Your Quest For The Best E-Cig Ends Here! is home to the genuine Joye 510, 510-T, eGo, eGo-T, eGo Mega, and eGo-T mega. The quality of these products are excellent and TheVaporPro's prices are very competitive. You get what you pay for and at TheVaporPro you get exceptional quality and service. Their kits are top notch and provide you with everything youTheVaporPro need. One look will have you hooked. This is where we got our eGo-T kit, some accessories, and ejuice. Our eGo-T is a great looking e-cig, easy to use, and produces great vapor. Screw on an Atomizer, fill up a tank, and you are set. Our batteries easily last us over 8 hours and the ejuice tastes great in our eGo-T.

TheVaporPro eGo-TThe is no substitute for quality and TheVapor Pro only carries genuine Joye products. That is their specialty. Their batteries have the built in on and off system of clicks. Click it 5 times in two seconds to turn it off or on. You don't need a button protector and they won't fire off in your pocket.

TheVaporProI like the way the eGo feels, It's like vaping a small cigar. I didn't have any issues adjusting to the button, and I like being able to control the hit and vapor. The tanks are easy to fill and clean. Especially if you have TheVaporPro's Easy fill bottle. It has a easy fill cap that fits on a 30 ml bottle and has a 16 gauge blunt needle and protector cap. No mess, no fuss, no filling up a syringe. Just screw the easy fill cap on, and fill your tanks. Put the needle protector cap on the metal needle and you're done. TheVaporProIt is not one of those plastic bendable needles. This will last.

We can tell from experience is a great place for ejuice. Their Tobacco juice tastes great. (See our Flavor Ratings) Plus TheVaporPro carries Vapor Boost, and Throat Hit Plus. We tried several different kinds of ejuice with and without Vapor Boost and Throat Hit Plus and it definitely adds a kick to your juice and a Vapor Boost. Plus the Throat Hit Plus is only $2.69, the ez fill is $2.99, and Vapor Boost is $5.49 and they last a long time. With the Throat Hit Plus, you add 1 ml to 4 ml per 30 ml bottle of juice. We added 1ml and it made a difference. With Vapor Boost, you add a few drops to boost your vapor.

For two ($2.00) bucks you can buy 6 x 9 inches of super foam. This is not aquarium foam. This is high temperature reticulated open cell foam that can withstand temperatures up to 482 degrees and it is the last foam you will need to buy. You can just wash and go and it will last forever. Use it in place of poly foam. It works great!

Shipping is fast and efficient and has excellent customer service. They have a high percent of positive reviews from their customers and they have a full ticket support system in place for any issues. Their site is laid out nice with easy to navigate menus and links. Plus they have full instructional videos on every one of their products.

Check out TheVaporPro and tell them you were sent by Plus click here for a 10% discount code.

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