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These are some of the best sites in the Vaping Industry. These are sites that we have done business with and they have excellent service, competitive prices, fast shipping, good selection of products, safe and secure transactions, and good communication with their customers. These sites post privacy policies, have contact information listed, stand behind their products and their customers. Click on the banners to visit any of them. (In no particular order)
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Our Number 1 Ranked Site!


When you are looking for your vaping supplies, you have to make one stop, and check out SmokTek before you buy anything. SmokTek is ranked #1 here. That is how good SmokTek is. We have placed many orders from SmokTek and every single order was handled professionally, shipped fast, excellent quality, low prices, and packed right. He carries the lastest and the greatest, back what he sells, has very competitive prices, massive rewards and discounts, and with thousands of customers and counting that give SmokTek a Verified 5 Star rating, almost 40,000 customers. That in itself is well worth checking out. (Click Here To See Full Page Review) is big on selection and small on prices. Their massive selection of products combined with their free shipping with no minimum order will have you drooling to grab the products you have been waiting to buy. You are probably aware of DirectVapor's reputation as vapers trust DirectVapor with their No Clone policy, free shipping, huge selection of products, low prices, high quality e-liquid, outstanding customer service and support. (Click here to see their full page review) and visit today
Innokin is now very well known compared to when they started. That is because they are very agressive company with strict standards to quality, innovation, attention to detail, full certified, works with vapers to produce products that vapers want. They listen to the ecig community, and they support it. They continue to put out new products with the same high quality and competitive price that you know them to be. They are always at the front of innovation and I see no reason for that not to continue. Check out their full reviews.
If you haven't visited, you are missing out. It is a must see to check out their Mesh coil and Tanks. Quality is outstanding. Completely Certified, their global focus is to research, develop, and manufacture healthier alternatives to cigarette smoking devices. They strive to be a leader in the vapor community by incorporating the latest technologies and manufacturing innovations to promote vaping awareness to our global vape community. ( Click here to see their full page review on the way) or click the banner and Visit
You have heard by now about, I hope. If you haven't then click on the banner and visit There you will ejuice that you simply must try. Like SVRF, MET4, The Standard Vape, Originals, and more. The quality, package, price, taste, and customer service will bring you back again, and again, and again...... Well you get the message. When you think ejuice. Think SaveurVape!
Greensmoke is another one that is very popular and has a very loyal following. Greensmoke is highly rated and their ecig users swear they are the best hands down. They also sponsor a Nascar and invest heavily in research and safety. You can count on getting great service from Greensmoke and free shipping for any order over 25 bucks! ( see our full review ) (Click here to get a discount)
MadVapes is the place to do business with. (See their full review) They carry a ton of excellent products at prices that not too many are going to beat if any. They keep up with the latest and greatest and develop some of it too. They reach out to the Ecig community in a number of ways and have an excellent repore with their customers. Shipping is extremely fast, and if you are a DIY modder, and you need a part. MadVapes has it. They also keep improving and adding more and more. Everytime I turn around, they have the lastest and greatest at a price you actually can afford. Plus now their reward program is even better and easier. (Click here to get a discount)  
Los Cigarillos Electrónicos de Green Smoke®

