Your Quest For The Best E-Cig Ends Here! is worthy of a second page due to their massive collection of products that you will find. Electronic starter kits, mods, devices, eliquid, and ecig accessories.  (Also see more from TheEcigStop about nHaler here)

Besides having the number one ranked PV Mod, the Darwin, nHaler also sells the Opus and Opus D. Opus The Opus is high quality device that is perfect in size, shape, quality, power, simplicity, and use-ability.  With a 510 connection, and a mini usb charger. It has a 1200 mAh battery for all day and night vaping and is a hand made wooden device powered by Evolv's DNA regulated board.

The Opus D pictured in blue is a 1500 mAh device with Evolv's DNA 20 and has a very nice led readout screen. The Opus 3 does not have a readout screen. I found once you know the settings, you don't really need it. It fits the hand like a glove and you can go by taste of anything you use with the Opus. Both feature a 5 click On and Off.  They sell out fast, so you have to monitor Nhaler to grab the one you want when they are in stock.

The CurveNext Up is the Curve featuring a stainless steel body and is a thing of beauty and quality that you just won't find very often. There are several different versions of the Curve and Hybrid 18650 Battery a few colors too. But the silver and gold look is awesome. By using the Hybrid 18650 Battery, pictured to the right, The Curve's performance and vapor production will blow you away.

There is also the mini Curve and the Kicked Curve using Evolv's KickKick to add some variable watts to the device.

It is mechanical from top to bottom with a twist lock and a 510 connection and quality that will make the Curve more than likely last a lifetime.

Then just when you thought, it couldn't get any better, you can now add  the "Can" to not only the Curve, but other device too!

CanThe Can, available exclusively at NHaler! The “Can” is a Power Regulated add-on for almost any 18490 or larger single battery device. It is powered by Evolv and is capable of providing 6 to 12 Watts of consistent vaping pleasure. Power output is limited with smaller batteries.

It uses a standard 510 connection and connects on top of your device just like a cartomizer tank. Your atomizer, cartomizer, or tank connects just as easily on top of the “Can”.  It has an external potentiometer knob for easy on-the-fly adjustment to your preferred watts level – or adjust to taste.

The “Can” was originally designed to match and use on nHaler's “Curve” device,  it works – and looks great on many single battery 18490 and larger devices. They are still evaluating compatibility with other devices and they will continue to both monitor and post their findings. So far, they are seeing great results.

As with all of Evolv’s Power Regulated micro-processor driven technology, use of the IMR/High-drain batteries are REQUIRED (IMR HYBRID STRONGLY RECOMMENDED).

Next we took a look at the N-Vary Sidewinder Kit which uses Pulse Width Modulation that adjusts the voltage dependent to what the load of the cartomizer/atomizer is. It had a 510 connection.Sidewinder  They also have the regular N-Vary VV too.

The Sidewinder has a multifunction switch that has a 5 click on/off feature. To change the voltage click the button 3 times and adjust voltage by turning the switch clockwise or counter clockwise, while in vape mode turn the switch counter clockwise to check current battery voltage and cartomizer/atomizer resistance, turn the switch clockwise to check the working amp level. It will also remember your settings when the battery is changed.

It features Variable Voltage, 3 to 6 volts in tenth increments, and has a great spring loaded center post, so everything fires every time. Lots of great safety features and is a great looking device that I have enjoyed using.

You get the Sidewinder, 2 18500, 1400 mAh batteries, the charger, manual, gift box, carrying bag, and a 10 ml bottle with dripper cap for ejuice in the Kit.


the NaturalIf mechanical is the only way you want to go, then take a look at the Natural. This fully mechanical GG style mod is all Stainless Steel. Feels great feeling in the hand, solid quality, no wires or soldering, fully mechanical. Very comfortable side mounted firing button that has an adjustable knurled locking ring that prevents it from firing when you don't want it to.

It features a flat top with dimples in the stainless steel cap. This cap unscrews from the rest of the mod independently and has a center pin than can be loosened or tightened by a wide flat 'screw'.  It is 510/EGO connection and is compatible with almost all CE4 or CE5 style cartomizers.

It has an innovative length adjustable feature. Fully assembled it takes one 18650 battery and can be used with the Can or can take one 18500 battery with a Kick. Removing the middle tube allows you to use one 18350 battery but you have to find an extension tube to use with it. The bottom of the mod has its own internal ring of vent holes.

VapeOnly TankAlso at nHaler is the VapeOnly Tank. This Bottom Changeable Coil (BCC) Tank holds 3.5mL of e-liquid. It comes with a black flat tip mouthpiece. Any 510/KR808/901 drip tip can be used. It also comes with 3 replaceable coil heads: 1.8 ohm, 2.2 ohm and 2.5 ohm. These can fit on most batteries with 510/EGO threading from 3.2v to 6v. Replacement/spare coil heads are available.

If you like the Kanger eVOD, then you will like the VapeOnly tank too. It produces the same massive amount of vapor, and great taste that you get with the evod. It comes is different colors and it is easy to fill, easy to replace the coil head, and works great. It is worth a try out.


For me there has always been one tank that I can rely on, and that is the Cartomator tank from nHaler. I love the Cartomator tank because I can punch a 2.00 ohm Boge cartomizer and use with the Cartomator tank and I get that same great vapor, taste and throat hit that I get with the LR, regular size, Boge cartomizer. No leaks, easy to use, 3 ml tank. Out of all of the tanks that I have tried, I use the 3ml nHaler Cartomator tank the most and it has lasted me for two years and still going.  I use the stainless steel caps on it.

Reactor TankNow Nhaler has come out with the The Reactor Cartomator Tank has been in the making for well over 6 months now and they are pleased to offer it with full confidence. It comes with a pre-dotted standard-size cartomizer. They have slotted bottom caps and are available in delrin and stainless steel.


The Reactor also can use a 2.00 ohm LR regular size Boge cartomizer. Punch your cart, or use the prepunched cartomizer fill the cartomizer first, put in in the Reactor, fill your tank with ejuice and you are set to get a great vape all day long using the Reactor Cartomator or regular Cartomator tank from nHaler. You can't go wrong with either of the tanks.

One thing we know about nHaler, they are quality. You might pay a little more, but it is well worth it, to get the products that you want, and products that will last. Customer service and support is top notch, the owners are heavily involved in the ecig community, and you will get their best every time. Check out and see all that they offer, and tell them sent you. We don't make anything, but we appreciate it.

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