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TheEcigStop's Number One Ranked Ecig Stick! - As close to size, looks, and taste to a real smoke as you get! If you are new and you want to vape something that looks and feels just like a real smoke. The V2 Shorty is it! The V2 Shorty looks just like a regular cigarette, same size, feels like one, and most importantly, it as close as you get in taste for an ecig that looks like a real smoke. I started with the V2 Shorty and the Ultimate V2 Kit and never looked back. You can too!

V2cigs.comIf you haven't been to V2Cigs, you are missing out. And if you haven't been there in awhile, we suggest you check them out. V2Cigs is the home of the V2 and a darn fine E-V2cigs game changercig, we have to say. When a few of us were taking the plunge, we switched from the analog to the V2 e-cig. It looks like, feels like, and out performs not only the analog, but a lot of other brands of E-Cigs. The V2 shorty which is very close to the same size as a analog and is a Vapor monster. Usually the little short ones will not produce as much as the longer e-cigs, but not with the V2 shorty. (Watch our Video Review below) This was before they went to the 4.2 volts batteries. Now they are just, well...... WoW! You swear you are vaping on a mod, and then you realize it's a V2 shorty!

V2Cigs - Get into Silver!Let's take a look at V2cigs website. It is laid out very well, with easy navigation links and menus, with lots of great colors. They have live support most of the time, and V2Cigs isexcellent when it comes to communication with their customers. And while V2Cigs had grown quite a bit, most of their customers know a lot of the people by name. V2Cigs stands behind their product with one of the best warranties in the business. Their starter kits are also some of the best values you will find. We have the Ultimate Kit, and for the price, you get everything you need and then some to make the switch completely from analog to E-cig. It is one of the best kits in the industry, and now they have updated it and made it even better. V2Cigs Warranty

V2Cigs.comV2Cigs is an easy two piece design. Throw on a V2 Cartomzier and vape. Easy! They also carry a ten carto flavor pack that lets you try 10 of their top flavors. A great way to find that one that you love. We love their V2 Red, and their Menthol will blow you away. You think you are vaping an analog. Their cartomizers are a great value. It will save you a ton of money over analogs. You can even order a huge custom pack of cartomizers. They will work with you to get it as close to the flavor you have in mind as they can. You select the strength, the colors, and flavor. It only comes in a 100 pack, but with custom, you can understand that.

V2CigsV2 EX is Coming




Experience the V2 EX Battery!

V2Cigs Has The New Blue!V2Cigs carries a full line of accessories for your V2 and even some adapters, so you can put a V2 cartomizer on a different battery. Plus The V2 Smoke4Free program is a referral/rewards program that can help you reduce and even eliminate your monthly e-smoking costs. By helping them to spread the word about the V2Cig product, they will reward you with in-store credit to receive free V2 merchandise. Now that's a reward program.V2's Ultimate Starter Kit

Right now if you use the discount code, theecigstop10 You will get 10% off anything you purchase at We appreciate you telling them sent you. We can also assure you, our reviews are completely honest. We love the V2. Especially if you are just starting out or thinking about switching to the E-cig, you can't go wrong with V2. No matter what, we stand by our reviews, and you will get nothing but our honest opinion on everything at

Now Free Shipping always at V2Cigsv2 quality

Whether you order a 5-pack of carts or stock up on starter kits, you can have your order shipped to you, absolutely free! What’s more, free shipping has come to stay! Now, every day is Free Shipping Day at V2 Cigs!



V2Cigs eliquid and BlanksIf you haven't tried V2Cigs ejuice and Blanks yet, you are missing out. If you want to use ejuice with a wick and coil instead of a cartomizers with filler, (both are good), then check out their V2 Blanks. Just pop the top, fill with ejuice, and vape. The Blanks fit on all of V2cigs Batteries and any 808 connection with air flow.

With the blanks, there is no burning taste, it handles the voltage just fine, and you get nothing but pure great taste. The same flavor that you like with V2cigs flavors is the same with their ejuice. I love V2Cigs Red, and the eliquid tastes the same as their now famous carts. is alway adding, changing, improving, and finding new ways for you to save money. Visit and check out their blanks and ejuice. Plus you can put any ejuice you want in their blanks and vape it. I vape the blanks all of the time, and I can tell you, they work great, and give you a great vape. Pure clean flavor, a great throat hit, great vapor production, easy to use, they last a long time, and they work and look great on a V2 battery.

There is a reason why V2cigs is number one of our Top 5 ecig sticks, and their V2 Blanks and ejuice is just one more reason. They also keep improving, keep changing, keep adding new products, keep innovating, and keep their prices competitive.


V2Cigs Pro SeriesV2's Pro Series is a marvel of technology with magnetic carts for eliquid, wax, and loose leaf. Temp and Voltage control on the 7 series, and long lasting batteries.

The V2 Pro Series 3, I started vaping when I got it, and I haven't stopped since. It is a great, smooth, clean tasting, vape with plenty of vapor.

The quality of the Pro Series is exceptional with a whirl wind of led lights, and easy to use magnetic connections and charging. Along with top filling, easy to fill carts.

The V2 Pro 3 Series was the one for me as far as eliquid goes, the Series 7 would be great for loose leaf, especially with it's temp and voltage control.

They both look awesome! Comes is color too. We had the Blue and the Silver. Both looked very cool!

V2's Pro Series for whatever reason you use them for are worth taking a good long look at and checking them out.


V2cigs carts and more

Their EX Series, we also loved. The style, quality, and vape was excellent, along with the great battery life. Their EX Kits are great and include everything to help you make the switch.

V2 had added more carts, sample packs, ejuice, ejuice sample packs, EX series sample packs, new flavors like Mojito, Sambuca, ZigZag Variety packs, Their V2 Blanks, and more.

The Variety packs are a great way to check out their flavors without it costing you an arm and a leg, so you are able to find your favorite flavors of carts and ejuice.

We loved their sample packs of carts, ejuice, EX flavor sample packs. That is the way to go to test their many flavors to find the one you will like.

See the videos below and see what you think. If you are new and thinking about making the switch, you can't go wrong with V2Cigs.


V2's New Flavors


Video below is on all of V2's Products, New Products, Updates, New Producting coming in 2016, and more. Also on the video is updates on the EX Series, V2 Pro Series, the 3, and the 7, Eliquid, New Flavors, Sample Packs, Carts, and more.


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