Los Cigarillos Electrónicos de Green Smoke®

Los Cigarillos Electrónicos de Green Smoke®, son disfrutados por todo el mundo y vienen en una amplia variedad de opciones adaptables a tu estilo de vida. Descubre la mejor alternativa al cigarro tradicional. Su alto volumen de vapor y ricos sabores espesos, te darán una sensación única y agradable sin malos olores, ceniza o colillas, a una fracción del costo del cigarro tradicional
If 400 Flavors of quality E-Liquid, plus Create Your Own Wizards, doesn't spur you to check out, then how about USA made, custom, made to order, have it your way E-Liquid? And... Still 400 Flavors! We love ECBlend, and we think you will too. Visit them right now and see just what we, and everyone else is talking about. Plus see our full review here. brings you the 306DCA. A drippers accessory that is a must have. There are very few accessories out there that take vaping to a whole new level, and the 306DCA is one of those. If you are a dripper, you probably have the MAP 306 atomizer in your arsenal, and if you do, then you should add the 306DCA. (See our Video on the 306DCA)
L- Rider Products - Quality you can Trust
Lrider is know for great ecig products like the Lambo, and now the Lrider Lambo 6.0 which is an amazing PV Mod. Lrider also makes the Robust VV, and the Robust 2.0, the eGo-C Twist, the EVOD series, the LavaTube, and more. Lrider quality is excellent and you can trust their products. They are industry leaders that work tirelessly to provide the best for their customers. Innovation is a priority for Lrider and they continue to bring new products to the industry and to develop new ecig technology. You can see their full page review by clicking here.
Looking for a great e-cig starter kit that won't break your budget, that looks great, that is easy to use, that lasts a long time, and has plenty of options? Look no further than Step up to the stylish, 1100 mAh battery in White, Black, and Silver with the Stigx cleromizer that matches and produces plumes of vapor, and their 10 different mind blowing flavors! You can even replace the coil with Stigx cleromizers. See their full page review. Take a look at and see all they offer. In the top left hand corner, choose US dollars, the pound, or euro.
Looking for an e-cig shop that can meet your vaping needs
and still carries everything else? Take a look and visit Their name might give it away. Zamnesia carries Joyetech, Jiksu, Stigx, Justfog and more. E-Cigs, E-Liquids, and Accessories for all of your vaping needs, and a one stop shop for everything else. Pay using the Euro, US Dollar, and the Pound, but the first thing you have to do is click here and visit Zamnesia e-cig section and see all that they offer. is a new way to share business information, both past and present. We are more than just a local business directory, and we understand that your business is more than just a storefront or factory. It is easy to register your business with The Hall. Just click on the banner to the left, or click on the link to visit The Hall and register your business. You will love his format, ease of navigation, layouts, and how accessible the information is. Plus you will love the look of your business on
Ipage - Best Online Hosting, Period!
People always ask me what is the best hosting online and who do I use. We use iPage. They are the best unlimited everything hosting online with massive tools on top of it. They are fast, safe, secure, have excellent support, and are a solid company. On top of all of that, they are very affordable at a $1.99 a month, you can't beat them. You don't have to worry with iPage, that's for sure. Their tech support is outstanding and no matter what you need, they seem to have it. Check out the iPage videos here.
StormysVaporCellar is a great place to check out for your ecig needs. Their tobacco ejuice is some of the best I have tried, and their prices are very competitive. Quality products at low prices, what more can we ask for? Great selection, on kits, accessories, mods, rebuildables, and fantastic ejuice, and we do mean fantastic!  Check out StormysVaporCellar so you don't miss out.  Use the code 10OFF for a 10% discount, and let them know sent you. We don't make anything, but we always appreciate it.
