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My Homemade TankThis is old, but it show how far we have come. This is my homemade tank. I have a MAP DC Tank, but I wanted a MAP tank for my FluXomizers. I got tired of waiting for some to come in, and I am not paying $50.00 bucks for a tank. $25.00 to $30.00 at the highest. So, I said the !#%$*@ with it and decided to try to make my own.

This is poly tubing. 2 inches long with a XL FluXomizer 2.6 - 2.8 ohms. The top center tube is a cut, cleaned, and shined cartomizer. I have the two topMy Homemade Tank seals from the FluXomizer on top so there is no leaks. The bottom is a 510 to 510 shorty adapter, so I can just screw in a new FluXomizer when I need to change it. The bottom is permanent and sealed. I used a Danco 27/32 x 9/32 slip joint washer for the top and bottom cap, so no big deal if I have to throw them away. I got a pack of five for .79 cents on sale, and I bought a bunch. The poly tubing is 3/4" OD, 5/8" ID, 1/16" wall. I cut it with my dremel, sanded and polished the ends with my dremel. I put O-rings on the top and bottom of the center tube and 510 shorty adapter. I wrapped electrical tape very tight the exact size of the slip joint washer on the top and bottom. I soldered a small piece inside the 510 adapter so I would get a good contact with the FluXomizer and drilled two 1/16" holes for air flow.

My Homemade Tank Filled - No LeaksI fill it with a 20 gauge syringe, so it fills up fast. It holds 5 to 8 ml. I put the syringe right down the tube with both end caps on, and filled it, then I put the two seals from the FluXomizer on and a tip, and it's ready to vape. My Homemade Tank Mod

My Homemade Tank Mod FilledThe other items you see are a homemade battery holder that I made out of an empty prescription bottle, my homemade eGo holder made out of a toy truck, a Voltage Reader from MadVapes, my VV Buzz Pro from NotCigs, and Two VV Box Mods. One from SmokTek, One from MadVapes.

The total cost of my tank mod $6.21 which includes the GotVapes FluXomizer. Not counting the Tip. It took me a little over an hour and a half to make. But this was my first crack at it, so hopefully I can improve on that time and also make a couple of adjustments and improvements with the next one.

I liked the GP - SSR idea of just screwing in a new CE2 when you need to, plus it makes filling it easy. So that's why I used a 510 to 510 shorty adapter and made the end cap permanent. Now, I can just screw in a new FluXomizer / CE2 when I need to. I didn't really want to mess with my MAP DC Tank from Clouds of Vapor and the Delrin caps, so at .79 cents for the slip joint washers and they fit very tight with no leaks.

I call it TheEcigStop FTank and it vapes like a champ, and the juice tastes great thanks to the FluXomizer. Here is the video on it on our video page and at our YouTube Gallery.


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