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NHalerSee Page Two of the Nhaler Review here

When you are looking for the best, and those hard to find accessories and mods that you really want. The place to find them is NHaler. From the Darwin to the Kick, from the XHaler to N-Vary, from a 510 ePipe, to GreenCigs, speciality after speciality mods, ecig starter kits, ecig accessories, ejuice, and more. There is just no stopping NHaler. You will want so much when you visit, and usually, you better buy it too, because they go out the door fast.  (Also see more from TheEcigStop about nHaler here)

We consider the Darwin the number one PV Mod (see our video review) The Darwin is the only mod you will ever need. Of course you will want more, but the Darwin is number one until something comes along that will knock it off the #1 spot. Even with all of the new mods there is still nothing like the Darwin out there. (See our award for the Top 10 PV Mods)

The XHaler mod is owned by a lot of vapers. Put a Cartomator Tank on top and you are in vapor bliss, or close to it. I have tried a lot of tanks, but I got to tell you, I only have two favorites, and the Cartomator is one of them. No shortage of vapor at NHaler, they carry everything for you to fog your entire house.

Drew's eliquid gives you all of the choices you may ever want, from flavor doublers to High Voltage Octane Juice. Even products for the DIY users.

It seems like NHaler never stops, they just keep adding great new products like the Kick, (see our video review of Evolv's Kick)

Drip Shields, tanks, tank accessories. (If you haven't tried the Cartomator, you are missing out.) Glass Drip Tips, The N-Vary, mod batteries, The Janty Stick, GreenWorld Ecig kits, 808 kits, 510's, all of the eGo's, The Vibe, Box Mods, The Indulgence, Elips, The Curve, The Can, The Opus, The Stinger, The Bombshell, Sidewinder, indulgence, GreenWorld ecigar, and epipes, and I can keep going.

NHaler carries all of the ecig accessories you want and then some. Looking for the Ato-Miser, NHaler has it. Along with atomizers, (including the 306, 510, 801, and 901's) plus, cartomizers, filling kits, spare batteries, carrying cases, pass-throughs,and more.

Looking for something special. How about The Meucci Moochie. Cue Maker's Hall of Famer, Bob Meucci with 47 years as the premier custom cue maker, who is recognized worldwide for revolutionary designs and technology in the billiard industry, has decided to partner with to manufacture exclusive designed electronic personal vaporizers. The Meucci Moochie works with 3.7v 18650 LiMN or IMR High Drain batteries, 3.7v 17670 Protected batteries, and two (2) LiFePO4 batteries for 6v vapin. Tough to get your hands on one, so you have to watch faithfully.

Like I said, things go fast at NHaler. If you hesitate, you may be waiting until the next stock arrives. Some things are a little pricey, but when you want the best.........

Check out, and let em know TheEcigStop sent you. We don't make anything, but we always appreciate you letting them know.

The Darwin


Read more about Nhaler here on Page 2 of their Review

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