Your Quest For The Best E-Cig Ends Here!

SaveurVape.comFirst let's take a look at The website is a very good site, easy to navigate, large graphics of their products, links to all of the information that you may want. The Responsive Design of their website allows everyone to view's site on any device and computer. You can connect up from their site to Instagram to see all of their products. You can join their mailing list which I highly recommend. I must warn you, they have some mouth watering products and their graphics on their site will have you wanting some right now.

That being said, Saveurvape's products are as good as they look. Let's take a look at their packaging. The products we tried all came in 60mL bottles (they also carry 120mL too) with the box clearly marked that it contains Nicotine,depending on what you order and at what amount. The ingredients are on both Packaging the box and the bottle. They are sealed with the flavor on both the box and bottle. The packaging is excellent.

But it's what inside that counts. Saveurvape carries MET4, SVRS, SaveurVape.comThe Standard Vape, and The Originals. I don't know how many flavors they carry, but they carry the most popular flavors. These are brand that you probaly already know about that are all very high quality with complete certification.

Shipping was fast for us. In the US, you can usually get your product in about 3 days, some two.

This is from their About Us page:

Launched in 2012, SAVEURvape was one of the first premium e-liquid manufacturers in the space. With brands such as The Standared, Jackson Vapor Co (previously known as Jameson's Irish Vapor Juice), Blueprint, and Black Label, the company quickly positioned itself as a leader and an inspiration to manufacturers across the industry. SAVEURvape designs, manufacturers, and distributes its eliquid products out of facilities in Torrance, CA.

SaveurVape.comYou are probably wondering about price. How does $21.99 for sound for a 60mL bottle? That sounds pretty darn good. Especially for this kind of quality and 60mLs. You can pay that price for a 30mL bottle. You can also get a 120mL bottle and you just 15 bucks to the price. You know what else is great? Free Ground Shipping in the US!

If the price, size, quality, flavors, and free ground shipping doesn't get you to Saveurvape, then I have not done my job. lol

We tried The Orginals Red Rocks, SVRF's Balanced which is Coconut and Cream. MET4's Golden Ticket's Chocolate Milk, MET4's Strawberry Milk, and their Fair Grounds which is Deep Fried Cream Cake. We also tried SVRF's Gummy flavors and The Standard's fuit flavors.

We liked every single flavor, but I personally loved SVRF's Coconut and Cream and MET4's Fair Ground which is the Deep Fried Cream Cake and one I did not think I would like which was The Standard's Blue Gummy. I don't normally vape Deserts and Candy Flavors, or Fruits, but I will vape these. There is ejuice out there that you can tell if you are vaping quality or not, and Saveurvape's ejuice is excellent quality. The nice thing is everything is clearly marked on their labels, including warnings and even contact information for allergy issues. Yes, it is tiny text on the bottle, but still readable.

Saveurvape cares about the ecig communty and the quality of what you are vaping. When you think ejuice, I want you to think Saveurvape. Give them a try and tell them sent you. We don't make any money on that, just some good will. I think you will agree, you have found a great place to get excellent ejuice with fantastic prices and free ground shipping, and I've got to say, you must try Fair Grounds, Deep Fried Cream Cake. Is your mouth watering. It should be.

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