I don't have to tell you that nhaler is home to the Darwin and XHaler and a few other great mods. Plus a great line of ecig kits, eGo's, accessories, ejuice, and more. Great prices, great service, fast and inexpensive shipping, and Drew is a good guy who knows his stuff. Check it out and tell them TheEcigStop sent you.
Ecig Mods Gallery
This is a great gallery that is dedicated to the artistic side of vaping. Take a look at the photography and the gallery of mods, ecigs, and accessories. Their are some really nice mods out there, and you can see them through the eyes of Ecig-mods camera. There is a lot to look at and enjoy, and I encourage you to check out this site, leave a comment, and let them know sent you. We appreciate that. - Make your Vape Brilliant! offer their products to both resellers and consumers with confidence because they feel their quality, service, technology, and competitive prices are the best. You will find some of the best at Innokin, Kamry, Smoktech, Sigelei, GreenSound, Ismoka and more. Their prices are competitive and you will find a ton of great vaping products at Check them out, and don't forget to grab the discount code and save yourself some money.
If you haven't heard about, you will. Home to a ton of great Innokin Starter kits like the new iTaste VV, the Leo Pro, and more. Plus White Stag Vapor eliquid, all of the ecig accessories you will need, a great reputation for excellent customer service. WhiteStagVapor prices will surprise you, they are very competitive and kept as low as they can go. Be sure to check them out, you will be glad you did. Click Here
VaporlifeVaperLife's VP-PT
The VP1, VP2, The Spade, The Joker, The VP-PT, The Turbo, The Pearl, these are just some of the units you will find at They carry very specific PV's and stand behind their excellent products. You will find just what you need there and then some. PV's at 3.7, 5V, Variable Voltage, accessories, e-juice, and more. A very innovative company.
VaporBeastKeep It Beast is home to the SwitchBack! A very unique mod that is so versatile, you will have fun for quite awhile. Plus a new one is coming soon. (See our Video Review) VaporBeast is also home to tons and we mean tons of new and exciting products, all with FREE shipping and still the prices are low and competitive. Plus ecig accessories, cartomizers, and awesome ejuice. We loved their mods and we think you will too. Read the full review of VaporBeast.
Looking for a great ePipe with sealed connections, everything replaceable, 510 connection, style, construction, and great quality? Hand Crafted, from a great company? Look no futher than The epipes go as fast as they make them, so you have to watch and be ready to buy. ePipeMods is very innovative, and is helping vapers stay safe. They carry more than ePipes too, so check them out.  (click here or click the banner)
If you are looking for a reseller with thousands of ecig products that they are continually adding more all of the time, then visit  (See our full review and video) They have a great selection, the lastest products, and genuine products from the original manufacturers as they are the official reseller for many great brands. Competitive prices, and great service is what you will get at Check it out and see what you think, because we think you will love them. is a Michigan base company with a great selection of ecig products and accessories. Their prices are very competitive and their site is layed out great with photos, links, and menus so you can find, see, read, and buy the products you want. Plan of staying for awhile, as EcigBestSave has a ton to check out. A Joyetech supplier, as well as High Caliber, and Dekang ejuice. DIY products too.  So if you are looking for great quality products, with low prices, head to, and tell them TheEcigStop sent you, we don't make anything, we just appreciate it.
If you are looking for some great ejuice, take a peek at I can tell you right now, their ejuice is great quality, with some outrageous flavors that you have to experience. We tried their Cherry Cheesecake, and Raspberry Mojito and they were awesome! Their flavor was spot on, and produced a ton of vapor. We also tried four others, but those two were our favorites. Their Fruit Punch was great too. Their prices are very competitive, and we think you will love their juice.

