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Top 10 PV ModsThe Top 10 PV Mods - This list is the Best of the Best Awards for the Top 10 Mods. This list can be argued over who thinks what mod should be higher or lower or not on the list at all, or added. Plus we have to include variable voltage devices, variable watts, 5 volt, and 3.7 volt, sub ohm, and more devices. This is based on research, testing, comparing, quality, value, construction, popularity, ease of use, looks, appeal, longevity, sales, and of course taste, vapor production, throat hit, and our personal opinion. You are welcome to argue, critique, and state your opinion of this list in our forum, but please be professional. It's not enough to say one is better that the other. Tell us why you think your Top 10 list would be different, what it's based on, and your opinion.

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(Yes, we know you probably aren't going to find a Darwin anymore, and with all of the new mods out there like the iStick, Cortex, Snow Wolf, and more, you might wonder why the Darwin is still #1, but we still think the Darwin was a ground breaking PV Mod that no one could come close to. Without the Darwin, you probably would not have the massive technology break-throughs that we have now. The ProVari is another ground breaking mod that paved the way for what we have now, so we keep them at One and Two because of this. It will be interesting to see what will come out next as innovation continues, new technology continues, and the ecig industry continues. There are still some great PV Mods out there that are older but still do an excellent job and keep on going and we feel some should still be on the list because they rank right up there with the best of them even as the new mods hit the market.)

This is Awards for The Top 10 PV Mods 2015.  Panel of seven vapers.

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Number One

Top 10 Award

Number 1The DarwinThe Darwin from NHaler Older Technology

Number Two

Top 10 PV Mod Award

Number 2ProVari ProVari from ProVape ----------------Older Technology

Number Three

Top 10 PV Mod Award

Number 3 Vaporfi's Vox 60 TC Vox 60 TC with V6

Number 4Tie

Top 10 PV Mod Award

# 4 Tie Eleaf's iSticks Eleaf's iSticks 40, 60, 100 TC

Number FourTie

Top 10 PV Mod Award

Number 4Snow Wolf Snow Wolf 200 W TC

5th Place TieTie

Top 10 PV Mod Award Winners

Number 5JoyeTech CuboidJoyetech Cuboid

5th Place TieTie

Top 10 PV Mod Award Winners

#5Evic VTCEvic VTC               

Number SixTie

Top 10 PV Mod Award

Number 6Sigelei 150 TCThe Sigelei 150W TC

Number sixTie

Top 10 PV Mod Award Winner

Number 6 Wismec Presa TC 75W Wismec Presa TC 75W
Number 7SMY 170 TC SMY 170TC
Seven IPV2 - MiniThe IPV2 - Mini

Number Eight

Top 10 PV Mod Award

Number 8Tesla 200 WTesla 200 W TC

Number Nine

Top 10 PV Mod Award

Number 9SmokXCubes Full and Mini Smok X

10th Place - Tie  Tie

Top 10 PV Mod Award Winner

Number TenSmy 220 W God ModSmy's

Number 10 Tie

Top 10 PV Mod Award

Number 10Innokin's Cool Fire Cool Fire's

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