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Vox 60 TC The Vox 60 TC from blew us away! This 60 Watt Temp Control Device with the vSix Tank and a ni200 coil is about as perfect as you get. Exceptional flavor, Vapor, throat hit, small size, heavy duty, high quality, plenty of power and battery life. The Vox 60 TC has become my favoite all day vape device. It lasts all day, I get a ton of vapor production, an awesome throat hit with no nicotine in my ejuice, and most importantly, I get fantastic FLAVOR! This combo of sub ohm tank, ni200 coil, and Vox device out performs many and I mean many powerful products. Some with 200 Watts and temp contol. They just don't stack up to the Vox. I can honestly say the Vox 60 TC and vSix Sub Ohm tank has blown a ton of devices out of the water. It is not even close. I have tried a ton of new devices, sub ohm tanks, devices that are powerful, do everything you want in a device, and yet, they do not come close to the performance of the Vox. All seven of us were stunned to when we tried the Vox 60 TC from . We could not believe how this combo performed and just how outstanding our ejuice flavor was. The Vox has a good price attached to it, but it is well worth it. It is built like a tank. You could run over this with a semi truck and you wouldn't even faze it. That is how it feels. It heavy in the hand and outstanding quality. Yet it is very small. Very small. Smaller than the iStick 40. But built way better. Again, it has become my daily all day vaping device combo. The Vox 60 TC combined with the vSix Sub Ohm tank and 0.25 ni200 temp control coil give me everything that I want in a vape. You have to set the tank just right to avoid leaks, but once you know how to adjust it, it is fine. My ejuice does not have nicotine and is a 60 / 40 - Pg / Vg mix and I get a great throat hit out of it. I had to turn it down! But what stands out is the flavor you get out of your ejuice with this combo. Don't take my word for it. Check it out. Read my full page review and the review of the Vox and take a look at's information. Then buy it! We think you will love it just as much as we do!


The iTaste 134 from Innokin


The DarwinThe Darwin


BilletBoxCheck out The BilletBox








SmokTek SmokBox VariCoolThe Smokbox VariCool







Buzz Pro The Buzz Pro


AnyVape  CVI




AnyVape CVI from







V4Life Mods


V4Life's Vapor Zeus, Dial A Volt, Handle VV






evic The eVic PV Mod from JoyeTech


iPage - Affordable Unlimited Hosting



Empire Mod

The Empire Mod








The ProVari









GG Telescopic StormThe Stainless Steel GG Telescopic Storm



Maxi RoughStack

The Rough Stack V2 Kit




Apex Alpha UltraLight


The Apex Alpha UltraLight





The Saber Touch Mini


The Saber Touch Mini







The VMod from Vapage.comThe VMod Premium Kit



CigStar IMotion V3+



The IMotion3 V+ from



LeCig Squared



The LeCig Squared VV









Volcanoecigs Review



The LavaTube from Volcanoecigs







306DCAThe 306DCA from


The 605 ePipe from ePipe 605


The SwitchBackThe SwitchBack from


The 5 Volt OMG Mod from V4Life5 Volt OMG Mod From V4Life


GalileoThe Galileo Mod with Juice Injection System from


The JazzCarto E-PipeThe Jazz


LeCig VariVoltLeCig VV


The BoltThe Bolt from SmokTek


The T1 from ThermoVape The T1 from


The Revolution  V2The Revolution V2 from


The Epic Storm VV, Version 2, Mini LavaTube, from VaporCigzz.comThe Epic Storm



CigTechs Bam PV ModCigTechs Gripper VVCigTechs Bam PV Mod and Gripper VV



The 6 AMP VariCool called The Beast VV from The Beast and SmokBox

LavaTube V2


The LavaTube V2 from





The DES - XL 618 E-Pipe from DSE-XL-618


Eleaf iStick 50 Watts The Eleaf iStick 50 W, plus their, 20W, 30W, and new 40W



Kanger SuBox Kanger SuBox

Cool Fire IV 40W Innokin Cool Fire IV 40 W



Lots more on the way, so check back........................................

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