Right from their about us page, it tells a lot about this company. Breathe Fresh electronic cigarettes was founded by an avid group of technology enthusiasts who were intrigued by this new device called the e cigarette. Their electronic cigarettes were born out of a desire to provide the best quality e cigs on the market while making it affordable for the average smoker. The way they see things at Breathe Fresh is very simple, We all have enough stress in our daily lives to deal with and for those of us that turn to a traditional cigarette for some relief would really enjoy this new way to get our fix. At Breathe Fresh e cigarettes, we hope to one day replace every traditional cigarette with an electronic cigarette, and they intend to do this one Breathe Fresh e-cig at a time!  Take a look, and see what you think. has more of what you vape for... for sure....We reviewed CigTechs Bam PV Mod and The Gripper VV Mod. (See our Review) We liked both. The Bam was very impressive and it is named right. is home to The Bam, The Lambo V2, Gripper VV's, Legolas 14500, Acrylic Tube Mods, VMax, The Mantis, eGo and Volt kits, plus tons of ecig accessories, and High Caliber, Windy City Vapor, and Zikwid eliquid. They also carry accessories like Voltage meters, Cartomizer and Atomizer ohm meters, ton of Mod batteries, including AW, UltraFire, TrustFire, Tenergy, IMR, and more.They have a great Reward System and they are a very innovative company comitted to the ecig community. Check out We think you will like them.

When you are doing a little price comparison, you might want to take a look at  No might, about it, you should check out in your price comparisons. There prices are low. Enough for you to do a double take. carries a lot of products, mods, starter kits, ecig accessories, ejuice and even DIY products. We recently reviewed their Apollo  E2 650 mAh battery and their Apollo Tanks that match.  ( See our video review ) and then click their banner to visit them and see just how much money you can save.

