernade. Both take 18350 batteries. It fits the hand perfectly. Has all of the power you could want, has all of Innokin built in safety features, comes in Black and Green, and their new iClear 20 B tanks fit it perfectly, and on the Cool Fire 1 too, as well as the Mini 134, and all of Innokin mods. The iClear 30 B tank looks awesome! But I still thing the iClear 30 S is the best vaping cleromizer / tank out there. I did get a little burn taste with the iClear 30 B, but after you let it sit for a little while with ejuice in it, it stops doing that. You still get fantastic flavor, and tons of vapor.

134 MiniFor my money, the new Mini iTaste 134 is a perfect mod for me. It is Variable Watts just like it's big brother, (see above) and has the gatlin gun look, it take 18350 or 18490 / 18500 battery. With the black and chrome it is one of the nicest looking mods out there. With a iClear 30 S cleromizer on it, you have a perfect vape, all the power you want. Built in quality and safety, easy to use, easy to carry around, sits flat on a table, so you don't need a holder. Had a fantastic button. The rotational wheel for choosing watts works great and is very easy to use.

Like the Innokin iTaste 134 big Gatlin Gun Mod, the Mini is the little brother to it and has all of the same features and look as the big mod, which I really like too, but the mini is great to carry around and is a great out and about mod.

Innokin continues to put out these very high quality products for the vaping world. If there is an issue, Innokin gets right on it and improves and fixes any issues, so the next versions address any issues. They continue to improve devices and accessories, and they continue to be at the front of the pack in design and innovation.


MVP 2.0 Shine
The New MVP 2.0 Shine has everything that you love with the MVP 2.0 and more. The Shine Edition has been created with real Swarovski elements and is available in four vibrant colors each with its own uniquely fashionable pattern. (see the review below)

Infact check out all of Innokin's products, the quality is excellent and Innokin keeps coming out with some great products for vapers.  Watch the video below and see what you think.

Innokin keep on going and developing more and more, just like their new Cool Fire IV 40W device.

Innokin Video Reviews


Innokin Mfg.

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