Your Quest For The Best E-Cig Ends Here!


Congratulations to our 15th ecig prize package winner!

The Winner is: Todd C. of OR. - our first winner in Oregon

Congratulations Todd!

Look for the next one, #16 next


Our 15th Giveaway is packed to the max! and worth close to $500.00 Bucks!

* A Bam Mod - They don't even make this one anymore, it is a huge mod and very nice.

* A New MVP VV Kit - The MVP VV PV Mod is one of my favorites from Innokin Mfg.

* A New Cohita E-650 eCigar Kit - This ecigar kit is awesome, just like the real thing!

* Plus, Win a bunch of extra goodies from!
(Anyone that has won knows just what I mean by extra goodies too! Another words, you get a lot!)
In fact, what the heck, I will throw in a * Black AnyVape CVI VV, VW + Mod too. This will make the value close
to about 500 bucks with everything else I will add. So, three nice Mods, and the eCigar Kit, plus a bunch of goodies.

Prize #15 - When all you want is VAPOR .......

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