CleverVape is the home to lots of starter kits, mods, ecig accessories, and some fantastic ejuice. They have a juice called Peanut Budda that was not only great quality, and produced fantastic vapor, the taste was amazing! Check out and see for yourself. They have a great selection of ejuice that comes in nice dripper bottles, and tons of great ecig products at very competitive prices. Great people, and worth your while to visit and see what you think.
The EverSmoke Cartridges are built with superior VaporMax® technology that insures a clean smooth draw that produces maximum vapor. Battery technology: including automatic & manual batteries and the Ever Smoke Mini Battery which most closely resembles the size of a traditional cigarette – all available in a choice of 3-colors. Carts come in a 15-pack box that is shaped like a real pack of cigarettes. Check them out here
Good Prophets Good Prophets definitely gives you a good view into the world of vaping. They now have GP TV too. You can learn a lot at GP, not to mention a ton of great products at price you will love. (See Full Review and Video) Good Prophets selection is unreal. Anything you need for vaping and then some. Like the Black GP-808D-1 PCC Mini Kit. You get the Smart PCC (portable charging case), 808D-1 auto battery, and 2 cartomizers for only 33 bucks. Great price for sure. Safe, secure, and a great price. A great place to shop for your vaping needs with a excellent reputation. Really fast shipping on top of that. (Click here to get a discount) with their EAZE MAGNUM technology carries a ton of ecig starter kits, mods, ecig accessories, e-liquid, and more, all at very competitive prices. We loved their new 605 epipe starter kit. (See our Video Review) There is so much to see, that you probably won't see it all in one day. Check out (See our Full Review)
LeCigsLeCig PigCig
LeCig has been around since Sept. 2009 and stands behind their products with a 30 day money back guarantee. LeCig is home to the PigCig, an 808 eGo Style, 650, 900, and 1300 mah batteries. Very competitive priced products and some really nice kits. They also carry GreenCig products, and a great variety of ecig accessories. Some that you will only find at LeCigs.  If you haven't checked out LeCig yet, you should browse over and see what you like.  Plus get a discount off their already low prices here.
Jazz is an E-Pipe that uses 510 regular or XL cartomizers. Jazz E-Pipe can work with 18350 or LR123A 3.7V batteries. Hand crafted, sealed, and very good quality. They also carry a Jazz cartotank to fit their epipes, and the noeGo mods. Check them out online.
At HappyeSmoker, you will find a variety of starter kits that is just right for you. Atomizer, Cartomizer, Clearomizer, you can get the eGo pass-through kit that you like, and at a price, you CAN afford. Great prices, and check out their ejuice. 8 great flavors. The St. James Reserve Tobacco blend is a great vape, so was the Bourban Street Vanilla. click the banner or  (see the juice bar)
Goodejuice reputation proceeds itself for a reason. If you haven't tried some of their ejuice, you are missing out. Review after review of some of their homebrewed juice is highly recommended. Not to mention everything that they carry. A full line of starter kits, accessories, ejuice, and more all at very competitive prices. Check them out and see.
The is home to a ton of DIY supplies, and flavor selection that you won't find very many places, with a price you won't find very many places. They carry it all on top of it, from stater kits to ecig accessories to diy supplies, to bulk, to.... well, you get what I'm getting at. Check them out and see what you think about ecigexpress    (read their full review here) is a family owned business that carries great Joye products. (see our review) His customer service and reputation is excellent. Not to mention his prices. Low, very low! They carry tons of ecig accessories, and you have lot of great elquid flavors to choose from. Check out (Plus click here to get the discount code) is where you will find a ton of products, and we do mean a ton. Not just ecigs, but tons of products at prices that are downright low. And to top it off, they have free shipping options too. They carry everything from ejuice to ecig accessories and more. If you are looking for that mod you can't find. more than likely has it. Tons of mods, starter kits, eGo devices, sticks, and more. They also have a VIP program, rewards, and great programs for retailers, including drop shipping. Check out and see.
Clouds of Vapor
Clouds of Vapor or COV to their friends, and if you aren't a friend and happen to be a vaper, you will be soon. COV has excellent products that include the original MAP tank, and the GG Telescopic Storm PV. (see our full review of COV) These guys carry the latest and greatest and a full line of Cloud Pure Naturals Organic Vape Juice! Just typing that sounds good!
Speaking of ejuice, eSmoke's Premium eJuice is MADE IN THE USA and goes through rigorous testing in order to ensure the highest quality product for our customers. You can even see their lab reports on their site. carries the eSmoke Sensation starter kits, the eSmoke Pro starter kits, and eSmoke Disposables. They have a variety of kits to fit your needs and they have been around a long time. They carry the ES 1300 XL PV mod and ejuice that you have to try. (Click here to get a discount)
NotCigs is the home to The Buzz Pro. I vape on mine all day long, and I can tell you it is an excellent Variable Voltage PV. (See our Full Review) It goes from 3.3v to 5.5v. That's what they say it will do. Mine goes from 3.3v to 5.6v, so I'm not disappointed. They also carry a tank mod and accessories. The Buzz Pro keeps going all day and night on two 16340 batteries and I am a heavy vaper. I put fresh batteries in the morning and put them in the charger when I go to sleep, and I haven't run out before then not even once. I love being able to put an atomizer on and hit the sweet spot just put turning a thumb wheel. I didn't think I would like the button but I actually do. Check out and our full review and video review on the Buzz Pro. (Click here to get a discount)
Dragonflyecigs carries authentic Joye products including the eGo products. You'll also find the 1000 mAh, 900 mAh, 650 mAh, and the super eGo, 510 kits, 510-T kits and DSE 901 kits. The kits come in a variety of styles, prices, and configurations so you are sure to find one you will like. Plus Dragonflyecigs carries all the accessories, and ejuice. They are great about putting on specials so you can grab a deal. (Click here to get a discount)
Speaking of ejuice. I have not found a flavor that beats WoW Vapor Cowboy 18mg PG / VG that I get from Vapor4Life. It is a great all day vape and the only place that sells it is Vapor4Life. Plus their 808d cartomizers are awesome! Their flavors are killer and you have to try some. They have lots of sample packs, so you can and it is worth checking out. I keep thinking something better will come along to beat out my 2nd fav juice, but none have so far. Vapor4Life also have a terrific new site that you just have to see for yourself. (Click here to get a discount)
Empire Mods
Empiremods sells the most unique mods and drip shields on line along with IkenVape products and MAP designs. If you haven't been to EmpireMods you are missing out. We promise. Their eGo LCD kits for under 60 bucks will blow you away. They have a lot in the works right now and believe us, it will be worth the wait. (See their full review) They are the site you have to see for yourself, and tell them sent you. We appreciate it. (Click here to get a discount)

