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Vapor4Life just keeps developing new products, lowering their prices, putting out massive discounts, and adding to their already huge selection of flavors.

Now they have added a new disposable that we had heard nothing but amazing things about. Everyone is saying, that in a blind taste test, they can't tell the diffence between a real analog cigarette and a new Wow Vapor Disposable. So we had to try them, and I've got to say, it is pretty amazing. They are small but last a very long time. Vapor production is unreal, but the flavor is a close as you get. To me, if you used to smoke roll your owns, you Wow Disposablewon't be able to tell the difference between the real roll your own smoke, and the Wow disposable. At about $7.49 for a regular tobacco or you can choose a menthol, it is worth trying one to find out for yourself. We gave a couple of these away, and everyone single person that tried it, said the exact same thing. It is so close to a real analog cigarette, that they have tried. But, hey, you don't have to take our word for it. Click here and head to Vapor4Life and try one yourself. We think you will be amazed! At that price you can't afford not to.


Vapor4Life KitVapor4Life has a new look website right now and it is easier to navigate, more informative, and packed with the same quality of products you know and love. We love Vapor4Life products. Their VaporKing kits are excellent. Vapor4Life's VaporKing Kits are packed with everything you need to make the switch. We own their Ultimate Ultimatum Kit and love it. It is a great vape and about the same size as an analog. Throw on one of their tasty cartomizers and vape away. (See Kit Video Review Below)

Preimum Flavor CartomizersVapor4Life has a huge selection on cartomizers. Blank Cartomizers, Premium cartomizers, Wow Vapor Cartomizers, VG Cartomizers, Sampler Packs, Premium Cool Carts, and they have them in a ton of flavors. And when I say a ton, I mean a ton. They are loaded with flavors. Just take a peak at their Premium Cart Flavor page. Makes your mouth water, doesn't it. Check out our Flavor ratings on some of what we have tried. And we haven't even scratched the surface yet.

Wow Cowboy E-juiceThe also carry Wow Vapor Juice, VG Juice, and Premium Nobacco Juice. I can tell you that Vapor4Life is the place where I get one of my favorite e-juices. It is a great day and night vape juice. It is called Wow Vapor Cowboy.  It is great in PG, VG, Mixed, and in their Cartomizers. They are very consistent. I can recognize this juice in all forms and there may be some little differences, but there is no mistaking the same great taste. You have to try some and see what you think.

Vapor4Life has a great slim charger. You pay a little more for it, but it is very cool. We also like their lanyard. They carry V4L accessories and their shipping is very fast. They did leave out an item in one of my orders, but they got it right out to me as soon as I told them. They have a good ticket support system in place for their customers. Be sure to join their mailing list as they put out great specials and discounts all of the time and some of them are huge! (Click Here to get the Discount code to use now.)

V4L ModsV4Life's new Vapor Zeus comes in both automatic and dual modes, which means, you can switch from auto to manual anytime you like. At 5 volts, you will never have to worry about a throat hit, or lack of vapor for that matter. Because you get plenty of both. Along with great taste with their new cartomizer that are called Smileomizers that not only hold tons of liquid, but pack a punch when it comes to flavor, vapor, and throat hit. You really have to check out these Smileomizers. The Vapor Zeus comes in Cigar and Black, can be used as a Pass Through, and is 900 mAh for long lasting use. Becareful not to overfill the carts, and let them sit for a few minutes after you have filled it, before using it. Do that and you will love these new products from Vapor4Life.

While you are there, you can also check out the V4Life Handle VV. It comes in four colors and is variable voltage from 3 to 6 volts. Easy to change using the plus for minus buttons, and it will last you all day and night with it's 18650 battery. The nice thing about the Handle is it's 808 connection, so you can use Smileomizers, and any of V4L's great carts on it along with tanks and anything else you can think of, because the Handle, will handle them all.

Vapor4Life's Manual and Automatic Dial-A-Volt electronic cigarette battery allows the user to select their preferred level of voltage between 3.2 to 4.8 volts. The Manual Dial-A-Volt features the highest quality battery cells, wire, circuit boards, switches, stainless steel, and a velvet-smooth exterior. It comes in four different colors and can use the Smileomizer too.

Check out V4Life's new lineup of mods, starter kits, ecig accessories, ejuice, carts, and more. You won't be dissappointed.

Take 20% off Vapor4Life Starter Kits!       Or       Free Shipping!

Also check out V4Life's 5 Volt OMG Mod ( See the Video Review Below)

And check out the new OMG All Day Mod Kit Review and The
OMG Variable Voltage Mod, Base Kit Review Below

Check out Vapor4Life, and again, Tell them TheEcigStop sent you, and we appreciate it.






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