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SmokTek - Ranked #1Check out what's new at They are TheEcigStop's #1 Ranked Site. They bring in the latest and greatest and more great products all of the time. is a nice surprise out there in the world of E-cig / PV / Mods / Ejuice / & Ecig Accessories sites. Not only is Rob a great guy who goes all out for his customers, his prices are amazingly competitive. In fact, after listening to his customers, he has slashed his prices. Almost 40,000 Customers and constantly growing give SmokTek a 5 Star rating! That is just one of the reasons why SmokTek is number one!

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SmokTek has the New 100 W iStickFree Shipping!

FREE 1st Class Shipping* or $2.99 Priority for Domesticorders over $50 Weight is calculated automatically. If under 13oz, you can also upgrade to Priority shipping for only $3.99 as long as your order total after discounts is over $50. One now, Get Double Points on every order! (Savings of 10%) Plus your shipping cost is ZERO if order is over $50 and weight is less than 13oz.

SmokTek may keep this, if it is popular, so let them know. They also have in stock the new 100W iStick. Get it while you can. Click here.


Plus see the iStick 50 W Video Review below with other videos
reviews at the bottom of this page on SmokTek products.


TritonI also just reviewed the Aspire Triton Sub-Ohm Tank for The new Aspire Sub-Ohm tank is impressive to say the least. (See the close up video review below) Aspire put out a new .3 and .4 ohm and 1.8 ohm coils that are interchangeable with the Alantis. So if you own an Alantis, you can use all the coils.

The .3, .4, .5, 1.0, and 1.8 all fit the Alantis and the Triton. The .3 and .4 ohm coils are 316 L Surgical Grade Hollow Stainless Steel with organic Japanese cotton. You get a great vape with these coils, they are tighter wrapped, so the heat is distributed evenly.

This tank is a top fill too with dual dial modes that click in so you dial in to fill the tank, and dial in to vape. This keeps the air out while you are filling it, and when you turn the dial to vape mode, it saturates the coil and you can see it work as you do this.

Fill ModeVape ModeYou can see on the left hand photos, the black drop is the fill mode, and then turn the dial, you can hear it and feel it click, and change to vape mode. There is a arrow that points to the mode you want to use. So once you prime your coil, you can top fill the tank, and there is no leaking or mess to fill.

There is dual air flow on this tank with the top and bottom. The top uses a heat sink that you use to adjust the air flow and then a drip tip on top. The heat sink keeps the drip tip from getting too warm. You can also use your own drip tip with the Triton. I have noticed that you build up condensation in the top chamber below the heat sink and up to the drip tip, so you have to clear it out every now and then. The condensation has to go somewhere. But it is not a big deal at all. With the top fill tanks, and adjustable top and bottom air flow and inside chambers of these sub - ohm tanks, you will have to deal with some condensation in some way one or another.

TritonI first started with the .4 ohm coil, and could vape it at 400 degrees F at 40 watts no problem. I get tons of vapor, and that great clean pure ejuice flavor, and what ever kind of throat hit you want with the Triton tank. No burning, no leaking, pure flavor, massive, massive vapor, and a fantastic throat hit, and that.... is zero mgs of nicotine in my ejuice.

The Aspire Triton at is a tank that you have to add to your vape collection. It is a must own tank. Considering you can buy it at SmokTek, get your reward points, get free shipping for 50 bucks and over. It is place to buy the Aspire Triton Sub-Ohm Tank. Check out the video below and then check it out for yourself. We think you will not only want the Triton at SmokTek, you will love it!

Lower Prices on Starter Kits make the Gift of Vaping easy!

At SmokTek, they take their mission to offer a variety of products to suit different styles of vaping that help people get off (and stay off!) the smelly cigarettes very seriously.
SmokTek Starter KitsEveryone at SmokTek has successfully quit smoking thanks to e-cigarettes.

Many of them started out with slim cig-a-likes or eGo batteries. E-cigarettes geared toward beginners have come a long way since then, with a wider selection than ever. In our experience, most beginners can easily become overwhelmed with advanced devices. Often, many newcomers have tried different methods of quitting smoking in the past and failed. They may be skeptical about investing a lot of money on the latest advanced gear without getting a taste for vaping first.SmokTek

SmokTekFor these reasons, we believe starter kits are an excellent introduction to vaping: they offer a budget-friendly, simple to use, easy to maintain set-up that comes with everything needed to get started.

Do you have friends or family in your life who are considering quitting smoking? If so, SmokTek hopes you will take advantage of their newly reduced pricing on ALL Starter Kits to give your loved ones the gift of vaping. We wish we could have had these starter kits and these prices when we switched, so take advantage of it and see what SmokTek offers.

SmokTekTake a look below for some of their favorite starter kits for beginners, or browse their full SmokTekselection of offerings.

And, don't forget to grab a SmokEjuice Blue sample pack, so your loved ones can enjoy a few flavor options! SmokEjuice Blue






SmokTek Rewards Program
I also have to say that you just won't find prices like the ones at SmokTek on starter kits like these. These are amazing starter kits that a lot of us wish we could have started with and the price would have been way higher. Take advantage of what SmokTek has to offer. Click on any of the graphics or banner and just visit SmokTek, and see if we are right. We think you will agree with us and buy right now, because you won't get these kind of prices and SmokTek's amazing service and support along with a great reward program at very many places. That is for sure. That and consider that over 26,000 and counting have given SmokTek a VERIFIED 5 Star rating. That alone says a lot all by itself. We rank them in the top 10 for a reason. SmokTek carries all of the great new products that are coming out every day, like the Eleaf iStick, 20w, 30w, and 50w devices, and the new 40 W, and 100 W. We have reviewed a lot of SmokTek's products over the years, and I can tell you this. Rob stands behind his products, and his customers. That is why he has over 26,000 customers that give SmokTek a verified 5 Star rating.