TotallyWicked-Eliquid Mission Statement:
To strive to provide our customers with only the best products available. To ensure that the customer is heard and respond to their needs as quickly and effectively as we can. To build a business that serves and adds value to all who are involved. This includes our clients our staff the companies we buy from and the community at large. To value integrity and to believe in doing the right thing regardless of the consequences.

That says a lot about what kind of company they are. Check them out and see for yourself. carries the VMod, ( See Video Review ) The VPro-T, Cig2o, Barfly Disposables, The Pro Series Titan, the Vapage Ecig Premium ecig, a full line of accessories, and more. They have invested a lot into research and development and strive to bring some great products to the ecig community. Visit them and take a look at some of their great quality products.  (See Full Review)
DFWvapor carries JoyeTech products that you know are excellent quality and is also home to some fantastic E-Liquid. If you haven't noticed, there are a lot of reviews on DFWVapor's e-Liquid, which means one thing. They are good! Over 212 flavors. You read right. Over 212! Great service, fast shipping, and they treat you like a friend.  (Click here to get a discount) on top of that. Plus they have added another 25% in flavor! They also cut their eGo-T prices to offer you an insane price! Be sure to check that out. DFWvapor has a new look and is always improving to bring you the best they can. A sign of a great company.
SmokelessImage is home to the Volt. A great kit at a great low price. Their two piece ecig kit is everything you have heard. You can even try their basic starter kit for under 30 bucks, and you can (Click here to get a discount) on top of that. They have a full selection and excellent choices in cartomizers.  Click here to see their full review and video
Electonicstix is home to the J-Tank. Look for a video review of the tank soon. There are some online and the report on the J-Tank is very good. No leaking, no burning taste, easy to use, easy to clean, and at a price that won't gouge you. Under 20 bucks!. They also carry Boss e-liquid, some awesome mods, and they will laser engrave your already owned mods. Be sure to check them out and let them know that sent you.
Quick Nic Juice is the place to get some really good juice. Their Engima ejuice is a unique flavor that you just have to try for yourself. It is an almost chocolate, butterscotch, sweet, smooth, and very tasty type of juice. We love Grandpa's Night Cap tobacco juice. It is just a very good tobacco flavor that is tough to find. They have a lot of flavors, great service, decent prices, and a sample pack that you get to choose the flavors in it.
Vaporesence3ml Liquinator
Vaporescence is home to the Vape-O-Matic Liquinator. They also have two walk in stores and are a couple of very busy vapors. They are asked a ton of questions and they let you try out samples in their stores. They have over a 150 flavors of juice along with a great selection of ecig accessories. They sell several different kinds of PV's and mod supplies. They have been trying to get their site done for some time now, but they are swamped. While their site does need some more work, what they do have is great, and their service and prices are very good.
Vapor Moon is home to The Saber Touch. A very nice mod that is very well built. It has a touch sensitive switch that will last a lifetime. This mod will last a lifetime. Three different versions including a variable voltage Saber, and many, many customizations. (See Full Review & Video) Check them out at is the home to some excellent products especially their IKV atomizers and cartomizers. You can pick up the critically aclaimed 801 Fusion Cartomizer and their IKV io6 LR atomizer. Plus the IKon, ecig accessories, ejuice, batteries, drip tips, and more. Take a look at some of their new products while you are there. IKV's quality is unmatched. Visit them and see. is home to their Icon and Prodigy mods and very high quality JoyeTech products. Puresmoker's selection is excellent. Puresmoker has a great selection of quality e-juice online at a great price. Plus you can get a complete 510 Joye kit for under 35 bucks. When you are there take a good hard look at the Icon and Prodigy. The Icon is a nice size, fits in the palm of the hand with a bottom mechanic button. carried starter kits, ejuice, ecig accessories, which can be purchased right away, or can be purchased through membership. They have the NOVA products which has a good reputation for new ecig users. If you are new to ecigs or thinking about making the switch, check out and see what you think.

Thermo Essence Technology at bring you a unique way to handle all of your vaping needs, and vaping experience. With the modular system you can get the starter kit and add on any of their conversions kits to vape your way. Their AVA Atomizers in High Resistance, and Standard Resistance are high end type of atomizers, like the HH357. The flavor, throat hit, and vapor production is outstanding.

The T1 Starter kit with the RES system and AVA atomizers is worth a good look at ThemoVape. They have a ton of attachment and accessories to go with their batteries that are excellent quality, and unique.

Check out and see what you like.
Based out of Garfield, NJ., is the home to their ecig products that include several starter kits, tons of flavors, and ecig accessories. EonSmoke prices are very competitive and if you love their flavors, you get a ton of options. We tried their economy kit and really enjoyed their 808 battery that was just the right size and their tobacco flavored cartomizers. We got great vapor and taste from eonsmoke, and they carry a ton of flavors. Check them out and see what you think. See their review here is the home to the IMotionV3+, IMotion Mini VV, Avatar's, eGo Devices, starter kits, rebuildables, ecig accessories, and more. You can tell when you have a CigStar product in your hand by their quality. The IMotion3V+ is impressive and so is the IMotion Mini VV. Take a look at and all that they offer and see what you think. You can also see their full review here. is where you will find a very good 808 starter kit, Disposables for just $5.99, a quick rechargeable kit, 12 different kinds of flavor refill packs, and some excellent, and we do mean excellent e-cigars that are deluxe e-cigars that come in Coheba, Cuban, and Cherry. They are 1800 puffs and are as close to the real thing as you get. At least we think so. If you love cigars, you have got to give Jazzecigs e-cigars a try. They produce a ton of vapor, have outstanding flavor, and a fantastic throat hit. While you are there, see all that they offer. Full Review Here.


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