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Jazzecigs.comJazzecigs is home to a very good Jazzecig Starter Kit, Disposables, Rechargeable kits, Cartomizers, Flavored Refills, and some amazing e-cigars.

Let's start with their starter kit, you get 2 batteries that are perfect in size, the battery is 2 1/2 inches long, light weight, and lasted longer that IJazzecigs starter kit thought it would. You get 6 carts, a USB charger, wall plug in adapter, and an instruction booklet. The Kit cost $39.99, so a very competitive price for a pretty good kit.

Cartomizers come in 24 mgs, 12 mgs, 6 mgs, and zero mgs. This is an 808D1 battery and carts.

The draw was very good, we got decent vapor production, and very good flavor from the Jazzecigs starter kit. We had their tobacco flavor in ours and we liked the flavor. It is a light tobacco flavor that does not over power you and had a touch of sweetness to it. It is a great little kit to help you make the switch from analog cigarettes to the electronic cigarette.

Jazzecigs DisposableJazzecigs also sells Disposables with the battery and one cart for only $5.99. That is not aJazzecigs Rechargeable typo, the price is really $5.99. You can check out the ecig for $5.99! They come in Tobacco and Menthol.

You can also get a Rechargeable pack, (photo on the right) that gives you the battery, two carts, and a USB Charger. And the price? $11.99 Amazing....

The Disposable is a 510 and the Rechageable is an 808D1. The Disposable is a standard size and is larger than the Rechargeable and starter kit size, and lasts longer.

JazzecigsJazzecigs also sells packs of cartridges, refill carts in 12 different flavors. TheysJazzecigs Flavors come in Beer, Cherry, Chocolate, Coffee, Cola, Grape, Juicy Peach, Pina Colada, RedBull, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Wine.

I've got to say, I liked their flavors, their coffee was really good, so was their Pina Colada, Vanilla, Cola, and Chocolate. Some of the others really liked their Beer, Wine, RedBull, and Grape.

Jazzecigs CigarsJazzecigs E-CigarsI have to say, that Jazzecigs e-cigars were amazing. These are Deluxe e-cigars that are 1800 puffs, that's right, 1800 Puffs... and come in four different flavors, Cuban 24mgs, Cuban 12 mgs, Coheba 24 mgs, and Cherry 24 mgs. We liked all four of them. They look, taste, and even smell a little bit like the real thing, and we aren't just blowing vapor either, the Coheba, Cuban, and Cherry was as close to the real thing as you get with a fantastic throat hit, exceptional flavor, and outstanding vapor. How's that for praise? (Truthfull only here).

Don't take our word for it, go pick one up and see if you don't agree. They are selling out the old model for $8.99 and the new ones are $16.99 and the new ones are well worth that price. In fact, we think that price is low. They are large and look and feel just like the real full cigar. Take a couple of primer puffs, which we think you should be doing with all ecigs, e-cigars, epipes, mods, etc, and then vape away and enjoy.

Watch our video below on's ecigars and more.Jazzecigs also has sells a charger accessory pack, and their products come with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, have a 1 year warranty, and some orders even have free shipping. Check out their FAQ for answers to some of your questions.

We think is here to stay and is growing very fast. If you like cigars, you will love Jazzecigs e-cigars. Make the switch from regular cigars to these e-cigars, at the very least, give them a try, you won't be dissappointed. At least we don't think so, and check out their starter kit and ecigs.

Fantasia is one of the premiere name in the eHookah world, and now Jazzecigs has them and in seven different flavors, zero nicotine, 800 puffs, and disposable. That's right I said 800 puffs of pure flavor! These also have a very cool diamond led tip. They are light and confortable and they really burst with flavor.

Jazzecigs also has eShisha's. They look and behave like a ecig, has zero nicotine, a crystal led, and comes in 5 mouth watering flavors. Apple, Blueberry, Strawberry, Watermelon, and Grape. Their Strawberry and Apple were awesome. Like the eHookah, these really burst with flavor.


Jazzecigs also offers one more eHooka. These are disposable too, with 800 puffs! Also comes in 5 flavors, zero nicotine so you can vape them anywhere, automatic, just puff on them. Easy to use, convenient, lots of vapor, long lasting, and they look great. They also hae a crystal led that sparkles.

So when you are at for their great cigars, the best in the business, as far as we are concerned, then pick up some of these great eHookah's, and eShisha's to try out. They are very inexpensive, and worth picking up a few to see if you love them. We think you will. We gave a lot of these away at our ecig parties, and in the last prize package, and everybody loved them!

Let them know sent you. We don't make anything, but we appreciate it.

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