Your Quest For The Best E-Cig Ends Here! is the home of the Buzz Pro. The latest version sports 15 watts of power and a new top cap design. The Buzz Pro (which I happen to own a Blue Buzz Pro) is a Varivolt E-Cig, and once you go VV, it is very hard to go back. I love being able to instantly find the sweet spot with any atty. The Buzz Pro has a wheel adjustable voltage dial that works great. Just turn it with your thumb and it stays there. It had three marks, green, orange and red. On my Buzz Pro the green notch is 3.55v, the orange notch is 4.50v, and the red notch is 5.0. NotCigs say the adjustable range it 3.3v to 5.5v. On mine. It adjusts from 3.30v to 5.61v. It has a blasted finish with no knurling and does not slip, nor does it leave finger prints, so you don't have to polish it all day. The finish is absolutely flawless. It uses two 16340 batteries. I use two UltraFire 16340, 880 mAh, 3.6v batteries. I put fresh batteries in when I wake up, and put them in the charger when I go to sleep. I have not run out even once yet, and I vape all day and night. The Vapor production is epic and I will prove that statement when I get the video done. (see video review of the Buzz Pro) I use a 2.6 to 2.8 ohm FluXomizer on the Buzz Pro at right around 4.5v and it hits amazing. The Buzz Pro is 4.25 inches long and .86 inches in diameter. I have a brass and chrome 510 top and a chrome 808 top with one each brass and chrome bottom. The 510 and 808 are raised so a drip shield fits perfectly on it, and I use a 510 to eGo adapter with the outside threads, and put a eGo cone on the FluXomizer and it gives it a more finished look. I really like the drip shields from Empiremods. That is a great look that Grimm has.

NotCigs buzz ProThe construction is excellent on the Buzz Pro. I feel it will last a lifetime. The switch which I didn't think I would like. I actually do. It has a nice little click to it and I can roll it around my hands and still not set it off. It has three bottom holes for battery protection and security and a very small top screw that is grounded which I think they should have put an led there instead. It does light up the wheel dial with red when it is on, blue when you press the switch, and the manual says solid red if you blow an atomizer or the battery is about to run out. (Click here to read the Buzz Pro Manual) You have to be a little mindful of putting the top on and taking it off as there is a small screw with a wire attached to it that swivels as you screw it on and off. If you were to tighten that small screw down too tight, it may pull off the wire. Mine is numbered 362 in silver. The only complaint I have with the Buzz Pro is there was two very small scratches on the top of mine when I received it. Minor issue. Other than that I feel the Buzz Pro is an awesome vaping experience and if I were you, I would buy one while they are on sale. Plus you can click here and get a 7% discount.

NotCigs also sells all of the accessories for the Buzz Pro along with batteries, e-cig and PV accessories, Vaper Choice e-juice, and M1A1 Buzz Tank. Mine is great with the MAP DC Tank on it. NotCigs also sells the Infinity Pro.

Check out and the Buzz Pro and tell them TheEcigStop sent you.

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