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LeCigThe is the home of the PigCig. An eGo type of ecig that has an 808 connection. You can put a Low Resistance 901 atomizer on the PigCig and vape. It's great. A 3.7 device with a 3 click on and off switch. You can vape your 808 cartomizers with the PigCig. LeCig sells a 650, 900, and 1300 mAh batteries. You can mix it up and have it your way with LeCig starter kits. You have the options to make the kit they way you want it.

LeCig D1 has been around since September 2009. Their mission is to provide their clients with excellent customer service and quality products. They stand behind everything they sell with a 30 day product warranty and satisfaction guarantee.

LeCig carries a variety of starter kits. They also have their D1 starterGreenCigs kits, and they sell GreenCig products.

If you haven't been to yet or visited in awhile, check them out. They carry a variety ecig accessories, a full line of ejuice and cartomizer flavors, LeCig apparel, and spare parts. All at very competitive prices. Some are just downright low.  (Check out our Video Review of LeCig Products)

Plus you can click here to get a 12% off discount of anything you buy at We love their D1 PCC starter kit. It is a great kit for people that are on the go. It is so slim, it fits in your pocket and doesn't weigh it down. Plus it keeps your batteries charged, so you don't have to worry about running out.

PiGCigsWe also loved the PigCigs. Their 900 is just a little bigger than the eGo 650, and we loved being able to vape our cartomizers and our 901 atomizers. Cones fit them perfectly, and you get everything you need in their starter kits. The 3 click on and off feature is a nice plus. We reviewed the PigCig starter kit and found it performs at a high level. The quality, durability, size, weight, vapor production, and price is excellent, and you should definitely check them out.

LeCig has their own LeCig VV Mod. It is a variable voltage mod from 3 to 6 volts in .01 increments, by simply hitting a + or - button to go up or down. It is power regulated so even as the battery gets weaker, your volts stay the same. If you set it at 4 volts, it will stay at 4 volts even as the battery drains. It had a nice led, power on, power off, takes a 18650 battery, for all Lecig VariVoltday vaping, 510 connection, and looks great! Reverse battery protection, discharge protection, and Ample safety! The LeCig VV VV Mod comes with built in circuit/switch protection. This means that you cannot push the switch over 2.5amps of load. The great thing about this is that rather than simply not working/displaying an error the LeCig VV will automatically put the voltage down to an acceptable level and carry on working! (see our video review of LeCig VV) 2200 mAh, and you get the VV Mod, 2 High Drain Batteries, 2 atomizers, battery charger, and manual, for less than 99 Bucks!  Wow! Get one while you can, and let them know, sent  you, and don't forget the discount code.The Vape Master Kit

LeCig Vape MasterWe reviewed LeCig's Vape Master E-Pipe and if you are looking for a terrific epipe that is an Automatic epipe, uses a cartomizer, can use blanks (so you can fill them with your own ejuice), just screw in the 808 cartomizer and vape, then The Vape Master is for you. Great quality, uses an 18350 battery, 808 cart, a locking pipe stem, jewel cap, great draw, and looks like a traditional pipe. The Vape Master Kit is the only automatic epipe that I have found that uses both the battery and a cartomizer. It work fantatic, lots of vapor, great throat hit, great flavor and two batteries last all day and night. It fits really nice in the hand, and is a pleasure to just sit and vape it. 

LeCig Squared VV

The LeCig Squared VV is a very small variable voltage pv that is made to be used! It is the perfect size. Variable Voltage from 3 to 6 volts, and easy to change with the plus and minus button. The 510 / eGo connection has the center pin so that whatever you put on the LeCig Squared, it will fire everytime. This little VV will handle it all, and it is a must have to add to your collection. In fact it is a must have of at least two of them. I far as I'm concerned, this is the best out and about ecig there is due to it's very small size, variable volts, all the power you want, a 14500 battery, the ability to turn it off or on. (Just hold the minus button until it shuts off, the same to turn it on), the fact that it is square, (no rolling around), great safety features, ability to see ohms of what you are vaping, and to top it off, you get a great throat hit, tons of vapor, and great taste, depending on what you are vaping. Priced right, so grab a couple of these today at You will love them!

LeCig has a great reputation for their customer service, Free first class mail shipping on all items within the US, and Free priority mail shipping on all orders over $50 (choose custom shipping option on checkout.) Their shipping is really fast. Stop by and check out and don't forget to get a 12% off discount code here. Combine that with free shipping in the US, and it's pretty hard to pass up.


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