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Congrats to our Winner! MV of NJ!

Look for #20 coming soon to

Thanks to all who entered!

Also you can still do the things below anytime too.

I appreciate the support of my music. Doc



Our 19th Giveaway worth over $500 Bucks!

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Our 19th Ecig Prize Package Worth Over $500 Bucks!

Our 19th Prize Package includes:

* One - New Cool Fire IV TC - 18650 - Limited Edition Vape Travel Kit - includes: Device, iSub-V Tanks, 2 Coils, Battery Sleeve, and Battery Power Checker in a nice leather carrying case with lanyard. - Silver with Silver Tank. Limited Edition Storm

* Two - New Cool Fire IV + Limited Storm Edition Kits - Black and WhiteCF IV TC

* Two - New Endura T 22 Kits - Black, Blue / Silver

* One - New Endura T 18 Kit - Pink

* One - New iSub - S Sub-Ohm Tank - Silver

* One - New pack of Coil Art coils - 15 coils to a box - 5 (3 packs) - For Tron, e-vic, eGo one tanks TC, Clapton, Twisted Storm Edition

* One - New 5 Pack of Coil Art coils - Twisted Combo for NeBox, SubVod, SubTanks, and more.

* One - New 5 Pack of Coil Art coils - Ceramic Coils for NeBox, SubVod, SubTanks, and more. 5 Ceramic Coils

* One - New 5 Pack of Coil Art coils - Clapton Coils - for Alantis, Triton, Vixon, Melo, iJust, Ccell, Herakles, X tanks and more.

And of course, there may be some extra goodies that I throw in........


So How Do You Win?

This one is a little different. I am using this giveaway to garner some support for RM3's Music. But it is very easy to win and get some entries into the drawing. The more entries you have in the draw, the better the chances of winning.

3 - Entries - For Subscribing to RM3's YouTube Channel - RM3 stand for Rocky Mountain Majestic Music

1 - Entry - For watching RM3's "Call Of The Lord" Video from start to finish. (otherwise YouTube won't count it) You must be logged into to YouTube and be a RM3 subscriber.

2 - Entries - For leaving a comment about the song on YouTube.

2 - Entries - For Clicking the "Like" Button and Liking the video.

3 - Entries - For Listening to the song and becoming a Fan of RM3's at: Jango. com - Plus One for "Liking it" On Jango.

5 - Entries - For buying the Song Download of "Call Of The Lord" for 99 cents at: RM3's CDBaby store - Plus get One entry for "Liking it" at the store and Two for "leaving a comment" at the store. Or you Buy it right here below.

You can also earn extra entries by going to and joining RM3 on Twitter, Facebook, Instragram, Google+, and SoundCloud - One for each sub. Basically, the more you support us, the more entries you get, along with our deep graditude, and Thanks! I get email everytime someone does even one item on the list.

So, you can get a total of 25 entries into this drawing, if you did everything. How ever many entries you get is up to you. The more entries, the better the odds of winning, but it's up to you. You get a chance to win one nice ecig prize package and you help me out at the same time. I have supported the ecig community for almost 6 years now, but this time I am asking for the ecig community's help to help me, to at least try to reach my dreams. All proceeds from the Single Release go toward helping me to record the full Album in Nashville with Matt Maher's drummer, Richard Scott playing drums on the Album. You don't have to like the music to still support what I am doing. I know everyone's tastes vary, just like our vaping tastes. So, get as many entries into the drawing as you can and help me at the same time, and I thank you! Doc

This is one nice Grand prize package! Worth over $500.00 Dollars for our 19th Giveaway!

Sponsored by,, and


We could not do this without the support of our sponsors.
Please visit and


We've given away over $12 Grand in Ecig Prize Packages, So Far.........


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