Your Quest For The Best E-Cig Ends Here! carries The VMod, The VPro-T, The Titan, Cig2o, Vapage Premium E-Cig, Barfly Disposables, Vookah's, ejuice, and a nice line of ecig accessories. They have a lot of different kits and options, so you can have it your way. They are also adding great products all the time.

The VMod Premium Kit has everything you need to check out a bottom fed box mod system. ( See Video Review of The VMod Below) The VMod is a nice and very good looking box mod  with it's built in juice feeder. It uses 14500 batteries, so you can take on the go and not worry about ejuice or batteries all day long. It comes in many different designs and colors so you can give it a new look whenever you want. They sell a Premium kit and an A La Carte kit. It uses their Silo cartomizers, and AMG Hybrid atomizers, and has a 510 connection.  Vapage stand behind their product with a nice warranty. With the Premium kit, you get it all and it is a great value.  Check out what you get:

The Vapage Premium VMOD System Includes:The VMod

• 1 Complete (Assembled) V-Mod
• 1 Silo 2.2 ohm Cartomizer
• 1 Hybrid 2.0ohm Atomizer
• 2 E-Liquid Bottles (empty)
• 2 Cartomizer Tips (1 Long, 1 Short)
• 2 Li-ion 14500 3.7v 900mAh Batteries
• 1 Two-Piece Battery Charger
• 1 Wall Charger
• User Guide
• Warranty Registration Card

Vapage JuiceVapage Carts

We recently tried's cartomizers and ejuice. Their 555 juice is the best 555 we have tried so far. If you like 555, you should give's 555 a try, we don't think youVMod XL Kit will be disappointed. Their Coffee and Chocolate Carts were great. Their coffee has just a touch of sweetness and full coffee taste. It is awesome! Vapage carries a variety of flavorsin both juice and cartomizers. Their carts are 808, so you give them a try anytime and of course they carry eliquid in 15 ML, and 30 ML.



We also reviewed's Vookah's. These vape just like an ecig. The flavor on these were unreal. Just bursting with flavor. They are very smooth. So, if you are looking for a huge throat hit, the Vookah, might not be for you. But for a smooth vape, and massive flavor, it's a must have to pick up a couple of these Vookah's. They come in six flavors, Double Apple, Lemon Berry, Mango Tango, Melon Mashup, Grape Zinc, and Banana Split.

The Banana Split was awesome! All of the flavors are great though. The Vookah has a authentic look, feel, flavor, and draw of a traditional hookahVapage's Vookah's and it is made with real wood. They fit really nice in your hand, and last quite awhile. They come in 11 mgs, and they are very light. continues to add great products, and the Vookah is one you should try. If you want great flavor, a smooth draw, and the look and feel of a real hookah, then visit, and try their Vookah's.

Check out to see all of their different products. They invest heavily in research and development and work hard to bring quality products to vapers. You'll find their service is excellent and their people very knowledgeable.


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