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The Smok XCube Mini at MadVapesInside MadVapes

MadVapes Has What You Want! is in our top 10 and is the place to shop for all of your vaping needs. We can personally attest to this by all of the money we have spend there. MadVapes selection is unreal along with their low prices. If you like building your own PV's, MadVapes is the place to check out. They have everything you need to build your own Personal Vaporizer and make it your way. MadVapes prices are some of the lowest online and we don't think anyone can best their e-liquid prices.

Service at The Maxi RoughStack KitMadVapes is excellent. They have a built in Ticket System that keeps track of everything and supports the customer. You are kept in constant communication though out the entire process, and it works flawlessly. At least it did for us. The people are friendly, professional, and get the job done. They go out of there way to make sure you are happy and they stand behind every product they sell. They are also the home to the Smok, Innokin, Kanger, Atom Vapes, Joytech, RoughStack, the Bolt, SID, Vamo VV, Gripper, AcryliMax, Mod Boxes, and tons more. They carry a variety of kits from the 510 to 808D, to the Ego to the E-Power. They carry just about every accessory you might need or want and then some. (Check out our video review of MadVapes VV Box Mod - below)MadVapes Tanks

MV's many extra's will have you coming back for more with gift cards, free shipping in the US over $35 bucks, rewards, and their massive selection of the latest products in the industry. You can still buy everything you need to build your own device at a fraction of the cost and only at MV!

Smok XCube MiniLooking for the latest that will do it all. Then you might have to take a hard look at the Smok XCube Mini. It is a smaller version of the full size XCube. It fits the hand like a glove and because the entire side is the fire bar, there is no looking for the fire button. Just squeeze and vape.

With upgradeable firmware, this 75 Watt device with it's Temp Control recognition software will give you all the power you need and then some. It's smaller size - Height: 3.6 Inches (91mm). Length: 2 Inches (50.6mm). Width: 1 Inch (25.1mm). Weight: 7.25 Ounces (205.7g) – (Without Battery) and good looks, along with all the features of the full size XCube will make Smok XCube MiniSmok Xcube Mini at MVyou deeply consider buying one or two. The sliding magnetic cover where you can use your own correct 18650 battery versus using two of them has reduced the size quite a bit.

The firing bar is the unique feature that makes the XCube Mini interesting, along with the LEDs in the firing bar that can light up in 16 million different colors.

It does take you a little bit of use to get the feel of it and how to use it and understand how to access it's many features. But once you do, you will love it.

It looks great with tons of different Sub - Ohm tanks with the main screen parked on top and behind the spring loaded 510 connection and the plus and minus buttons right behind the main screen. Easy access, easy to read, you can even change the contrast to your liking.

Smok XCube Mini at MVThe micro usb connection is on the bottom with it's safety feature and you can use the connection to not only update the firmware, but you can also charge and vape with it. Smok XCube Mini at MV

The Bluetooth connection is so you can use their app with a smart phone or tablet, although I have yet to be able to successfully signup and log in, will be a good feature when they get it all updated and the issues corrected. Not a big deal to me and I would probably never use it, but some folks might like it.

The many features of selecting your coil, your draw, your led colors, your contrast, your Bluetooth, On or Off, locking and unlocking, power, puff count, date, time, and more will give you plenty to do when it first arrives. But once you set it up and understand how to use it, it is fairly easy.

Smok XCube MiniThere is a rubber sleeve included that you can use or not. Mine was Silver Smok XCube Mini at MVand the sleeve was white. I don't know about the other colors, but with the Silver, it does not make a bunch of fingerprints. The device is zinc alloy and stainless steel and you won't need to spend a lot of time polishing your mod. The Smok XCube Mini at MV is a nice looking device with great features and works well with many different tanks and products.

I used the Smok PV4 Sub - Ohm Tank, the Herkales - Sub - Ohm Tank, the Everest, several Innokin tanks, and the Crown Sub - Ohm tank and all vaped great with the Smok XCube Mini. The device setting were easy to use once I learned the device features and I was able to set and vape many different coils without any issues. I love having a small powerful device with tons of features, some I may use, some I may not, but I love having them. The look, feel, and vape of the Smok XCube Mini at MadVapes is one device you will have to consider adding to your collection for sure. The firing bar is main reason to own this product. Just squeeze and vape, no feeling around for the fire button. Once I got used to it a little, I wonder how I ever lived without it.

You will only get the right section, price, service, and support at MadVapes. Check it out and grab the Smok XCube Mini at MadVapes now while you can. We think you will love it!


MadVapes AcryliMax APVWe took a quick look at their AcryliMax Advanced PV that is variable voltage, variable watts, and uses the same electronics as the ZMax, only it is manufactured right here in the US at MadVapes. It is made from durable acrylic, and is very, very light. If it wasn't for the battery, you probably wouldn't know you have it in your hand. lol.... 

It is worth checking out, they have it in a lot of different designs and colors. With a 510 connection, it looks great with a tank and vapes great on top of it. If you like the ZMax and you want something that is light weight, then check out the AcryliMax at MadVapes. See the video below.

 The one to the right is called Copperwood, it is a great looking device, and they go fast too. We have the Red Tie Dye AcryliMax and their Blue, Black, Green, Patriotic, and a few more are very eye catching.

MadVapes Reward ProgramMadVapes Reward System gives you 5% back in points that can be used for gift certificates that save you money on top of their already low prices. Your account keeps track of everything for you and you have complete information at your fingertips. Now, on checkout you just check a box if you want to use your rewards points.

MV ModsThey are connected to the e-cig community with forums, a blog, videos, and helpful information. Their website is new, improved, and easy to navigate with all of their links and photos, including price, product, and category links right at your fingertips. MadVapes keeps improving, and growing, bringing the best they can to the ecig community. They are ranked Number One for a reason.

MadVaped Video Product ReviewsMadVapes has a ton of honest reviews on just about everything they carry, so you can get information from other customers on a particular product. They are very few stores that have as many positive product reviews as MadVapes.  (Check out MV's DC Tank Show & Tell Video - Below)

The Groove VV / VW Mod

All Mechanical ModMadVapes is very innovative. You will find new products all of the time at MadVapes. Plus a Bargain Bin, On Sale, Auctions, and TopSellers every day. Shipping is fast. All of our orders are usually in our hands within 3 days from placing the order. Some of them we have received in two days. Your transactions are safe and secure at MadVapes and they post a terms and conditions page with a privacy policy.  MadVapes is the place to be.

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(Check out our video on MadVapes - The RoughStack V2 Kit Review - Below)

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