SmokTek carries Kanger SubTanks, Aspire Tanks, all of the new Joyetech products, the Vapor Chaser tanks, the new VapeOnly Vpipe II, Innokin products, Smok, the latest batteries, ecig accessories, and more. And let's not forget the new Kanger Subox, All at lower prices right now!

Don't let anything stop you from clicking right here and visiting SmokTek now. I guarantee you will be glad you did. They are top 10 for a reason. The ecig world keeps changing and SmokTek keeps up with the changes.

SmokTek's own ejuice line
Some Samples of the new Blue Line ejuiceSmokTek has their own ejuice line. has their own SmokEjuice line of Made in the U.S.A. organic e-liquid! They have tons of flavors in now.

I tried out several and liked every single one. Their new Organic Blue Line was fantastic. Once you have vaped enough ejuice, you just know what is quality and what is not, and I can tell you right now. SmokTek's ejuice is quality.

One, they are USA made "Organic E-Liquid", and two, you can always depend on SmokTek's quality.

SmokTek Organic Blue LineFrom the flavors, I personally like the Banana Nut, Cherry Pipe, Dark Chocolate, Carmel Apple, Beard Vape Co EjuiceCookies and Cream, Pina Colada, Hawaiian Breeze, Chocolate Mint, Raspberry Lemonade, and would be willing to try out the other flavors. In fact I just bought some more Dark Chocolate, man that is good stuff!

SmokTek is also carrying the Beard Vape Co. ejuice, that is a must try! Check it out and let me know what you think.

Plus's own SmokEjuice Line. Just one more reason to keep going back to a great place.

SmokTek has the Cool Fire 1V In

Cool Fire IV Express Kit by Innokin


Innokin's Cool Fire IV 40W. The Cool Fire IV is the newest and most compact offering from Innokin. With 40 Watts of power, the Cool Fire IV can support a wide variety of atomizers, including sub ohm. The Cool Fire IV features a long-lasting 2000mAh lithium-ion battery, a bright OLED screen, and user-friendly menu operation. The device is extremely well-built, with a beautiful finish, and its small size and ergonomic design make it very comfortable to use! The Innokin Cool Fire IV is an excellent option for vapers looking for a small, yet powerful device. You can see Innokin reviews on

We also reviewed SmokTek's Eleaf iStick 50 W Mod. (See Video Below) The new one with the 4400 SmokTekBattery. The battery that lasted me three days! If you are a moderate vapor, the battery will last you three days easily. The size is perfect. Add the Kanger Sub Tank Nano on top of it, and you get as close to a perfect vape as you can get. I got a lot of emails asking me about the Nano versus the Mini as far as looks go on the iStick 20 W, 30 W, and 50 W. For me, I thought the Nano looked the best on all three devices. The Mini just seemed to be a little to big, "to me". But that is just my opinion. In the photo, the 50 W has a regular tank on it, and the 30 W has the Kanger Sub Tank Nano on it. Just based on looks, I think the Nano looks better. Yes, you would need to fill it more often, but that's not really a big deal, since they are pretty easy to fill. (See the Video Below on the Kanger Sub Tank Nano versus the Kanger Sub Tank Mini) I like both the .5 and 1.2 ohm coils. The 1.2 gives you a little bit of a cooler vape, and the .5 ohm gives you a warmer vape. Both put out all the vapor you need and then some. The Kanger Sub Tanks are pretty close to the best. Along with the Eleaf iStick 50 W device. They also have more new iSticks and Temp Control devices coming out all of the time.

Kanger SuBoxSmokTek also has the new Kanger Subox which is going to be a huge seller. Get yours now while you can!. Plus they have Innokin's new Cool Fire IV 40 W out too. You have to like the direction that mods are headed. Small hand held devices with all of the power you will ever need, extremly long battery life. Safety issues getting better and better. Quality improving, accessories improving. And if you go to SmokTek and get your ejuice, devices, accessories, and everything you need for vaping. It won't cost you a bundle. Not to mention SmokTek backs everthing they sell.

SmokTek is part of the Shopper Approved Customer Ratings and Reviews for customer satisfaction and SmokTek out of over 26,000 reviews was given 5 out 5! That's over 26,000 reviews and counting! Folks that give SmokTek a perfect rating. See them anytime by clicking here. One of the many reasons why SmokTek is a Top 10 Ecig Site.  SmokTek has live chat, a newsletter, a newbie primer (learning center), blog, and gift registry.

So, while, yes, we do rank SmokTek as a top 10 site, there are more than enough reasons for SmokTek to be ranked that way. If we didn't do business with SmokTek, research them heavily, verify their ratings, verify their prices against competitors, verify their customer service, verify their selection, verify their growth, verify their backing of their products, verify the authenticity of their products, and more, then they would be ranked differently. Their ranking is well deserved. You don't have to take our word though, check them out yourself.

Some of SmokTek's ProductsIf you haven't been to SmokTek in awhile, Rob has brought in a ton of new products, new mods, and accessories. All at price that is very competitive.

SmokTek has moved into their retail locations and continues to grow. Mainly because Rob keeps his prices as low as he can go, has great customer service and backs what he sells. SmokTek gets the five star ratings consistently for a reason.

SmokTek carries a full line of accessories. FromSmokTek Rewards cartomizers to the latest and greatest. We know, we spend alot at SmokTek.

Don't take our word, check them out and see if you don't agree with us. We think you will love SmokTek, just like we do.

Check out and click here to get a discount code.

This is the Video on "Which looks better, the Kanger SubTank Mini or the Nano on the iSticks?"
(ignore some sluring, just had some dental work done) Plus the video on the Eleaf iStick 50 Watt Box Mod and more




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