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The Veteran is home to a multitude of great JoyeTech products, and at a price that is very competitive. They keep their prices as low as they can go.

TheVeteranVaper is a family owned small business in West Virginia, and an ex - smoker that switched after smoking for over 20 years.

Carrying JoyeTech, Boge, SmokTech, Dekang, and more. Lot of ecig accessories, and starter kits.

We recently reviewed their JoyeTech eGo-C starter kit. (watch the video below)

The Joyetech eGo-C electronic cigarette at TheVeteranVaper is the third generation of ever popular eGo series. The changeable atomizer system is the newest innovative technology, which makes removal of the atomizer quick, simple and cost effective.

This kit includes:eGo_C Kit
* (2) eGo-C 650mAhBattery(with 5 click protection)
* (2) eGo-C Atomizer Base
* (2) eGo-C Cone
* (5) eGo-C 2.2ohm Atomizer Head
* (5) eGo-C Empty Clear Tank Cartridges (clear)
* (1) eGo-C Fast USB Battery Charger
* (1) eGo-C Flat AC-USB Wall Adapter (US plug)
* (2) Rubber mouthpiece cover
* (1) eGo-C Manual
* (1) Pouch

eGo-C Battery Features:
* 5 Click Safety Feature - Press the button 5 times within 2 seconds to activate or deactivate the battery. The blue LED will flash upon successful activation or deactivation. Note: Batteries are shipped in the off position.
* Power Display Function – The white LED indicates the battery power is over 50%. When the battery power is between 10% and 50% the LED turns sky blue. When the power drops below 10% the LED turns blue.
* Output voltage is 3.3V +/- 0.1V when under load.
* 10 Second cut-off time.
eGo-C Atomizer:
* This kit comes with 5 atomizer heads! * Replacement atomizer heads cost less than $25 for a pack of 5 making this more economical than previous eGo an eGo-T models.

We also tried some of their ejuice. I am pretty picky about my coffee ejuice, and the coffee ejuice at TheVeteranVaper was really good. We also liked their RY4, and 3 and 5 Tobacco blends.

The eRoll KitWe also reviewed the new Joyetech eRoll kit, and Wow, were we impressed! One, we couldn't believe just how small the eRoll was, (as close to a king size analog cigarette as you get), with the tank on it. That's right I said a tank with the eGo-C atomizer. These are a 90 mAh battery with the same eGo-C atomizer and a small tank for your ejuice. Pop the top, or the bottom, fill it and go. Easy, Easy, and it's nice to be able to vape your own ejuice with such a small battery. The eRoll does not last very long being it is 90 mAh. It lasted me an hour and half, but I could suck one down in about 45 minutes. But you can put a pack of these in your pocket. Newbies will love these with the look, feel, and performance of a real smoke. Fantastic taste, Vapor, and throat hit. Mainly because of the eGo-C atty. If you like the eGo-C, you will like the eRoll. They are a great out and about stick style ecig. Perfect when you what something that looks like a real smoke, which there are a lot of them out there, but not too many that perform like the eRoll from Also not very many with the size, shape, taste, vapor, and versatility of the Joyetech eRoll either. (See the Video Below)The JoyeTech eRoll at TheVeteranVaper

The down side is they don't last very long, but because of their size, and versatility, you can put 10 of these in a pack, with your favorite ejuice, or 10 different kinds of ejuice, if you want, and head out the door. Once you have the kit, you can pick up a few spares and it is fairly inexpensive. Or pick about about a dozen. To charge the eRoll, you just pop it into a very slim portable charging case that fits into your pocket easily. The nice thing, is they also charge very fast, and they are great Joyetech quality and worth checking out. The PCC does last a long time. Stop by and take a look.

They will soon be in our Top 5 Ecig Sticks. That's how good the eRoll is.

Check out and see what you think. We think you will find something you like. (Plus, Click Here to get the discount code.)


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