Your Quest For The Best E-Cig Ends Here!


Congratulations to our 14th ecig prize package winner!

The Winner is: Bryan M. of KY.

Congratulations Bryan!

Look for the next one, #15 next


Our 14th Giveaway is packed to the max! and worth over $650.00 Bucks!

First Win a NEW Joyetech eVic VV/VW PV Kit from (see the video review)

The NEw eVic Kit includes:

• 1 NEW eVic APV
• 1 NEW Wall Adapter
• 1 NEW USB Charger
• 1 NEW 18650 Battery
• 2 NEW Manuals

Plus, Win The New Ultimate Starter Kit from V2Cigs (see the video review)

The V2 Ultimate Kit includes:- A Huge! kit

• 3 V2 batteries - 2 standards and a long
• 25 V2 Flavor Cartridges - All are Full Flavor - Different Flavors
• 1 NEW Wall Adapter
• 1 NEW Smart Charger
• 1 NEW 2 amp Car Adapter
• 1 NEW Portable Charging Case XL - White
• 1 NEW Power-Cig
• 1 NEW Metal Carry Case - Black
• 1 NEW Lanyard - Pink
• 1 V2 Manual

Plus, Win A New Starter Kit from VaporCouture (see the video review)

The VC Kit includes:

• 2 VC batteries
• 2 Packs of VC Cartridges
• 1 NEW Wall Adapter
• 1 NEW USB Charger
• 1 NEW Pink Bracelet Very Stylish Lanyard
• 1 VC Manual

Plus, Win a New Ultimate Starter Kit (see the video review)

The GreenSmoke Ultimate Kit includes: A Huge Kit!

• 1 Long Rechargeable Electric Cigarette Battery
• 1 Short Rechargeable Electric Cigarette Battery
•1 Rechargable Electric Cigarette Battery of Your Choice
• 2 Packs of FlavorMax™ Cartomizers (10 cartomizers)
• 1 USB Cigarette
• 1 USB Charger
• 1 High Powered Home Adapter
• 1 High Powered Car Adapter
•1 Deluxe Carrying Case
• 1 Green Smoke User Guide and Member Card
• PLUS, 1 deluxe full-grain leather carrying case FREE -  Now that's a kit!

Plus, Win a New 12 Pack of GreenSmoke Cartomizers, (your choice of Flavors & Strength)

Plus, Win a New BeyondSmoke 510 Mini Starter Kit

Plus, Win a bunch of extra goodies from!
(Anyone that has won knows just what I mean by extra goodies too!)

Ecig Prize Packag #14

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and Thank them for their generosity and sponsorship. It is much appreciated!


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