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JazzCartoPipe.comGone but not forgotten. is the home of the Jazz ePipe. An E-Pipe that uses 510 regular or XL cartomizers. Jazz E-Pipe can work with 18350 or LR123A 3.7V batteries. Jazz e-Pipes are hand made and excellent quality.

See our Video review of the Jazz E-Pipe. The Jazz E-Pipe has a 510 connection, so you can screw on quite a few types ofJazz cartomizers and atomizers that have 510 connections. LR or standard. They take a 18350 battery, which lasts a fair amount of time. With a backup battery, you are set for the day and night. The pipe was designed for LR, and SR dual coil and single coil XL cartomizer, and they work great!

You can also attach The Jazz Cartotank Kit that is composed of a modified SmokTech V1 tank, a 510 to 510 extension a Resurrector Tank cartomizer and a O-ring saver. The Tank Kit is $45 For customers that already have a Liquinator tank they have available the upper LiquinatorTank cap that can Jazz with tankaccommodate a curved or straight mouthpiece. The upper cap is $10.

They also carry Cartomizers and the 14500 and 18650 No eGo mod. It is a No eGo because they use 14500 batteries and 18650 batteries.

With a limited lifetime warranty. The Jazz E-Pipe is a great vape. For those that like a pipe or want to try one, you can't go wrong with the Jazz E-Pipe. The E-Pipe is a vapor maker. You can fog the room, no problem. Using LR DC carts, there is no shortage of throat hit, vapor, or taste. It is an excellent product for any vapor, pipe smoker or not. We love it, and we bet you will too.

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